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Article 98

Low Product or Service Sales? Know your Thirty-Second Tell and Sell
Judy Cullins c. 2003

How would you like to have countless people clamoring for your products and willing to visit your Web site to buy them?

Most entrepreneurs wait until their Web site is designed before they think about marketing their products on it. What a shame!

Maybe you've said, "My product is about…." You mention the features such as tips in a book or fast delivery within 3 days. These describe the product, but don't give your visitor a reason to buy.

Ask yourself, "What is the # one best benefit of my product?" "Who is my primary audience?" (No, not everyone is your best audience).

Without your "30 Second Tell and Sell" that strongly states the main benefit, audience, and what makes your product unique, you will bore your visitor and lose that attention you need to entice him or her to take out their wallets and pay you on the spot. The "Tell and Sell" is the shortest sales letter you will write. You can also use this at any business meeting or appointment where you only have a few seconds to impress.

Always name your product with your own brand. For instance, if you sell a business service, give it a twist like Judy is the 20-year eBook Coach who helps entrepreneurs manifest their book dreams.

When you know your sizzling title, unique selling point, preferred audience and benefits, you are on your way to sales--many sales.

Before you settle on your "Tell and Sell" email four or five versions to your friends to vote on. Usually 1 is low and 10 is high. They will more likely respond to some benefit that is visual, on one their emotions connect with. They also like sound bites, and you would be wise to compare your product to some famous person's similar product.

Here's your format:

1. Name the product (use branding pizzazz)
2. Name the audience your product best serves
3. Show how your product will solve your audiences' problem

Put these together with a clever sound bite that will help your potential buyer remember you, and you have a compelling "Tell and Sell."

Example: How to Write Your Ebook or Other Short Book—Fast!

1. Repeat the title How to Write Your Ebook or Other Short Book—Fast!

2. Shows entrepreneurs who want to make money fast and easily. (audience)

3. Short cuts to write each chapter title and rest of the book with few edits to produce, publish, and promote a salable book in less than 30 days.(Benefits)

Add a possible sound bite:

Read this book for the "Fast-Lane Chapter Steps" and "7 Hot Selling Points" after you've read Dan Poynter's Self Publishing Manual.

The Big Benefits?

If you know your "tell and sell" before you write your Web site, you'll write a far more compelling home page and sales letter for each product or service you sell. Your potential customer deserves this concise, precise information to want to keep learning more about your product or service.

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