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How to Engage Your Audience to Increase Sales Conversions

How do you engage your audience to want to buy your book, packages, or service?

Often, new authors and even veteran businesses don’t know how important it is to do all the steps of marketing and promoting to get to the sale.

Here’s 7 steps to engage your potential buyer:

1. Set up a book website or use your business website to offer your related book as a separate landing or sales page with benefits and testimonials.

2. Create 4-5 fresh free content pieces (reports, eBooks or a blog entry that relates to your business or book. Create a weekly blog article also to post on social media networks.

Your goal? To get people to your Web site to opt-in to your free special reports, videos, ebooks, blog, and audios and leave you their emails.

You create a page for each free offer and each blog entry is another page. At one time I used Constant Contact and 1Shopping Cart to deliver these messages. Now I use a php-list provided by my host company Midphase that I get as part of their service. I create weekly messages that go out to automatically to my large data base of those emails. I create the content. My webmaster sends them out! So when ready, think delegation. You grow much larger, faster this way!

3. Start submitting 600-1000 word articles to or at your business/book blog.

4. Get your best audience (traffic) to your site. Market by sharing each article’s URL link with Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, Linkedin profile page, and news groups to promote your blog. Just these actions will get your site noticed by Google on the first page, and bring your targeted audience in big numbers who wants your information. My traffic grew 35% from my blog and LinkedIn in the last few months.

My advice today? Get that blog going and get a LinkedIn group going, because when people visit these to get your jewels, they will see what else you offer and when ready, will buy from you.

5. Post new content on your website at least 1X a week. A blog will do that for you. Every time you put up new content you get higher on Google’s pages.

6. Follow through by sending interesting tips and information to your group weekly, such as a free home study course in installments, or blog articles. These can lead up to offering your book, coaching program or selling larger packages.

7. Engage your email subscribers and LI group members. Ask in an email and on the groups in Linkedin as this example shows:

What are your top 3 concerns about your book project? I just did this and got 40 responses. I answered them all freely and then will offer a free special eBook interview teleseminar with more answers to finally a coaching offer or book package.

It takes a lot of giving to establish trust from online people who don’t know you well. You give until you are trusted and known as the expert in your niche. If you don’t have a focus I’d advise you to get one.

Results? We all want them, but do we do enough of the right moves to get them?

Add your own steps here to share with others!

  • John R. Austin

    Hi Judy,

    Great post! Good, solid information here on steps to better market your book. We often get in a rut and forget these things…Thanks for nudging me on some excellent recommendations…

  • Judy Cullins

    HI John, I'm glad you read this and it was useful to you. Authors want sales, but most don't know all the steps to get them. Funny, I put it up on 19 LInkedin groups and only 1 comment. guess some audiences aren't ready for it.

    I keep pitching anyway!

  • Nik Petersen

    Hi Judy,

    Could be that people are coming to read this but don't have a comment — other than "Thanks for the info" or something like that.

    Thanks for the info!


  • Judy Cullins

    Hi John, Foget if I responded toyou. So thanks for the kind comment and that's what I do
    "nudge less active authors and businesses to take particular steps that work, and to keep repeating old mistakes.
    You too can benefit from a 30 minute coaching session bringing your questions and getting solid, tailored answers and directions for your next step.
    More info at

  • Demarcus Naugle

    Major thanks for the blog article.Thanks Again. Cool.

  • aditebanerjie

    Ok, I am one of those who reads but doesn't comment. Just want to let you know that your tips are great and very useful. Thanks for posting them! :)

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