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How to Write a Short Book to Promote your Coaching Service

When coaches contact me, one thing they say is “I’m not a writer.” They can’t see the end of the journey, because they believe they must write a long book, and shouldn’t it be with a publisher?

My Bookcoaching Strategies:

1. Think of the benefits of writing a short book.

  • You will build credibility and be known as the expert in your field.
  • You build your brand with the book title and chapter parts.
  • You can generate leads with a short free eBook.
  • You can finish a short book in 100 days or less.
  • You can transform your readers into clients.
  • You can brand your business and build worldwide visibility.
  • You can share your mission, influence and educate your targeted audience
  • You can create ongoing life-long revenue.
  • You can repurpose your book into teleseminars and coaching packages.

2. Take action now.

Write your short 30-100 page book for your audience to attract them to you and finish within two months or less, so you can start getting more quality clients.

3. Focus on what topic or book you’ll write first.

I can recommend you begin with the one that shares about your coaching and how it helps your audience. Remember, the #1 business trend is education. So, educate your potential clients.

4. Write a list of your audience’s problems or challenges.

Get these from your client files. Then, choose a focus, and answer those questions. Think a series of short books for this to reach
different needs.

5. Stop researching so much to write the perfect book.

You know your topic. You know your coaching strengths. You already have the answers within, so don’t think you need to do
a lot of research. In fact, research makes your chapters dry and telling like a lecture, rather than engaging your readers with case studies or dialogue. Your organic, natural voice will emerge with the correct format.

6. Use all of your experience to write your book.

You may have some articles written, given a teleclass, or have some juicy client stories where you solved their challenge. These translate into compelling chapters. Writing a book is like writing a program in a way. You’ll need a beginning, middle, and end. These strategies can short cut your time to your book’s finish line.

7. Know the pay offs of finishing your book.

If you don’t create even a short eBook, and self-publish soon and fast, your potential clients won’t know what you have to offer them. You won’t build your practice beyond a few, and you won’t have the confidence of being a respected coach who earns consistent high income.

8. Know your audience well before you write your book.

First, think of your preferred audience-the one who will most want your book. Write to that one audience to make your book speak directly to them, and engage them to want to act on your ideas. With too many audiences in mind, your book may lack focus and you will need to include information for each one of them in every chapter. This is the number one mistake emerging authors make-unless they are Chicken Soup marketers, of course.

9. Think about where your audience hangs out.

They aren’t going to the bookstore to find your book unless you are in the 1% famous list. They are on the internet! You need to share your book that brands you in articles, blogs and social media marketing, and put a website sales letter that will seal the deal.

Traditional is no longer valid in today’s business world. From Bill Gates-the idea that there will be two kinds of businesses in the 2000′s-Ones who use the Internet, and the others, out of business. Make sure your book reaches your targeted audience the best way, so it can brand your business today

10. Write your dear audience letter before you write the book.

Dear (specific audience),

I know your suffer from these challenges (Name them).
You are here now. (explain) and that’s why I wrote this book called “Write your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast!” to help you solve your challenges. Here’s how my book will help you solve them: Put 3-5 benefits into a sentence here.

This letter can turn into your sparkling introduction, which should be closed to a sales letter than a story about you.

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  • Jennifer Owens

    Thanks this was great! Im very interested in your book!

  • Judy Cullins

    Jennifer, Glad you liked my tips. Since you asked, Yes, you can experience me as the coach within the pages of my book for only $15.95. It's also at Amazon!

    Check out this link and let me know what you think!

    I'm curious, What is your book topic or title? and what do you coach on?

  • nemopsy

    Thank you Judy, I read your posts and try to take advantage of your teaching.
    I do try to write a short book about morphopsychology…


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