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You can earn 50% affiliate fees from now until March 30th for referring people to register for the Shel Horowitz and Judy Cullins upcoming teleseminar “Social Media for Terrified Authors – Turning Scary Into Success”


A. If you are an eJunkie affiliate:

  1. Simply visit
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link in the yellow box that says “Click here to join Judy Cullins’ affiliate program”
  3. Login
  4. Under “Manage Your Affiliate Account” click “Get Affiliate Code”
  5. Select “Judy Cullins” as the merchant
  6. Click the button “Get Affiliate Code”
  7. Select “Social Media for Terrified…”
  8. Click the button “Get Affiliate Code”
  9. Copy the link provided in the yellow box.

B. If you’re not yet an eJunkie affiliate, become one for FREE:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the registration process starting with your “Email” and “Password” under the “Register” box
  3. After you finish becoming an eJunkie affiliate, follow the instructions above in section “A”

What can you do with your affiliate HopLink to start receiving 50% for referring people to register for this one of a kind teleseminar?

1. Place it on your website or blog pages.

Copy the entire URL within the parentheses after ‘href=’ (looks something like…) and:

2. Send the URL to subscribers to your newsletters, ezines, and mailing lists.

3. Share the URL in emails to your associates, friends, and family.

4. Send it to your friends and fans on Facebook.

5. Share it with your followers on twitter.

6. Share it with your connections and groups on LinkedIn

It doesn’t matter how, where, or who you share it with!

Anyone who clicks the HopLink will be directed to the teleseminar page to register and you will receive 50%.

Not only will you receive 50% of the registration fees if they do signup, but you will also receive 50% of any other affiliate products they purchase while on the website.

Even if they do not register or buy something right away - if they return the next day, week, month, or even 6 months later, you will still receive your 50%!

You can easily share the HopLink today, tomorrow, and for the rest of March with little effort and with huge rewards!

Click here to get started today!

And please forward/share this great opportunity to others you think would be interested.

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