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Are You a Fast Track Entrepreneur Who Wants to Write a Your Quality Short Nonfiction Book to Attract Ideal Clients and Expand your Income Streams?

But You're Thinking...

  • I don't know where to begin.
  • I'm not sure I can deliver the quality the book needs.
  • I don't have enough time to write a book.
  • I'm worried my family time will suffer.
  • I'd need a lot of motivation and hand holding to keep me on track.

As the Original Book Coach with 86 Happy Clients--What I Know is This!

You really want to write but your mindset keeps you stuck--I can help you transform that monkey mind into one that creates the right positive thoughts, actions you need to do for great book results. (so you have a permanent smile on your face)

You don't realize you don't need to write a long book--think from 40-100 pages. Your audience wants shorter books today, because they are online, so you create more potential clients at far less time and expense. I've published over 38 short how to books to help you.

You don't know your ideal audience deeply, where they hang out and how valuable they are to you. I do! This is a must for a successful book.

You don't have much trust in the unknown. With your devotion, we as partners (I'm the silent one) can make your book dream a reality.

You worry a short book won't have big value. I will show you how to give top value in every part of each chapter!

Want proof?

Here's what a few of my happy 86 clients say:

"Dearest Judy, JC to me! , My new book that was almost ruined by my support choices before you. It would never have taken wing were it not for you. Your book marketing support was the lynch pin to making my book a successful reality. Teaching me to write sales letters and blogs like a pro was invaluable. Your never-ending support has been remarkable, and I adore you! Best yet was your planning to go Cuba after reading my book!"

Judy Krings, PhD, PCC, CMC
Photo Adventures in Cuba: Unlock Your Power of Positivity

"Judy coached a first time writer taking me from A to Z to book writing and publishing. She taught me how to identify the right audience, how to emphasize the right points right, how to keep my audience captive. She is a person full of energy, experience and passion. She devotes herself to your success. Thank you Judy!"

Christos Kartalis
The New General Manager's Performance Cockpit

"I thought I had finished writing my book. Although I was not completely happy with it I searched for a book marketing coach and found Judy Cullins. After just one session she had injected life into me, my writing and my book. She helped me to identify my target audience and then speak directly to them. She helped me transform my book from a boring “tell to” book to a “how to” book. Now I feel confident my finished book will be of value to Probation Officers."

Sonia Harris
Record Keeping Made Easy: 7 Strategies To Getting More Done With Less Stress For Probation Practitioners

"I could not have written my book without book coach, Judy Cullins. Her insights transformed my writing. I loved working with Judy."

Rosemary Hossenlopp
Step into your Future: A Businesswoman’s Path to Profits

"Book Coach Judy Cullins taught me how to write my ebooks on eating disorders that will brand my work and attract new clients. Judy is delightful and so supportive. She’s full of tips, tools, and online resources (alone worth the price of the book and coaching). She gave me a blueprint for writing blogs as well as chapters to engage my young women introverts so they will come back again and again. I finally have a system that I can use for a short or longer book. I’m so glad I’m working with Judy. I highly recommend her books, blogs, and one on one book coaching!"

Jeanne Rust, PhD
Eating Disorders: 10 Solutions to Speed Up Your Recovery

Get These Outcomes/Results

Produce ongoing lifelong revenue streams.

Raise your credibility, brand, and visibility--get known, liked, and trusted.

Position yourself as an authority or expert in your field.

Get specific book writing solutions to finish your book so your ideal audience will love you and want more of you.

After filling out the agenda in Part A, you schedule a time to meet with Judy.

Then you'll discover these outcomes and decide whether you want to benefit from Judy's Premier Book Coaching Packages.

Judy Invites you…
"If you are ready to take your book/business to the next level and work directly with me, then I invite you to fill out my application for the coaching."

Book Coaching Application

Note: After you submit this form, you'll be sent to Judy's Calendar to schedule a time for our complimentary Fast Track Discovery Session phone session.

Are you a...

Top business person who wants to finish your nonfiction book your ideal audience will love?Corporate leader who wants to get your transforming message out to a bigger audience who want to make the world a better place?Successful entrepreneur who knows a book written for your ideal audience will make them appreciate you and bring them to enjoy your other up leveled products or services in your coming marketing funnel?

What's your daily happiness quotient from 1-10? 10 being highest.

Which of the following best describes you now?

I’m checking this out but I’m not ready to take action right now, maybe in (name the month and year).I’d like to have some coaching on finishing my book, and not sure if I can commit 100% yet.I am tired of the way things are now. I am ready to commit 100% to my book and business goals.

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