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Mistakes Emerging Authors Make Even if they are Professionals

You want to be a best-selling author. You have an idea for your book, but aren’t sure how to proceed. You know that mistakes cost you time and money.

Think about these four mistakes emerging eBook authors make before you act on your book project.

Mistake1. They don’t know their book’s many benefits and features.

Knowing these first before you write a chapter assists you in writing a focused, well-organized, compelling book that speaks directly to your potential buyer. When readers realize your book’s benefits they are more likely to buy now and tell their friends to buy too.

Mistake 2. They don’t have a book plan beyond a good idea, a rough outline, and notes they have written.

If you want to write a quality book that gets read you need to answer all of your client’s or customer’s questions. When a book coach guides you in this process, you write consistent WOW chapters that practically write themselves with less than half the edits you usually have.

Mistake 3. They have the book idea but don’t know their preferred audience first.

It’s always better to know what an audience wants, then write the book for them. When you write too general of a book with a variety of audiences, it’s much harder to speak to each audience in each chapter. If you leave one audience out, even in a single chapter, this audience will not think the book is for them.

Mistake 4. They don’t realize today’s audience wants shorter books, and will print eBooks under 100 pages.

A book coach can show you how to write your print and eBook at the same time. You don’t have to publish with a traditional publisher either. The shorter route is self-publishing. Find out about how it works before you chase a route that won’t suit you. Even if you are not a techie, learn from a mentor on how you can get your book out directly to your market from your home or office.

If print or eBook authors want their book to succeed, they can guarantee it more with help from the right partner. It’s always good to check and correct your mistakes.

Remember to take action after your intention to write a book. Nothing much happens without action.

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  • Michael

    Hello! Excellent post! You hit on some things that I knew, but many that I wasn't as sure of and now to find out they are worth considering for real is great!

    Thanks very much! I look forward to your next post!


  • Gary D Hardy


    My name is Gary Hardy and I am a new children’s author. I am a registered Nurse by trade. But started writing about three years ago. I self published my first children’s picture book last summer and the second and third will be coming out later this summer to finish out a three book series. I have sold about 200 books so far. I’ve sold 13 hardback versions of the first book to 10 different libraries in 8 surrounding counties. I have 12 speaking engagements so far in several different areas of Ga.for the summer reading programs with possible sales to many of those libraries. Some 4hrs away from home. I also have found book shelf space in local Christian book stores in the area and one children’s clothing and gift store. As well as my Google and Amazon Dot coms and online book sites that the company provides. So I guess you’d say that I’ve been a little successful. But I’m not sure where to go from here. I want to try and make this a main stream series, But I’m not sure how. I’ve even thought about sending the three books to Oprah’s book club for review, just not sure. Can you give me some advice. Anything to help.

    Best regards, Gary

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