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Teleseminar Recording

How to Write Your eBook and Print Book at the Same Time – Fast!

Investment? Value–$168.65 Now only $59.95. (See Below For What’s Included)

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Do These Questions Fit You?

  • Do you have unique, in-demand information and expertise?

  • Do you want to manifest your book dream, help others to a better life, and create a great wealth stream, and make great life-long income?

  • Do you want to guarantee your book will sell well and you won’t take any chances on that?

With Judy Cullins, 25-year business writing coach, you can change your business status to huge visibility and credibility with a short eBook or print book in this book writing small group coaching platform.

“Thanks Judy Cullins for helping me with my ebook. Your suggestions and ideas made the words jump off the paper into the reader’s lap. In Just 2 coaching sessions, you helped me create book chapters that are clear, with sizzle to brand my nutrition business. Your chapter format with hand-holding my readers with headings and copy consistent with my title. Your are more than a editor, and showed me how to put my points in the right order in each chapter, so all will finish and recommend it. Now I can post this book on my site to stimulate my nutrition business.”
Renee Wiggins, RD.LD
Stuff the Turkey and Not Yourself
“Incredible! I’ve never learned so much in just 80 minutes. Not just editing, but how to design the chapter, so each paragraph will hook my reader. And I learned focus, how to organize this huge project, and to remember benefits my reader gets to make chapters more powerful, to focus on audience’s needs, not just lecture. You helped me make my writing more action oriented, to get rid of fluff and blah. I loved your “Secret Sins” tip that professionals need writing help too. And thanks for your warm humor to make it all work. Now, my book has a chance among my competition. I’m thrilled, and I know I’m getting my money’s worth.”
Consuelo Meux
Disaster Home Preparedness

Who Should Purchase this Teleseminar Recording

Professional coaches, consultants, speakers, solo professionals, small business entrepreneurs, or fiction and non-fiction authors who want to drive qualified clients to your business in droves and sell a lot of books too.

“There is no question that my finished manuscript is significantly improved from where I began because of Judy’s help. She succeeded in getting me out of a boring graduate school style of writing into something much more lively, more readable, and more appropriate for my audience. I am proud of the end product and grateful for Judy’s guidance along the way.”
Darlene Cross, M.S.

Now, you don’t have to take any chances your book will succeed.

You can brand your business, website, or yourself with a focused, compelling, and well-designed book that gives your readers solutions to concerns, entertains and educates them through stories and dialogue, and captures your reader’s full attention in every chapter, so that they finish and recommend your book.

“Judy Cullins’ Write Your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast is the one group coaching experience you can’t be without! Her shortcuts helped me complete my book in just a few short weeks (as opposed to a year for my first one). How much easier it is with Judy’s encouragement and guidance moving you through the journey! Best of all, her eye-opening techniques are absolutely do-able for busy persons ready to finish their gem of a book!”
Darlene Arechederra

As your 25 year savvy writing coach, Judy Cullins will help you get the answers to these questions:

  • Why should I write a print and eBook at the same time?
  • How can I write a print and eBook at the same time?
  • How can I know my book will be financially successful before I spend a lot of time and money?
  • How can I write a best-selling title?
  • Why do I need to know who my target audience is before I write it?
  • How can I get started writing it?
  • What engaging chapter format can I use to write with only 1-2 edits?

For other questions, Judy has other small group telecoaching sessions with that are all recorded, so you don’t have to attend the event.

Telecoaching Session #1.

“Design Each Part of Your Book to Get Sales and Readers”

Telecoaching Session #3.

“Writing your Online Book Marketing Messages for Maximum Print and eBook Sales” (to be announced)

“My coaching session with Judy was packed full of ideas for expanding my ebook and setting priorities for marketing it – especially putting energy into article marketing to help writers improve and attract them to my editing services. Huge value in a short time. Thanks so much, Judy.”
Barbara McNichol
Word Trippers

Total Price for Telecoaching Session #2 (recording)

Value is $168.65 for only $59.95 and Includes…

  • $110 teleseminar.
  • $15.95 eBook “Write your Ebook or Other Short Book – Fast!”
  • $12.95 Action Guide for session.
  • $29.75 Five special reports with examples from clients.

Finally, know that your book can create ongoing income for years to build your wealth and give your readers so much they will come back for more.

Register here and get your thank you page with your teleseminar recording plus the download links on the next page after you order with PayPal.

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P.S. If you wait too long for professional guidance, you may miss this great business opportunity that makes you and your book stand tall in the marketplace.

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