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Seven Reasons to Write a Book
Judy Cullins
  1. Your book is a natural extension of your talk. You've already created your talk. Half of your work is done. A book simply amplifies your talk's information or presents related information.
  2. Your book is a piece of you, your passion, your significant and valuable message. Audiences want to take a piece of you home with them, so they can maintain the feelings they got from your talk.
  3. Your book adds credibility, prestige, even fame! Writers are always listed in the ten top professions. If you write a book you're perceived as knowing something. You're the expert, the authority.
  4. Your book will be fairly easy to produce. Start small as with a booklet, special report or audio cassette. Today's publishing game has changed in favor of authors. Self-Publishing doesn't mean you do it all, but contract out what you don't want to do.
  5. Your book can be produced for a small cost. You can make from eight to twenty times your cost per item. Print on Demand is the new book game, allowing you to print only a few books at a time at nominal cost.
  6. Your book will bring you endless enjoyment and fun! People want to know the author. Like a magnet, you'll attract many bright, interesting and influential people including the media. While non-fiction sells well year after year if you put attention on it, think of your book as a way to share yourself--your love.
  7. Your book will bring you great profits! Once you are published, you are the authority. Your value and opportunities increase. A new profit center, your book is your best business card. It brings new clients and more speaking business. You can charge more for your seminars, consulting and talks. Your book is the cornerstone for a rewarding and successful future.
Judy Cullins: author, publisher, book coach
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