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86+ Clients Published Since 1999!

“I thought I had finished writing my book. Although I was not completely happy with it I searched for a book marketing coach and found Judy Cullins. After just one session she had injected life into me, my writing and my book. She helped me to identify my target audience and then speak directly to them. She helped me transform my book from a boring “tell to” book to a “how to” book. Now I feel confident my finished book will be of value to Probation Officers.”
Sonia Harris
Record Keeping Tips for Probation Officers
“I love how easy it is to work with Judy Cullins. In addition to knowing my Yoga for Stress Free Living book topic because she’s written on holistic health and personal growth for years before her bookcoaching, she also helps you transform your disoranized copy from notes and articles into copy that motivates your reader to finish. In just 3 sessions, plus one for marketing, my book is finished and ready to market.”
Yoga for Stress Management: A Pratical Guide for Working Women

Case Recording Tips and Shortcuts for the Time Strapped Probation Officer
86. Sonia Harris

Fire Insurance Claim Secrets – Your Key to a Higher Payback
85. Spencer Freeman

Eating Disorders: 10 Solutions to Speed Up Your Recovery
84. Jeanne Rust, PhD

When Prayer is Not Enough to Heal Your Body – A Christian Woman’s Guide to Healing and Self-Discovery
83. Cheryl Y. Price, Ph.D.

Photo Adventures in Cuba – Unlock Your Power of Positivity
82. Dr. Judy Krings

Stuff the Turkey and Not Yourself
81. Renee Wiggins, RD.LD

The Warrior Spirit: How To Use Hidden Mind Powers & Ancient Wisdom To Create Wealth & Much More
80. Mary Rivas

15 Toothache Solutions
79. Dr. Usha Tandon, DDS

Yoga for Stress Management: A Pratical Guide for Working Women
78. Ntathu Allen

A New Normal: Learning to Live with Grief and Loss
77. Darlene Cross, M.S.

Seamanship Secrets
76. John Jamieson

Light of Change
75. Dr. Lisa Brabo & Dr. Debi Yohn

Scrapbooking Your Christian Faith
74. Donna Weber

How to Organize for Safety: the Step by Step Guide to Emergency and Disaster Preparation
73. Conseulo S. Meux, PhD

The Manager’s Cockpit
72. Christos Kartalis

Frazzled Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving…
71. Rosalie Moscoe

Sacred Intentions, Creating Sacred Space
70. Leah Michele Harvey

The General Managers Cockpit
69. Christos Kartalis

Find A Sweetheart Soon! Your Love Trip Planner for Women
68. Kathryn Lord

The Perfect Menopause
67. Henry Hess

Chi Gong and Your Immune System
66. Glenys Brown

The Naked Desk
65. Sue Brenner

Vision With a Capital V – Create the Business of Your Dreams
Lighting Your Path: How to Create the Life You Want

64. Joanne Victoria

Step into your Future: A Businesswoman’s Path to Profits
63. Rosemary Hossenlopp, MBA

From the Driver’s Seat
62. Aileen Buckley

Step into Your Future: A Businesswoman’s Path to Profits
61. Rosemary Hossenlopp, MBA

Returning Home
60. Ntathu Allen

On Becoming Linda
59. Linda Laue

Living the New Song
58. Andrea Arrowsmith

Celebrities in Spirit – Afterlife Wisdom for Mastery & Success
57. Athena Star

Parties with a Purpose
56. Kathy Baily

Make a “You” Turn : Pivotal Points of Perspective
55. Kim Gibbs

Pieces of Pie
54. Pie Dumas

Motivate Healthy Habits
53. Dr. Rick Botelho

Asian Slim Secrets
52. Linda Yo

Product Idea to Product Success
51. Matthew Yubas

Tug Of Heart: How to Trust What You Know
50. Debbie Call

Conflict in Black and White
49. Charles (Chuck) Shockley

Lunch Money
48. Mary Mitchel

The Turnaround
47. Gene Elmore

Minerals: The Essential Link to Health
46. Bill Quesnell

Kids, Chores & More
45. Judy Wright

Not on My Table
44. Monica Goldberg

Ageless Living
Real Food Real Fast!

43. Rico Caveglia

Put Old on Hold
42. Barbara Morris

Against All Odds
41. Doris Hays

On a Clear Night
40. Phyllis Davis

A Visit with Lily
39. Lily Andermatt

Cowpoke to Preacher
38. Dennis Saylor

Let’s Cook, Let’s Eat
37. Mary Alessy

The Harness Maker’s Son
36. Rick Kamen

Better Than Chocolate
35. Larry Hoppis

Some Daisies Do Tell
34. Daisy Williams

Chicken Little Updated
33. Pamela Kaires M.D.

Moderns Cabins–a Memoir of the Sixties
32. Jim Rice

201 Phrases to Write Winning Cover Letters
31. Leva Duell

Second Opinion Dx: Gulf War Syndrome
30. Pamela Kaires M.D.

52 Ways to Live Success–From the Inside Out!
29. Jeanne Sharbuno

Heirloom Stories from the Harnassmaker’s Son
28. Jack Kamen

Big Time Winner! And Big Time Loser! (eBook)
27. Lynn Badler

In Times of War – Memoirs of a World War II Nurse
26. Isabelle Cook

I’m Safe: Helping Children and Parents Make Smart Choices
25. Eva Wiatrowski

From Cowpoke to Preacher
24. Dennis E. Saylor

From Bags to Riches
23. Linda Hollander

The Smiling Business Owner: How to Build a Great Small Business, An Evolutionary Approach
22. Syd Stewart

The Little Fishing Fufus
From the Garden of My Soul
Life’s a Cinch with Just One Inch

21. Mary Olkowski

Speak Like a Pro for Profit
20. Sandra Schrift

Depression’s Child
19. Isabelle Cook

Divorce Secrets: What Every Woman Should Know
18. Cathi Adams

Smart Marketing, 10 Easy Steps to Promoting Your Small Business Like a Pro
17. Victoria Garcia

When Candy Bars Were a Nickel
16. F. David Rolf

A Melody From an Immigrant’s Soul
15. Dora Klinova

Whispers in the Wind
14. Laura Peterson

You’re a Poet, Did Ya Know It?
13. Linda Payne Smith

Why Wait? Create Your Soul Mate Now
12. Frank Polancic

11. Gail Dimitroff

Watch Out! Your Relationships Can Be Hazardous To Your Health
10. Pat Swan

Seven Secrets to Light up Your Essence
9. Tom Russell

The New Witches and The Sleepover Curse
8. Debie Torkellson

My Mother Wore the Hat
7. Evangeline Funk Nelson

6. Ronnie Ann Ryan

Life’s A Cinch With Just One Inch
Look Out! It’s VerdiGus Hoya
The Twirling Dress
The Little Fishing Fufus
Janet Wannet Quack Quack

5. Mary O.

One World Democracy
4. Jerry Tetalman and Byron Belitsos

Gene Elmore
3. D.B. Cooper

Singing the Blues
2. Dr. Cynthia Barnett

Climbing Mount Fuji and Other Memories
1. Janet Swanson Post
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