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Article 93

Three Free Ways to Optimize your Search Engine
Judy Cullins c. 2004

If you are like me, you created web site metatags with the help of your Web master. Maybe like me, you didn't spend time or money submitting to search engines because you weren't techie enough.

Now you can optimize your search engine placement these 5 easy, non-techie ways. My Web site is now # 2 listing in If you are in the top 30 businesses listings you are in good shape.

Here's 5 Ways to Get Search Engines to Boost your Ratings:

1. Makeover your signature file that goes out with every email you send. Include your power pack signature box at the end of any article you write. Then, start submitting articles to dozens of opt-in ezines who need content daily. Make a special offer in each signature file that relates to your article. Through a hyperlink, offer a free ezine with a free report by autoresponder.

2. Rewrite your best list of key words and phrases you used for your Web site. Incorporate them into your excellent, well-edited short articles. Submit to Web sites and ePublishers looking for new material. They want and need your information. Follow directions for each site. Many want a list of key words and a description. From submitting 91 articles to 15 initial Web sites and 25 ezines, my Web site link is on 987 other Web sites. A good start, but with these optimization tips, your results will amaze you.

3. Makeover your Web home page. Place those top key words and phrases in the top half of this page and the rest. Search engines pick up these and you receive a higher placement. For instance, my top key words include: book coaching, eBook, ePublishing, self-publishing, Online promotion, Web copywriting, Free Publicity.

4. Behind the Web home page links (navigation bars) is an alt parameter of an image tag (text that comes up when image is loading or browser is in text only mode). Make your words and phrases more powerful. For instance, instead of "writing products," we changed the image tag to eBooks. Instead of "coaching" we changed it to "book coaching." These reflect the more specific kind of site, and since using this technique, my web and book coaching clients have increased two-fold this month. Talk to your Web master and coordinate better key words and phrases the search engines will notice.

5. Don't submit to Web sites that don't market. When you go to your search engines like or, if the site you plan to submit articles to doesn't come up in the top 30, spend your valuable promotion tip with only the winners.

These non-techie marketing tips will help your business rise above the chaff. Optimize your search engine placement these five easy ways.

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