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Take Your Minerals and
Send the Doctors to the Poorhouse

William R. Quesnell

Taking your calcium, but forgetting the other 78? Many of us think that if we take a multi-vitamin with minerals, we're doing what's healthy. But the world's healthiest people, those free from degenerative disease, consume food with a full compliment of minerals, the complete mineral team. In addition to calcium, zinc and iron, their food contains in excess of 70 minerals with exotic names like cesium, gallium and holmium.

A dentist and researcher, Weston Price, traveled to remote parts of the globe and discovered how the "healthy ones" ate. They ate nutrient-dense foods; foods rich in minerals and vitamins. The foods healthy people ate had four times the amount of minerals found in the American diet of Price's time--back in the 1930's and 40's.

Since then the mineral content of our food has spiraled down. Our foodless foods, the high-tech refined foods with pretty packaging and a long shelf life, have lost 70-90 percent of their minerals during the refining process. But that is only a part of it. Our foodstuffs are short in minerals to begin with. Because of cost-effective commercial farming practices, our farm soils have lost more than 80% of their topsoil along with its vital minerals. Our farm and range soils have lost 85% of their minerals.

You can not practice prevention without minerals. The chronic diseases of our time are a breakdown from within. You need minerals from the external environment to regulate your internal environment. Our 2000 plus metabolic enzymes require a regular and consistent supply of minerals. Without that supply enzyme systems shut down, resulting in cellular failure, followed by organ and system failure. By age 60, most of us have at least one degenerative disease.

Did you know the vitamins you take are worthless unless you have enough minerals to activate the enzymes necessary for vitamin absorption? Simply put, disease preys upon a human deprived of minerals.

Price's "healthy ones" ate foods naturally rich in minerals--either seafood from mineral-rich waters or meats and vegetables from animals and plants that were nourished by mineral-rich soil. Equally important, those people ate none of our refined, processed foods based upon sugar and flour--what Price called the foods of commerce. The foods of commerce are devoid of minerals.

To remain healthy you must ignore what the so-called experts tell you about food groups, pyramids, ladders and the like. When it comes to degenerative disease, it is not foods you should be concerned with. You should be concerned with what is no longer in our food. The food consumed here in America is no longer nutrient-dense, and it has been that way for a long time. Even organic foods, which are higher in nutrients than non-organic, no longer contain their original compliment of minerals.

Our health begins with minerals. After all, we are made of minerals and water. Healthy people, those free from degenerative disease, regularly consume somewhere between 70 and 80 minerals.

Minerals: The Essential Link to Health, a book I wrote after eight years as an agronomist in Costa Rica, will help you prevent and reverse diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis and cancer. It gives you six cost-effective steps to put the complete mineral team back in your diet. It helps eliminate confusion as to which supplements you need or don't need. Lastly, it saves you money short term and keeps you out of the hospital long term.

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