Minerals - The Essential Link to Health Kit

This package of one book, one cassette and two free bonus reports provides all the tools you need to:
  • Eliminate confusion about the supplements you need and don't need
  • Put the complete mineral team back in your diet
  • Save money short term and stay out of the hospital long term

Minerals: The Essential Link to Health (Book)

How minerals serve as the foundation for health and longevity. Examines the problems of popular nutritional advice and orthodox thinking. Explains how to avoid the "Science Trip."


Prevent & Reverse Disease with Minerals (Cassette)

How to weed out health propaganda. The flawed scientific method and magic bullet thinking of experts. Diet of disease-free people. 15 health myths debunked.



Treatment or Prevention?

Compares the doctor's antiquated Cartesian model of thinking about disease treatment with the up-to-date tiered, living systems model for disease prevention.

Which Vitamin C?

Comparison of synthetic vitamin C and the natural vitamin C complex.


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