Media Publicity Kit

This package of three special reports, Free Publicity Sources in San Diego County, Media Kits, the Power Press Release, and two bonus reports provide all the tools to:

  • Capture the editor's attention to get your press release turned into a money-making feature story.
  • Portray yourself as the expert and become a household name.
  • Save money with ongoing free publicity for your group, seminar, or products.

Free Publicity Sources in San Diego County

Sell more books with free publicity wroth $500-$5000 in this time-saving and well-researched up-to-date (February. 2000) special report. Free Publicity is worth seven times as much as advertising. Contains over 40 newspaper editors, names, addresses, email, and fax numbers and seven major writing/publishing groups.


Media Kits - What They Can Do for Your Book

How to get your book or products reviewed and into the media, what you need to send, how to write a review and book flyers. Includes Internet tips and News Release Checklist.


Power Press Release

Sell more books. Get your PR into the media and get the media to include your contact information. This report contains all the how to's to write a press release.


Free Two Special Reports

  • Sample Power Press Release
  • Sell More Books With Networking.



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