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Article 63

Top Ten Reasons to Write an Ebook
Judy Cullins c. 2004

A new life-long profit center, your ebook is your best business card. It brings new clients, makes you well known as a leader in your field, helps you get your word out fast, and is easier than you ever thought to do.

Here's the top ten reasons to write your ebook:

1. Your ebook is a natural extension of your oral or other written information.

Half of your work is done when you draw from your short pieces such as a speech, an article, or a seminar. Or, draw from your print book too. A short ebook may leave out a story or two, but is great for the business audience who wants short and easy to read book.

2. Your ebook is a piece of you, your passion, your significant and valuable message.

Audiences want to take a piece of you home with them, so they can maintain the feelings they got from hearing you speak, receiving your ezine or other information you sent by email.

3. Your ebook adds credibility, prestige, even fame!

Writers are always listed in the ten top professions. If you write an ebook you're perceived as knowing something. You're the expert, the authority. Ebooks now have as much clout as printed book, especially for your Internet audience.

4. Your ebook will be fairly easy to produce.

Start small by using information from a booklet, special report or audio cassette. Length? Make your ebook anywhere from 10 to 99 pages. People are more than willing to print out this number of pages. You can self-publish and follow the marketing path you enjoy.

5. Your ebook can be produced for a small cost.

In fact, it's free. Writing in your Word file, you don't have to pay a printer, or put stamps on the book package. You don't create travel costs to speak because you can promote your ebook with articles and ezines Online, and phone seminars called teleclasses.

6. Your ebook will bring you great profits!

Once you put your Word file into PDF, you are published.
Now, the savvy authority, your value and opportunities increase. Your ebook connects you with your target audience found on the Internet as well as in person, so people will want your other services and products. You get more leverage to charge more for your seminars, coaching, consulting and talks. Your ebook is the cornerstone for your rewarding and successful future.

7. Your ebook brings you a monthly cash flow.

Because it takes much less time, you can get your ebook out to market sooner, so it can sell sooner to maintain a strong cash flow to use for the most important job--promoting your ebook.

8. Your ebook will bring you endless enjoyment and fun!

People want to know the author. Like a magnet, you'll attract many bright, interesting and influential people including the media. While non-fiction sells well year after year, if you put attention on it, think of your ebook as a way to share yourself--your love.

9. Your ebook gives you all the profits.

You don't pay 15% agent fee or for distribution to book stores, where your book wouldn't sell well anyway because of the competition. You simply send your ebook by portable document format (PDF) that a good book coach can help you with for a small fee.

10. Your ebook gives you the freedom to market your valuable information right at your home office.

No telling, no selling. Huge internet audiences await information in business, personal growth, spiritual, an other self-help categories. They want a short read they can apply to helping them make more money, build better relationships, or simply create a happier life.

Make writing your ebook an urgent high level activity so you share your unique ideas to help others, satisfying your life's mission and benefiting others.

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