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Chapter Structure Your Ideal Audience Will Love

Judy Cullins


Learn specific step-by-step how-tos for designing book chapters with Judy’s famous “Fast Chapter Writing Blueprint with Only One or Two Edits” to tailor your book. Ensure your success by giving specific solutions to your ideal audience who crave answers to their challenges that keep them up at night.

Are You…

A professional coach and want to bring new clients to your business? Wonder how will this short book qualify you?

A top manager for a corporation and want to stand out from the crowd? How can you be assured to do this?

An owner of your marketing company and want a book to showcase your solutions for your ideal audience? How can you write for them?


Position yourself, build credibility, and get trusted as the go to person in your field.

Write and distribute easily your book to inspire and entertain your audience while making a difference in their best life.

Write shorter chapters because your audience wants it that way.

Shorten the total time you invest by half in your book project.

Discover how easy it is to write a chapter for your ideal audience.

About Judy Cullins

Judy Cullins is known as the Original Book Coach. She is the author of 20 personal growth books and 18 business/writing books including her signature book “Write your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast!”. Judy solves the tough problems for top business people writing a book. She determines their unmet needs of having enough time, positive mind set and tried and true writing skills that create a book their ideal audience will love. Don’t miss her free up-to-date tips on content writing at her site

Judy helped me get my book through the tough editors at International Marine/McGraw- Hill. How? By showing me how to hook the reader from the first page and not let go! Thanks Judy for showing me how to make good content turn out great!

John Jamieson
Seamanship Secrets

Design Your Book Cover Like a Pro

Michele DeFilippo


A book cover is much more than a pretty picture and a title. It’s a retail package that convinces buyers to spend money. When your prospective buyer asks, “What’s in it for ME?” your cover must provide the answer. This presentation examines best-selling covers and failed covers, and it offers tips on how to identify and work with a cover designer who can help you accomplish your sales goals.

Do You Want to Know…

How should your book cover look?

What makes a book cover work?

How can I find a qualified book cover designer?

What questions should I ask my prospective designer?


Discuss the cover design process followed by major publishers.

Examine cover design styles in different genres to help you keep your cover design on track.

Learn how the title, subtitle, hierarchy, and keywords interact on a cover for maximum impact.

Compare poor covers and professionally designed covers to help you recognize the difference.

Tips on how to choose the right designer and suggested questions to ask to avoid unpleasant surprises.

About Michele DeFilippo

Michele DeFilippo owns 1106 Design, a Phoenix company that offers cover design, interior layout, manuscript editing and more with expert indie-publishing advice and hand-holding every step of the way. Please visit to subscribe to her bi-weekly Tips and Tools newsletter and download her free eBook, Publish Like the Pros: A Brief Guide to Quality Self-Publishing.

Michele, Ronda & their team at 1106 Design are pros from beginning to end. They are great to deal with, creative, organized and accurate. 1106 have produced several e-books and printed books for us. Our latest project was a complex HR training workshop facilitator guide and an accompanying workbook. 1106 consistently exceeds my expectations, their layout and typesetting skills are outstanding.

Carina Ahren

Metadata IS Your Author Brand

Kathy Meis


Mobile, digital, social, online shopping — whether we like it or not, the new word-of-mouth involves computers. They translate our recommendations and drive online discoverability of our content. They have their own language – metadata- and it’s much more nuanced than you might think. It defines how authors and books are described and discovered by ideal readers. It’s time to learn this language and make it work for you and your author brand. In this session, Bublish Founder and CEO Kathy Meis will go deep with data, case studies, worksheets and a Q&A; to answer your questions on this important topic.

Do You Want to Know…

What trends in metadata are impacting author brands?

How can you connect the dots for your ideal readers with metadata?

Which types of metadata are important for you to understand?


Learn what types of metadata matter most to increase visibility and sales.

Discover actionable steps to enrich your author and book metadata.

Explore tools that can assist in metadata research.

Review industry data and case studies to see how metadata impacts author brands in the real world.

About Kathy Meis

Kathy Meis is the founder and CEO of Bublish, the world’s first complete publishing solution with integrated marketing, discoverability and branding features. With more than twenty-five years of experience in the media and publishing industry, she has served in a wide variety of editorial and management positions at some of the world’s leading media companies, including CBS and Forbes, Inc. She is a founding partner of the PubSmart publishing conference as well as a professional writer, editor, and ghostwriter.

My sales are soaring since I started using Bublish. So many people have shared that they want to buy my books because they’ve read my book bubbles. Bublish has changed so much for me. I’m able to reach a broader audience.

Rochelle Richey
New Author

How to Turn Your Blog into a Book Production Machine

Nina Amir


If you have a blog, you produce a lot of valuable content that could be used for more than just blog posts. Indeed, with the right focus and planning, your blog can become a book-production machine. Learn how you can combine your blogging, platform building, and writing efforts to create successful books both from scratch and from previously published posts.

How Can You…

Write a book from scratch on your blog – or blog a book?

Repurpose content that already exist on your blog – or book a blog?

Ensure you produce a book that will sell – a marketable book – from blog content?

Land a book deal or self-publish successfully – all because you blog?


Learn how to churn out books on and from your blog.

Discover how to write a book from scratch as you blog and build platform.

Find out how to repurpose blog posts into a marketable book.

Uncover the secret to having your blog can help you land a book deal.

Get the basic steps to churn out books or all lengths as you promote.

About Nina Amir

Nina Amir is an Amazon bestselling hybrid author of such books as How to Blog a Book and The Author Training Manual. She is the creator of a proprietary Author Training curriculum for writers and coaches, is an international speaker and award-winning journalist and multi-site blogger as well as the founder of National Nonfiction Writing Month and the Nonfiction Writers’ University.

I started coaching with Nina so I could finish writing and publish my book; I got so much more! Having written and published several of her own books, notably The Author’s Training Manual, Nina is an eminently qualified coach. She helped me to clarify my direction, research and write a book proposal, develop a platform, get organized and stay on my path. My forthcoming book, How to Say No Without Guilt, is in the works and I feel confident that it will soon be out in the world. I researched several coaches before I hired Nina; she was absolutely the right choice!

Julie Hawkins
How to Say No Without Guilt

Hit #1 On Amazon

Kathleen Gage


It’s one thing to write your book to position yourself as an expert. It’s something completely different to rise to the top of every Amazon category your book is listed in. When you Hit #1 in every category, you have incredible opportunities to gain more visibility, get more qualified leads and generate more revenue as an expert and author.

Do You Want to Know…

What I can do to get my book up the charts on Amazon?

What do I need to do to really optimize my book’s position?

How an expert like myself can benefit from writing a book?

What is the #1 mistake authors and experts make when it comes to their book?

The most positive experiences of someone with “backend” success with her book?


Discover the three things you MUST do to get the most traction from your book on Amazon.

Learn what the three phases of a book launch are and why you should care.

Find out one simple thing you can do to build a subscriber list from those who get your book on Amazon. This one strategy is a game changer because Amazon does NOT give you the names of buyers and there is a way around this obstacle.

Learn what to do once you get to #1 to keep the fires burning for your book position.

About Kathleen Gage

Kathleen Gage is the “no-nonsense, common sense” online marketing strategist, speaker, author, product creation specialist, and owner of Power Up For Profits. She helps entrepreneurs make money online. Her clients are driven by making a difference through their own unique voice.

Every success-minded business owner needs the best mentor they can find. If you want a mentor who truly cares about your success, has deep knowledge of business and marketing, and who will keep you on track, while supporting you to accomplish what you are truly capable of, and creating the success you crave…get Kathleen Gage on your team.

Cathy Demers
Business Success Cafe’ Founder

Write Nonfiction Promotional Copy Your Readers Will Love

Michele PW


You have a choice when it comes to writing your copy (copywriting is writing promotional materials, nothing to do with putting a copyright on something or protecting your intellectual property) and marketing your book and business. You can choose fear-based (i.e. more traditional copywriting that sounds hype-y, slime-y and inauthentic) or love-based, where you can attract, inspire and invite your ideal readers.

Do You Want to Know…

The secret for writing copy that attracts ideal readers?

The key to invite your ideal readers to buy your book?

The the sure-fire way invite your ideal readers to become ideal clients?


What exactly IS love-based copy (and why it’s better than fear-based) and why you should use it to promote your book.

The 3 foundational pieces you need to have in place to craft love-based copy.

The easiest and fastest way to get started writing love-based copy.

One of the biggest mistakes authors make when they try and craft love-based copy.

About Michele PW

Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is the best-selling author of the “Love-Based Copywriting” books that teach people how to write copy that attracts, inspires and invites, and the owner of Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, the premiere direct response copywriting and marketing agency through which she guides entrepreneurs in attracting more clients and boosting their business. Grab your FREE Love-Based Biz Kit at

Michele PW and her team have been a part of my marketing team for several months now, bringing her strategies and copywriting skills with her, and in doing so has increased our business. In fact, on one recent campaign she´s worked with us on, she helped increase our sales by 34% and increase our revenue on this promotion by 128% – wow! I highly recommend Michele PW and her team to help you with your copywriting and marketing.

Brian Tracy
Chief Executive Officer

Book Design Options for Self-Publishers

Joel Friedlander


How authors new to book publishing can understand the options available to get their books designed, formatted, and ready to print. This presentation focuses on options for the interior of your book, and deals with fonts, page layout, “best practices,” and vendor choices.

Do You Want to Know…

How does a manuscript become a book?

What do I need to know about book fonts?

How much does book design cost?


Discover the 7 things to look for in book interiors.

Understand longstanding publishing conventions you need to know.

Learn the 4 ways to get your book interior done.

About Joel Friedlander

Joel Friedlander is an award-winning book designer, blogger, and writer. He speaks regularly at industry events and is the author of The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide. The blogger behind TheBookDesigner, Joel is also a columnist for Publishers Weekly, and was named by Writer’s Digest as one of the 10 people to follow in book publishing.

Most writers considering self-publishing face information overload. Thankfully, Joel’s workshop on Pathways to Publication demystified the process. He articulated the key questions that determine our self-publishing choices, then walked us through the independent publishing process in easy-to-understand steps. His presentation reflects a lot of thought and expertise on how to help writers achieve their goals. Thank you, Joel.

Helen Sedwick
Coyote Winds and Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook
Co-Chair, Redwood Writers Academy

Social Media for Authors

Shelley Hitz


Learn simple strategies to effectively use social media to build your author platform, connect deeper with your readers, and sell more books. Let’s face it, Amazon isn’t going to sell your books for you! It’s your job to build an army of loyal fans. Shelley Hitz will share with you how to never run out of content to post, and the #1 tool she uses to books for you 24/7, even while you’re away writing your next great book!

Do You Want to Know…

Where do I start when marketing my book on social media?

What mistakes should I avoid when marketing on social media?

What tools and systems can I use in my social media marketing to save time and money?

What are the best ways to sell books through social media?


Learn how to use social media to build your platform, connect deeper with your readers, and sell more books – even if you’re an introvert and would rather die than do any sort of “networking”.

Discover the #1 tool Shelley uses to manage her social media accounts in less than 10 minutes per day. You can build your brand while enjoying your morning coffee.

Find out how you can authentically drip-feed content to your social media platforms – building your platform and driving traffic to your website on autopilot.

Learn the key mistakes to avoid when marketing your books on social media.

About Shelley Hitz

As a “get it done” author coach and business strategist, Shelley Hitz is on a mission to help you reach more people with your message by working smarter, not harder. She teaches you how to sell more books without being pushy or salesy using marketing strategies that fit your strengths. Her marketing systems will help you save time so you can do more of what you love (writing your next book). Connect with Shelley and download her free training at

I was able to get my book idea, write the book, and get the eBook uploaded to Amazon lightning fast and achieved Amazon Best Seller Status in its category and sub-category the first day for the first time as an author! This has been so exciting for me and I’m so thankful to God and to Shelley Hitz!

Beth Jones
The Cinderella Story: The Power of Shoes

How to Get Book Blurbs, Endorsements, and Testimonials

Sandra Beckwith


Book endorsements – “blurbs” – help both readers and book sellers make book buying decisions. Testimonials from the right people – those who are well-known and respected in the book’s field or genre, for example – can clinch the sale for someone who’s not sure if your book is what they need or want. If you’re traditionally published, they can help get the publisher’s sales and marketing team excited about the book.

But how do you snag them from the right people, especially if you’re an unknown, first-time author? And how do you use them if you’ve got an e-book with no back cover? Learn the secrets to getting and using endorsements and testimonials that make a difference from a pro who got John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, to write the foreword for her first book.

Do You Want to Know…

Why are book blurbs – those endorsements and testimonials from others – important?

What are three things you can do now to secure great blurbs in the future?

How many places – and how many ways – can you use book blurbs, especially if you have only an e-book with no back cover?

What are the most common mistakes authors make when it comes to soliciting blurbs?

How do you get celebrity blurbs?


Attract more readers when you have endorsements that provide important differentiation.

Sell more books by using testimonials to validate that your book is a low-risk purchase.

Stand out from the competition by leveraging the impact of your endorsers’ reputations.

About Sandra Beckwith

Sandra Beckwith is an author and national award-winning former publicist who now teaches authors how to save thousands of dollars by doing their own publicity, promotion, and marketing. You might have seen her on “The Montel Williams Show” or “CBS This Morning,” or read about her in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, or USA Today. Subscribe to her free weekly book marketing newsletter and receive a free gift at

I took two of Sandra’s online courses before my books, “My Fat Dog” and “My Fat Cat” were published. She was a rigorous and comprehensive instructor, and her assignments prepared me very well for pitching my book, creating content, and working with my very able publisher’s publicists. If you have written a book, or are planning to, Sandra’s the person to walk you through the publicity process.

Martha Garvey, CSM
Digital Editorial Director at Geometry

Find and Hook Your Ideal Book Audience with Keywords

Warren Samu


From your book’s title and subtitle, your chapter titles, and beyond to your essential promotional copy, keywords will make sure everything you do as an author remains focused on the needs of your readers. Keyword research will also make you more aware of the competition out there related to the topics your book will tackle.

Do You Want to Know…

Will your book be unique and serve a purpose?

Does a niche market exist?

Can you compete with the current online establishment?

Do people need a book like yours?


Gain the skills needed to evaluate your online competition and modify your book accordingly.

Learn how to conduct effective keyword research as an author using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.

Discover how keywords can form a focused foundation for your entire book’s outline.

Master creating online marketing copy for your book without needing to write anything other than your book!

About Warren Samu

As a web developer, internet marketer, and SEO consultant with over 17 years of experience, Warren assists authors in reaching their fullest potential on the Internet. He helps them create books and websites their readers will find and love. He also formats ebooks for Kindle and other self-publishing platforms. Find out more at

Warren Samu is top notch outstanding in every professional service he offers. He sets the platinum standard for excellence, expediency, and cutting edge production. He is that precious rare bird who amazes you with his quiet creative humility, all the while knocking your socks off with his remarkable talent. Warren took my blah everyday blogs and transformed them into stunningly vibrant, easy to read fun. I have recommended him to several clients, and all are thrilled with his service and honesty.

Judy Krings, Ph.D., PCC, CMC
Positive Psychology Personal/Professional Coach

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