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Rico Caveglia

Kathy Bailey

Career coach to emerging and experienced public speakers on the business of speaking.

Seminars, Coaching & Products, Vision & Volition: Paradise on Earth, JD Mumma, Amx.

Marine Salt Traders

Provides free checklists to help you relax and enjoy life and live better and longer.

Deborah Kintner, MA, PA, LSSP, LPC, ACSP, is a veteran speaker and author who offers motivational and relationship coaching (including parenting). Visit her web site or e-mail her at [email protected] to start making the changes to help you soar.


I'm Safe! Helping Parents and Children Make Smart Choices. This safety pamphlet sets a stage, which helps to promote safety and well being for both parents and children. Through tips, online and book resources, guidelines, and rules, the youngsters learn fundamental strategies to help keep them from harm.

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Monthly online publication redefining seniors.

Samples cover letters and tips on writing cover letters and resumes.


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