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How to Sell More Books on Amazon

by Dana Lynn Smith

Maximize Sales and Profits on the World’s Most Popular Bookstore! accounts for the vast majority of online book sales and about 25 percent of total book sales in the United States.

But how can you make your books stand out from the huge number of competing books on Amazon and turn shoppers into buyers?

This ebook is a must for anyone selling books or ebooks on Amazon or any other online bookstore! Smith always succeeds in producing easily-digestible comprehensive books, and this one does not fail to deliver. I plan on keeping this book handy for my own use and to recommend it to all my clients—aspiring and established authors. No one can go wrong with a book from Dana Lynn Smith.
Nina Amir
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How to Sell More Books on Amazon outlines top strategies for maximizing your book’s exposure and boosting sales and profits through this vital sales channel.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Increase the sales appeal of your book page on Amazon.
  • Help shoppers find your book amid the millions of competing books.
  • Give customers a real bookstore experience by letting them sample your book’s content.
  • Use reviews to draw customers to your book and persuade them to buy.
  • Profit by selling your content in alternative formats.
  • Enhance your personal profile and author page.
  • Boost your profits with Amazon’s affiliate program.
  • Sell to Amazon more profitably when you bypass their Advantage program.

Reading How to Sell More Books on Amazon is like having an expert guide you through the process without you having to spend the hours, days and even weeks learning it yourself. For any author who loves to write, but views marketing as a necessary evil, this book is heaven sent.
Tony Eldridge
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Get the tools you need to understand and access methods for promoting your book and increasing sales and profits on Amazon. You’ll even find special tips for authors publishing in Kindle ebook format.

As a bonus, the last chapter offers advice on prioritizing your Amazon promotions to make the best use of your time. Learn which Amazon promotional activities are “must do” and which are optional.

Let How to Sell More Books on Amazon be your guide for maximizing your sales and profits on Amazon.

Praise for How to Sell More Books on Amazon

I highly recommend this book to all authors who need clear direction to understanding how the system works and getting the most from their marketing efforts on Amazon. From tips to improving the sales appeal of your book listing to strategies for attracting five-star reviews, this manual is one you will resort to again and again.
Yvonne Perry
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This new e-book is highly recommended. It provides a concise, detailed, and up-to-date introduction to a topic of importance to all authors.
Roger C. Parker
Published and Profitable

There are many sections on Amazon that an author must complete to highlight their book to potential buyers and many of those links and pages can be hard to find. In fact, the whole process can seem overwhelming if you don’t have a guide. This book takes you step-by-step in a concise, methodical way through the process that will lead to your success. You will not find a more comprehensive guide of what you can do to contribute directly to your goal of selling books.
MaAnna Stephenson
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Having downloaded this excellent book onto Kindle for PC, I have found it to be concise, clear and covers essential areas to be addressed in order to maximize sales.
Rosalie Marsh
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This is a great new ebook from Dana Lynn Smith on maximizing your sales on Amazon. Her ebooks are so easy to understand and implement!
Barbara Techel
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What I like the most about this, and the other books in the series, is that she takes you through the process step-by-step so there’s no question about what you need to do. Her instructions are clear and specific. This book tells me what I need to know, then holds my hand through the process. Whether you’re working with a traditional publisher or self-publishing, you’ll benefit from this quick read.
Sandra Beckwith
Publicity Expert at Build Buzz

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