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How to Design Each Part of Your Book to Create More Readers and Sales

Why leave your book’s success to chance?


  • Write a great selling book by marketing before you write.
  • Shorten your writing time by half with focused, clear, compelling copy.
  • Give your best audience information they want and need.
  • Create a strong focus for each chapter-know its thesis or theme.
  • Know your book’s benefits that sell your book.
  • Catapult your career, clients, or book sales by educating your audience.
  • Replace long, slow sentences, paragraphs, and chapter parts that confuse your readers with clear, compelling pre-marketing skills interwoven in your copy.
“Save yourself from headaches, disappointments, and money down the drain. Judy puts you on the fastest track to publishing success.”
Marcia Reynolds
Past president of International Coach Federation
How to Outsmart Your Brain

Judy Cullins Will Give Specific Answers to These Questions

  • How can I avoid big money and time mistakes on my book project?
  • How can I write a best-selling title?
  • How can I get a great book cover for my budget?
  • Why do I need to know who my target audience is before I write my book?
  • How can I know the main benefits that will sell my book?
  • How should I create my book’s sparkling introduction?
  • How can I create chapter titles that brand me and my book?
  • How can I get testimonials from my audience before the book is finished?
“Writing an ebook is not the same as writing a 300 page print book — Judy Cullins really knows how to do it right! Not only have I read “Write Your Ebook or Other Short Book – Fast!”, I’ve also taken a hands on teleseminar with Judy. Judy shows you how to organize your files, avoid wasting time with the wrong kind of writing style, how to write a book that people will not only want to read, but WILL read, and how to market your ebook. As a coach, I am aware that there is a need to communicate to people in non-academic arenas in a clear, concise, and readable way. I recommend this book to people in the coaching world who have something important to say but are stymied as to how to do it.”
Gina J. Hiatt, Ph.D.

What you Get in this Program

  1. Judy’s special eBook of action pre-marketing guide with specific steps for this meeting (worth $19.95) which covers…
    • Your Book’s Title and Subtitle
    • Your Book’s Thesis, Theme, Cover, and Target Audience
    • Your Book’s Tell and Sell
    • Your Book’s Benefits and Features
    • Your Book’s Sparkling Introduction
    • Your Book’s Chapter Titles
  2. Judy’s hands on feedback coaching on the call worth $110.
  3. Judy’s bonus eBook,”How to Get Testimonials from the Rich and Famous” worth $12.95.

All in all a great value – even priceless! Just Judy’s one-on-one coaching/feedback to showcase attendees and all the people who attend is worth far more than its value. Anyone of you can get showcased and it’s advisable so you keep you momentum going in your book projects. You can actually rewrite some of your book parts from Judy’s instant illustrations on the call.

Specific Value of this program:
$142.90 for only $59.95!

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Note: This teleseminar focuses on your pre-marketing know how to put into place early on, so your book will succeed.

What One Happy Customer Says…

“Working with a successful author like Judy Cullins is an inspiring experience. Judy’s insight and infectious enthusiasm did boost my confidence and energy because a writer’s world at times, is a lonely one. It was worth taking the time and Judy’s suggestions to make the book more saleable and readable. Judy helped change my writing frustration into a more creative energy, by showing me how to view the project from a different angle. As a result I finally completed my first eBook.”
Diana Todd-Banks
Your Estate Organizer

Do These Questions Touch You?

  • Do you worry that your print or eBook may fail after all that work you put into it?
  • Do you wonder why so many books succeed and what the authors did to make their book a success?

What Makes a Book Succeed or Fail?

From my long time experience as a book coach, I can tell you that a book succeeds or fails on the strength of its ability to engage your audience, to make them think, to make them feel special, to help them improve their life and business, and to make them aware of themselves in their world. You must engage either your fiction or non-fiction readers.

“Thanks for the wonderful experience during our Small Group Book Coaching via teleconference. I learned so much that I don’t know where to start. Actually I do know exactly where to start, and it’s all thanks to your guidance. I’m pounding the material I have for the book into a format based on questions that the readers ask. I got that idea from the #1 writing coach on the Internet–Judy Cullins. Next step? To get Judy’s 1 on 1 coaching to shepherd this project to the finish line.”
Larry Jackson
Safety in Community Work

For Both Fiction and Non-Fiction Writers

You need to write your book for your audience! Yes, you follow your passion, but that alone won’t get your book noticed, read and bring you income. If you don’t know your non-fiction book’s thesis, and present your unique information as adventures, with stories, motivational headlines, and case studies, you won’t engage your audience.

Fiction Writers: If you don’t present your story with a unique point of view and know your theme before you write your book, along with creating characters conflicted enough to keep the action going, your book may fail. Readers only read when they care about your characters and see them growing and failing all (throughout) through your book. Think of dysfunctional (dysfunctional) families and how entertaining they are.

If your book intends to educate and entertain, so your reader will enjoy himself, you need to get (2x) your pre-marketing (what I call the “Essential Hot Selling Points) ducks in a row, before you write much of your book.

If you don’t design each part of your book knowing these pre-marketing points to create more readers and sales, you leave your book’s success to chance. You leave out the business side that guarantees success. My question to you.

Your Investment? Only $59.95 that Includes…

  • eBook of Action Steps for Hot Selling Points
  • eBook “Testimonials from the Rich and Famous”
  • Judy’s instant coaching

Super Value of $142.90 for only $59.95!

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Why Choose Judy Cullins?

Judy Cullins is an international book coach. She is the only coach who specializes in books, has published more than 13 in this business field ( many more in personal growth and holistic health), the only coach who teaches these specific book pre-marketing skills sets, step-by-step with her feedback right on the call and in her one-on-one coaching sessions. She’s coached over 75 successful clients–in fiction and non-fiction to publish, and many more to market their books and business over the past 25 years. Judy’s focus is always on writing creatively and marketing and promotion, especially online and with social media. She is up-to-date on all of the newest and best ways to create a saleable book.

Looking forward to our session together, so you can reach the finish line to make your book a huge success,

Judy Cullins

P.S. This small group coaching is the first part of the skill set you need to write a saleable book. You can check out and register for the second part, “How to Write your Print and eBook at the Same Time.” Main skill – putting your chapters together with only 1-2 edits, so they engage your readers to finish your book and recommend it. I encourage you to attend this interactive coaching program with your own book chapter featured in the Showcase.

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