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Article 96

Save Promotion $: Attract the Right Audience to your Web Site
Judy Cullins c. 2003

To attract your targeted audience to your Web site, you need to know your preferred audience.Then you'll spend less promotion time and money.

In everything you send out, think about your audience before you write. If you write an ezine to stay in touch with future customers you want to give them content they are interested in. If you write articles or tips for Online audiences, make sure you angle them toward your particular audience. Of course, you may have more than one audience, but it's best to start promoting to the one who will want to come to your Web site and eventually buy.

The best buying audience Online is the small business person. Not particularly targeted, but Online buyers like to buy Online and some out of the millions will want what you have to offer.

Remember, you the savvy Web site owner want to give your customers-to-be the solutions they need to make their problem or challenge disappear. Always think benefits your product or service offers your audience.

What do you have that will help your audience?. Solving your audience's challenge or problem creates happy visitors who will come back to your Web site many times, and eventually buy from you.

Which of These 5 Audiences Suits your Web Site Best?

1. The Audience you Meet in the Mirror

Many Web site owners offer what they themselves need or want. We know ourselves and we can offer others what already worked for us.

Think of health products that perhaps changed your life. You come from individual knowledge and success--a perfect combination to sell a product.

Authors write books because we love the ideas, the content, the skills we will share. We usually write the book for ourselves first. Have you heard, "I wrote the book I wanted to read?" Our passion for our topic can create success so long as we stay with a marketing and promotion plan for 2 plus years.

2. The Target Market Who Wants Answers Now.

No, not everyone will want your product or service, although many entrepreneurs think so. "If it worked for me, it will work for others."

This targeted audience has a common need or problem, and wants it fixed NOW! Perhaps your product or service will solve that problem. For instance,'s book already has a desperate audience because he or she has already been threatened with divorce by the other spouse. They want a solution now. Without much negotiation time, they will do anything to stop the divorce. They will pay any price for your magic pill and will buy on the spot.

In just 2 years this site sold 150,000 books. The author answered the rejected spouses' dilemma compelling them to buy now.

Think about prostate problems. It's only after the doctor announces a prostate serious problem that most men look for an answer. Prevention didn't appeal to them. Only the doctor's wake up call or threatened surgery prompted action.

3. The Short-Cut Time and Money Investment for a Big Payoff.

This audience wants a roadmap to where he or she wants to go--fast! This audience wants to know how to do something--to write a book, to make money Online, to promote their business Online, to put up a top-selling Web site. They also are looking for the least expensive way to accomplish their goals. No more money down the drain for them.

For instance, print and eBooks that show entrepreneurs a short cut to finish their books, and get them sold fast, so their cash flow builds big enough to multiply profits fast is the right audience for books about publishing, business or book promotion.

Once the book is near completion, how can authors make continuing sales that make up one-fourth to one-half of their income? Still relatively unused, the Internet provides this answer because of so little competition there.

Think about your product or service. Does it fit this audience?

4. The Massive Passionate Audience.

These people are looking for inspiration. Does your product or service have that benefit? One client not only wrote a book on "Feng Shui," she expanded the idea and added her own Native American and Cosmic approach to create a kit called, "The Sacred Collection." She offers her wholistic health and spiritual growth consulting, the eBook, and the whole kit.

If you remember the Chicken Soup Book services, it sold over 70 million so far, and the authors didn't even have to write the book. Full of inspirational short stories, this audience responded well. The authors, did however, put on a full-blown marketing campaign for three years.

While your product or service for this audience will have a lot of competition, the sheer volume of potential buyers benefits you.

Think about your product. Is one aim to entertain and inspire?

5. The Online Audience of Millions

If you are like me, you love your product and service and want others to benefit from it. But, if you are discouraged at the low number of sales through traditional methods, you may want to consider the Internet.

Online shoppers are ready to buy your product or service. They go online for Free information, but when they start to trust you, they become buyers. Make sure your Web site has plenty of Free content and other interesting attractions.

You may be attracted to selling Online because you don't have to sell or tell, and you don't have to travel. This convenient and easy way to let far greater numbers of people know you and your product can bring more than 1/2 your monthly income. Naturally, the learning curve involves some time, but when you build a strong foundation of promotion to the site, plus a well written sales-oriented site, you will succeed.

Every day you can reach 1000's, even hundreds of thousands, using simple Online promotion techniques. Here you can sell your product through subtle forms such as the Free article or ezine. The varied Online audiences including personal growth and business want Free information. Your Web sales will multiply fast because in every email you send out, you include your signature file that leads people to where you sell your product.

From knowing her audience, your coach built her Web income over a year to now bring in a consistent $3000 plus a month. You can too when you pay attention and serve your Online audience well.

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