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Following Through on Linkedin for Bigger Book and Business Sales

Now that you’ve joined the “Big Three” social networking groups of Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, you may need a bit more coaching. In this article, I’ll focus on Linkedin as I’m currently having the best success ever with it-web traffic increases of more than 35% each month, and sales conversions to match. I can hardly wait to see what my numbers are for this coming month. I’m passing along these tips to make you as excited as I am about Linkedin!

Linkedin Optimizing -Things to Add and Follow Through on

1. Check your web stats each month to see what’s working or not working. Why tweet all day when your audience doesn’t care or buy from you? Big numbers are not enough. Where is your biggest web traffic coming from?

2. Start a blog or reinstate yours and get active to attract your target market to your site. This one social media marketing tool is what has really raised my visibility. One mistake is not to write a post with new content each week, preferably twice a week.

3. Check and correct your Linkedin profile. You may have your business name and Web site, but do you show what your book or business can do for your audience? Do you have your blog entries there too?

4. Stay active and consistent. After your join several groups in your target audience, visit the discussions and comment on or ask questions about them. You’ll learn a lot and also get great exposure. People will see you as a great resource and want to eventually use your service or read your useful book. One big mistake is to join a lot of groups-30 or so-and not participate.

Just choose your top 10 or so and put some time in these.

5. Contribute tips in your best groups, either as a comment or submit as a discussion. When you comment, don’t shout about your book; attract your audience to you by your pithy remarks.

And, it’s totally OK to leave a blog blurb and URL after your comment. This is soft advertising and people want it.

6. Know that giving is the way to go. People really appreciate your information. Some will even buy from you. But keep giving, and you will be liked, trusted and appreciated. That’s the beginning of a sometimes long, wonderful relationship. And know that all marketing is educating your audience on what would help it to a better life and business.

7. Follow or connect only with people who you think will want your information. This is a big mistake newbies make (me too), and once you get focused on who is your best audience, you won’t feel like you’re spinning wheels and wasting time on Linkedin. I ask people who invite me to connect to join my book group at Linkedin first. If they don’t want it, that’s OK, but now I’ve let go of the chaff and focused on the kernel. Think of social media as marketing (sometimes social), and a way to get more visibility and credibility for your book or business.

Finally, know it always takes a little mentoring to keep the ball rolling and give you enough detailed steps to make your Linkedin efforts realize big numbers at your site, followed by big sales. For less than the cost of a good dinner, you can get what you need in a 90 minute group coaching format, with a free eBook and audio to boot.

  • Jenni Wright

    Thanks for your excellent information Judy. I am learning a lot from you. I always read your blog and thanks for the continuing work you put in for those of us who need it.

    Jenni Wright

  • Judy Cullins

    Jenni, I'm glad you're getting value from this information on LInkedin marketing. I've really put it all into action, and am now getting great traffic and people who need my books or coaching.
    Wonder if you read my book yet? LInkdedin Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Boost your Book and Business Sales?

  • Sumi Olson

    Hi Judy

    Many thanks for your useful newletters and updates. The only thing I'd add is to your point 5 about adding blurb and url.

    Do make sure that the (soft) advertising is appropriate and in context. From the discussions I've seen on Linkedin, users expect a degree of marketing but don't tend to appreciate someone just coming in on left field and lobbing a reference to their service or product when it's unconnected to the main tenet of the discussion!

    Thanks again for the informative emails!


  • Judy Cullins

    Yes, Sumi. I guess some marketing is expected on LInkedin when commenting in a group. A LI guru told me to only post a link to my blog articles that are free instead of a product. You can suggest the product by clicking the private message link and be more direct.

    What annoys me is that people don't comment much, just post all of their links in the comment box. I usually tell them this is a no-no. Anyway, people don't appreciate the blatant ones.

  • Ammerman

    Major thankies for the blog. Awesome.

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Ammerman, Gad you got value. What's your book topic?

  • Bramblett

    Very neat blog article. Much obliged.

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