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Start Your Book Today -
Don't Believe the Myths

You want to make a difference in people's lives, you are researching a topic and becoming an expert. You want to give your audience answers for their questions on your topic. You want to attract new clients, brand yourself or business or be know as the "go to" person for useful information in your field.

But why don't you start your book today? You resist! You have doubts. It takes too long. You are too busy. These are reasons, but they aren't real; they are myths. You can write a profitable book--even a lot of books--fast!

Replace These Six Myths With Options

1. Takes too much time.

When you focus on one topic at a time, you can write chapters fast. When you keep your book length under 120 pages, you can write it in less than a month. That's why you need to do some market-driven pre-planning before you write your book.

Know your audience before you write rather than look for one after it's done. Fulfill your book audience needs. Avoid the general or broad audience. Slant your book toward one primary audience.

2. Takes talent and writing ability.

Actually, the less writing know how you have, the better. Natural and organic writing is best. In your own voice answer your audience's concerns and problems.

If you can talk you can write. Readers want books written by a wise and savvy friend who will guide them gracefully to solutions for their challenges. They want passion and natural writing more than perfect syntax. In my early beginnings I felt I was only a trainer, a teacher, a coach. Not a writer! Like me, see a need and fill it - take seminar handouts and organize them into book chapters, for instance.

3. Takes an agent and traditional publisher.

Traditional publishers don't help the emerging or unknown author much. They turn down 99% of you. If you do get their blessing, they will not spend time and money on your marketing. And, this process takes two years or more. For cash flow and profits, go direct to your audience, get a web site, and market your book by writing short articles that relate and submitting them to top ezine directories and blogs. Build profits step by step. Start with an eBook, testing it on your blog, your ezine. You have no costs really with eBooks, except a great 4-color cover. One advantage? You can correct mistakes before you write your print book and market that. And please print only the # you can sell at back of the room events in 3 months.

Why have a big inventory with big mistakes? A waste of money for sure.

4. Takes creativity.

Like me, maybe you write how to books. Self-publishing pro Dan Poynter told me over 14 years ago that information can be repackaged for any particular target audience. It doesn't take creativity, it just takes some editing, rewriting, adding a few new ideas and resources, and putting it together in an organized, short and simple format to please the consumer who wants easy to read information.

5. You don't know it all.

Many emerging authors do it alone. That's not a good idea. Save time and money mistakes; read books by the pros, Dan Poynter at www.parapublishing.com or John Kremer at www.bookmarket.com or myself at www.bookcoaching.com. Follow their shortcuts, how to steps, that make you a great writer to earn your place among great authors.

6. The book may not sell well.

Know that if you have a book that shares new, unique and useful information, it has enough significance to sell well.

Write an audience profile before you write your book, so your book has an angle, and will stand out from the crowd. In my book, use the hot-selling point of the "Dear Reader," that will become your sparkling introduction.

Ray Bradbury, wrote "Fahrenheit 451" in just nine and a half days." He advises us to write short articles or stories. They can become a longer book. He says if you write a page a day, you'll produce two to ten books a year.

Think of your benefits in writing a book! Your book brings you fame and fortune. People look to you for your expertise. Being an author has status too, often like a movie star's. Even if you don't become famous, you'll love the monthly profits you make from book sales. Even if you don't like to market you can do it online easily in your home based office with short informational pieces like this one.

Ask if your doubts are really true. Don't stop yourself from a great adventure that will benefit you and the world.

Judy Cullins, author of "Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast," helps businesses build clients, profits with a book, your best business card.

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