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Social Media for Terrified Authors – Turning Scary Into Success

Teleseminar Audio Recording (mp3) Package

Are you finished with your book and now tremble at having to do the marketing?

You know that your marketing has to include social media, but you don’t know where to start, or how to make social media marketing work for you. And you certainly don’t want to waste a lot of time friending the wrong people on Facebook, collecting useless followers on Twitter, or sending unanswered invites on LinkedIn.

Shel Horowitz
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Judy Cullins
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Presenters Judy Cullins, 25-year full-service book coach, and Shel Horowitz, book marketing expert and 15-year social media marketer, can relate to your concerns.

We made some big mistakes early on.

Judy feared the web and kicked and screamed until she got some coaching and put up her website 11 years ago. And now, she’s a leader in social media marketing. Shel jumped into a discussion list without understanding the group’s culture. He had to withdraw, but then turned social media discussion lists into his most effective marketing tool.

As an author, solo professional, coach, consultant, speaker, or small businesses, you could probably use some direction and hand-holding on what’s the best social media path for you. That’s what we will give strategies and actual how to’s in this 90-minute teleseminar “Social Media for Terrified Authors: How to Turn Scary Into Success.”

What One Client Says About Shel’s help…

“If social media is a big haze to you, Shel can help. I was very confused on how all the Twitters, Facebooks, etc could fit together and not suck up all my time. Shel took 30 minutes and walked me through his formula for Social Media Success. I feel much more comfortable with the tools, and what to do. Most important, I found out it doesn’t have to own you and eat up your day like I thought. Shel will give you proven formulas for success with social media. He will de-mystify this thing we all keep hearing about. And he will make it easy to incorporate into your business quickly and without a ton of work. Thanks, Shel. You made my life much easier.”
Troy White

What One Client Says About Judy’s help…

“My half-hour strategy coaching session with Judy on social media—what to do and why, and how to optimize it all including my website—was just what I needed to bring my target audience to my new website that Judy also helped up update. Judy walked me through LinkedIn: showed me with the actual links how to update my profile, join 5-10 groups of my audience, and read and comment in discussions that are in my target audience. She knows business and book marketing like no other. Her expertise is invaluable. I’m so excited to get Judy’s wisdom once again!”
Jeanne Sharbuno
Results Coach & Peak Performance Specialist
52 Ways to Live Success…From the Inside Out!

In this Program, you Will get These Benefits – All from Social Media:

  • Build high visibility and credibility and customers for your book with social media.
  • Have an impact on the three major social media networks in just 30 minutes a day.
  • Control social media and keep it from controlling you by focusing on only on a few strategies that pay off.
  • Understand how to strategize and share your content around the Internet with just a couple of clicks – more ROI for less work.
  • Turn social media connections into website traffic, book sales, and client gigs without spending any money.
  • Increase your credibility as a savvy expert, commenting in groups and blogs.
  • Define and find your book’s target audience on the big 3 social media marketing sites – and market directly to the exact people who can benefit from your book-so you don’t waste time.
  • Get your website or blog pages highly ranked on Google and other search engines-to get those desired book sales conversions.

Even Though You Did Some Things to Market your Book, Judy and Shel will give you Detailed Answers to Questions Like…

  1. Is it worth my time, money, and energy to market my book on social media and why?
  2. What are the first and best steps for high visibility on Facebook?
  3. What are the first and best steps for high visibility on LinkedIn?
  4. How can I find my target audience at the different social media sites?
  5. What are a few strategies to manage my time there?
  6. What are the least important tactics and time wasters on LI or FB? or Twitter?
  7. How much time before I see bigger sales and my online presence optimized?
  8. How can I can I get my blog noticed on Twitter, LinkedIn, or FB?
  9. How do I know what’s working for me before I put too much time into it?

Testimonials from Fans

“I want to thank Judy Cullins and Shel Horowitz for sharing their expertise and experience in their Social Media Marketing Teleseminar last week. Their most notable tips for developing high level visibility for my book and CD were: 1. Know my goals and target audience. 2. Set up a LinkedIn account and write an engaging profile and join 5 or so groups in my book’s audience. 3. Write shorter blog entries more often with how to tips, a favorite of readers. 4. Research other blogs related to my area of interest to comment and share insights.”
Bride Doyle
Quest for Happiness Handling Difficult Relationships Using the FTA Approach
Quest for Happiness Relaxation Techniques (CD)
“As usual Judy Cullins, a dynamite session. Shel too. You give so much practical information, and remind me to get the basics right and then build my platform. You inspired me to get recommendations updated, know my target audience and focus on discussions where my target audience (stressed working women) hang-out. My ahas? FOCUS on what will pay off and not comment on what doesn’t serve me and my Yoga business. Like Shel’s excellent idea of a non-fictional character having a blog. Like Judy’s tip to have a theme each month for tweeting and FB fan pages, build relationships, and to build a marketing mindset around my theme. Now I can stay focused, get my message out, and still allow room for creativity and spontaneity.”
Ntathu Allen
Yoga for Stress Management: A Practical Guide for Working Women
“Finally – social media demystified! I now have a solid handle on how to approach Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn after listening to ‘Social Media for Terrified Authors,’ teleseminar with book-marketing pros Judy Cullins and Shel Horowitz. They not only explained in plain English strategic ways to enhance my visibility on these sites, they also provided step-by-step guidance about how to get started, how to maximize my time using these social media sites, plus lots of tips for updating my profile in an engaging and non self-serving way, and using keywords so my target audience can find me.”
Jayne Pearl
Co-author, Kids, Wealth, and Consequences: Ensuring a Responsible Financial Future for the Next Generation
“Platinum performance! Cutting edge social media marketing tips. Huge bang for the buck. Thanks Judy Cullins and Shel Horowitz in the “Social Media Marketing for Terrified Authors” teleseminar to help me zoom in on specific book marketing strategies I needed to launch my book, “Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity” I’m following up with Judy’s coaching packages. You were the answer to my marketing prayers. Amen and thanks!”
Judith Krings

More Benefit!

This package now includes an additional instructional recording Promoting Your Book on LinkedIn. This 1 hour session from the ‘Author Summer School’ features Judy Cullins discussing the many strategies she learned and successfully uses to promote books and businesses online using LinkedIn (recording valued at $19.95).

This valuable package is worth $79.95+. But you get it for the tiny investment of only $21.95. Isn’t that cool? Look at all that you get:

  1. Over 100 minutes of group coaching from 2 experts-priceless
  2. 4 bonuses worth $60+
    1. Valuable Audio: Listen in as Shel coaches Internet marketing superstar Troy White on how to get up and running in Twitter, and use TweetDeck to boost productivity.
    2. Valuable Audio
    3. : ‘Promoting Your Book on LinkedIn’ from the Author Summer School
    4. Report: “20 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Books on the Internet”
    5. Report: “Book Marketing – Get More Sales with Your Sales Funnel”
    6. Report: 7 Top Actions for Your Profitable Book Marketing Campaign

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We look forward to serving you who want that total success for you book,

-Judy Cullins and Shel Horowitz

P.S. Why such a low price? Because we are generous souls, we want you to stay with your marketing, and we know you need a kick start and tools to avoid overwhelm, even if you’ve been doing a few things. We can give you the specific steps it takes to turn scary into success.

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