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"Your Success is My Passion"


Author of over twenty self-help books and special reports (over 85,000 sold), Judy delivers 150 talks and seminars a year, pens a "Passionate Living" column for San Diego Senior News and has served as life skills coach to thousands. She has run her successful business Skills Unlimited for twenty years.


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Enlighten your audiences with one of the lively, humorous and up-to-the-minute informational presentations
by Judy Cullins, M.A.

Judy can keynote, give breakout workshops and deliver full-day programs.


What Organizations Say
About Judy's Talks

Your presentation on Conquering Clutter was exactly what we had in mind - fun and informative. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.

Steve Deutsch and Collette
Grossmont Continuing Education

Response was overwhelming! Thank you for your wonderful presentation of "Wake up Your Memory!" Your superb personality is ideal for seniors. I look forward to your next presentation.

Emily Moore
Fredericka Manor

Thank you for such an outstanding presentation: informative and entertaining!

Fran Rodenberg
CA Women in Government

Your talk was the tops in numbers and enthusiastic kudos. We want you for our next Expo!

Chris Gallager
Good Life Expo

Your Memory seminars and Discover Your Life's Purpose seminars made our Holistic Weekend a huge success!

Bob Spahl
Sierra Club

To book a program,
contact Judy Cullins
toll free at 888/306-4537

Judy Cullins'
Top Four Programs

Five Ways to Unleash
Your Passion

  • Free the magical you
  • Live a life of purpose
  • Attract loving people
  • Communicate compassionately
  • Ignite your spontaneity
Conquering Clutter
and Procrastination
  • Reclaim your desk and closets
  • Reduce paper by 80%
  • Decide and act
  • See cleared and organized space
  • Apply Charles' Schwab's $25,000 management keys
Five Ways to Supermemory
  • Remember names instantly
  • Increase your confidence
  • Think faster
  • Sharpen your mind
  • Prevent memory loss
Boost Your Brain Power
  • Discover 12 causes of memory loss
  • Recall important information
  • Feed your brain!
  • Fight free radicals
  • Increase concentration


Personal Praise
From Coaching Clients

A burn-out teacher, after Judy's coaching, I live a renewed life, healthy, energetic, and with a big permanent ear-to-ear smile.

Nancy Rodrigue, Teacher

Your enthusiasm, cheer and tremendous love have helped me open up, explore and live An enjoyable life.

Jeannie Smith, Retired

You're knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring. Thanks for giving me a new life vision - to stay relaxed, breathe, eat healthier, and think happier thoughts.

Bill Quesnell,
Author Minerals, The Essential Link to Health
Books and Tapes
by Judy
  • Passion at Any Age/Build relationships, abundance and a life of meaning (170 pages)
  • Supermemory-in-a-Box (Includes 4 books and 1 sixty-minute Superlearning cassette or CD
  • Health-in-a-Box (Includes 8 books and 2 exercise tapes)
  • Vision-in-a-Box (Includes two books and 60 minute exercise cassette)
  • The Minerals Kit, 1 book and cassette

A Partial List of Clients

  • American Society of Aging
  • California Women in Government
  • CEC-Rancho Bernardo Seniors Organization
  • Coronado Senior Center
  • EGO (Educational Growth Opportunities for Seniors)
  • Fredericka Manor
  • Good Life Expo / Whole Life Expo
  • Grossmont Community College
  • La Mesa Senior Center
  • National University
  • OASIS (National Senior Group)
  • Pacific Church of Religious Science
  • Palomar Community College
  • San Diego State University
  • Sierra Club

Judy Cullins, M.A.
Passion and Life Skills Coach
Skills Unlimited Press, 7000 Melody Lane, La Mesa, CA 91942
Ph./Fax (619) 466-0622 • Toll-Free Orders: 888-306-4537