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Online Book Marketing - 4 Reasons Your Books Aren’t Selling Enough

Some of you complain you do sooo much work and don’t get the money rewards from it. You may buy into the “recession blues.” Your books aren’t selling well. As a long time book coach I can tell you to keep the faith and follow a new path you may not have realized works well.

So, why aren’t you selling more books? Here’s 4 reasons to rethink.

#1. You’re not marketing enough or not marketing to the right audience.

Just this week, I asked a new client with a lot of professional savvy but low book sales, “What marketing did he do already? And what was his cost? And what were his results?” He says he has 2 hours each day to market. And, he did send out online presses release paying $100-$300 for each. Zero results! He did put his book out on Smashwords and Kindle and Amazon - nothing yet! Sadly, he wasted a lot of time and money, because he already had a great audience of Hollywood Creatives for his coaching and therapy practice.

This book author doesn’t have a sales message on his business site for his book. And he has small numbers of subscribers and doesn’t know how to build his opt-in numbers much bigger, so he can have more sales. He’s on LinkedIn and Facebook, but doesn’t know how to optimize them for his book sales. He has some budget, but has already wasted so much of it on marketing that doesn’t work. A bit discouraging, for sure.

My answers are always the same. You have to do the consistent right actions. This is where most experts and coaches don’t do well. As with my client, you need to nail down specifically which audience to market to first. My client’s big mistake was not to focus on one audience at a time. He shared that he had a big fantasy, a dream, that he would be another famous speaker and speak to millions on his topic. This is a common thing with new writers - they don’t see the reality of the book business.

#2. You don’t have a written marketing plan.

Perhaps you have a missing link or two in your marketing plan, or perhaps you don’t have a plan with strategies, promotion actions and a schedule to make it real?

This same client above confessed he did not have a marketing plan. Without a plan, and specific promotion actions on a written schedule, you will lose momentum and feel discouraged at low results. While this is fairly easy to do, many business people with a book don’t pay attention to it. That’s why I coach and write books and blogs on this overlooked skill of writing a marketing plan for each part of your business.

#3. You don’t build relationships with your potential readers.

While it takes some time, when you focus on your primary audience on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, you will be happily content your book and blogs are wanted. Some will not buy of course, but many will if you set up your social media marketing to get your audience to your business site where you can sell to them. (Remember to do a short sales letter-even a video sales piece at your site to convince visitors to buy). This is a common mistake that costs sales!

#4 You aren’t repurposing your talent or book to make your marketing more efficient and effective.

To get more bang for your buck, use articles you have and renew them with a new title, new angle, and some new copy that is more personal. Turn them into a WordPress blog, and when you use LinkedIn and your blog, you will see your web visitors surge and sign up for more of you! This is how you build that database. I know my visitors were flat at 2500 a month UNTIL I used LinkedIn and my multiple blog articles that help my audience. Now, I’m seen as a go to person for book writing, self-publishing and marketing.

To stand out from the crowd in LinkedIn, you can create your own group aimed at your specific audience as I did in ”Book Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing for Business People.” From two years ago, my member numbers are over 2500 as of September 2011. They all want and need the skills and strategies I teach there with other writers and notable gurus. You can too, and be a resource center for your clients and customers.

For your fresh, new blog posts, use excerpts from your book chapters with a new hook, new points and a marketing ending. You have to learn to be a bit more commercial with your blog, or not much will happen!

Remember, your book sales don’t come from your fantasy of being on Oprah or the like (anyway, she’s moved on).

They come with your purpose written out and with your actions that show your book as the best choice for your audience!

P.S. Book coaches often share what their audience doesn’t want to hear. What do you disagree or agree with here?

I’m open to your ideas.

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  • Ed Teja

    Like so much advice on marketing, the main thrust of this applies only to nonfiction. Forming a group to promote a novel winds up making the author look desperate. The sales message is also more difficult for fiction. Unfortunately, the bulk of the advice takes the easy way out and talks about writing related articles and so on. As you said, you always give the same advice. How about a fresh take?

  • Karen Cioffi

    Hi, Judy. Great information. I'm struggling with my book sales also and trying to work out the kinks. I just subscribed to your site.

  • Bruce Louis Dodson

    Very interesting.
    I will subscribe.

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Ed, Yes, you can use many of these tips for fiction too. If you more on fiction marketing, see my blog on Mrs Fields chocolate cookies-great for fiction. Also check out Dana Smith who often posts fiction marketing. See

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Karen, glad you subscribed and keep coming back to the book marketing link on top of my site and tiyou be amazed at how much you can learn here.

  • Judy Cullins

    Bruce, I'm glad you subscribed. You'll love the weekly tips you can take action on. Curious, What's your book project?

  • Judy Cullins

    Karen and other book marketers. Take some time and scroll down all my book marketing blog articles.
    Go to

  • Loren Gelberg-Goff

    Very interesting and comments and suggestions I can absolutely relate to. My book came out in December and I'm catching up on the marketing aspect of it… writing the book was the easy part! I love the idea of starting my own Linked In group… I'll research that possibility…thank you!

  • Judy Cullins

    Loren, Glad the tips were of value. Linkedib and blogging are my 2 favorites!

  • David Jones

    Hi Judy

    I’m planning to self-publish a series of e-books and your advice on these pages is helpful, informative and generally first class.


    David Jones

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi David, Glad you got value from thtee blogs. That’s how I got started-reading and writing articles. As a antural writer and marketer, I took tht ball and ran with it! Let me know if you have another question?

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