This package of 8 books and 2 exercise tapes
(Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis and Vision Fitness)
provides all the tools you need to:

See clearly at any distance
Create leap out-of-bed energy
Prevent and reverse arthritis and osteoarthritis
Feel strong and enthusiastic
Rebuild and reverse your immune system

Vision Fitness and Protect Yourself from Eye Disease (2 books)

Relieve tension, see clearly at any distance, prevent and reverse eye diseases naturally.


Vision Fitness (cassette)

See clearly and relieve tired eyes through 60 minutes of vision fitness exercises.


Minerals: The Essential Link to Health

Prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes and cancer with the overlooked team of minerals; over 70 of them, without minerals vitamins aren't absorbed.


Prevent and Reverse Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Repetitive Strain Injuries (2 books)

Free yourself of joint discomfort, numbness and weakness. Restore your body's flexibility and regain natural energy.


Surviving Carpal Tunnel Cassette (60 minutes)

Prevent and reverse this condition and regain flexibility through relaxation, strength and stretching exercises.


Seven Steps to Natural Stress Management (book)

Overcome diseases and depression through nature's natural laws and learn how to acknowledge and accept yourself and others.


Ten Ways to Boost Your Immune System (book)

See yourself leaping out of bed each morning, having the energy of a child. Learn why your system degenerates and how to rebuild it in less than a year.


The Ageless Exerciser (book)

Live long and strong. Rebuild and strengthen muscle instead of losing weight. Enjoy your individual exercise style.



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