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Article 78

Want More Visitors? Customers? Clients? Make it Easy for Them to "Buy"
Judy Cullins c. 2002

If you are like me you may be offending visitors and potential buyers by not making it easy for them to buy.

Today, I almost lost a sale because when a potential customer went to my site under "teleclasses" and ordered the 3-audio-tape series at a discounted price of $50, she noticed it said $90. Of course she didn't make the order. Just a little mix up, but if she hadn't told me, the mistake could be sending many other buyers away. The how to buy wasn't clear enough, and the price was wrong.

Although my Web master and I fixed it in a few minutes, this mistake reminded me to update and "check and correct" each part of my site more often. To make up for the mistake, I offered her 3 Free eBooks valued at $30 Free when she revisited.

Damage Control or Regular Maintenance?

Be sure to test all links and information before you load information to your site. It makes you wonder how many sales are you losing because somehow, you don't make it easy for your customers to "buy."

In your products and reports add an order page at the end of the book to give potential buyers more choices and easy ways to buy from you. Some people will never give out their credit card information on the Web, so to increase responses, I give them these choices:

Five Easy Ways to Order:

1. Go to "Discounts of the Month" at Fill out the order form with your credit card name, number and expiration date.

2. Call the toll-Free number 1/866-200-9743 or the local telephone number at 1/619/466-0622. Have your credit card information ready along with the titles and prices.

3. Mail your check to Judy Cullins, 7000 Melody Lane, La Mesa, CA, 91942 with the title, prices and totals. Use the order form on the following page (add link to this).

4. Fax the order form on the following page to the toll-Free number 1/866-200-9743.

Survey your potential buyers. Ask them which way they would prefer to buy. Many are afraid of the security of their credit card information over the Internet.

While many like the Free 800 number to order, others really like a coupon like the magazines offer to buy a product or service. All their credit information goes on it, their name, address, email and even Web site. They can mail it to you with the credit card information or include a check.

Buyers can also fax the order page to your Free 800 number and give you their credit card information on the coupon you send them. Since putting this choice in place in my "Discounts of the Month" home page offers, orders are humming along and people are able to buy the best way for them.

Making it easy for your customer to buy is all-important to increase your sales, subscribers, and clients.

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