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Small Group Coaching

Book Achievers VIII Small Group Coaching "How to Write and Self-Publish your Book"

Mark your calendar now with these dates:

Thursdays: Jan. 26, Feb. 9 and 23,
March 9 and 23, 2006
4-5 pm PT, 7-8 pm ET

To register now, call the toll-free 866-200-9743 or 619-466-0622 (9-6 Pac times please). You cannot register on my site for this one.

Note: This coaching is less than half the price of one-on-one, and you get Judy’s same devotion and feedback each step of the way.

Dear Book Achievers To Be,

Hi, I'm Judy Cullins, 20-year book and business coach, who is looking for 8-10 committed people, ready to do what it takes to finish their book project. Let me hold your hand, encourage, and give you professional feedback to get your project to pay zone.

From a personal growth, spiritual background, yet with the savvy skills to get you to your goal, I'm here to help.


You may have a chapter done, or maybe just an idea. Wherever you are now, you can get assistance to make your writing project real. Whether you want to gain credibility as the expert in your field, help people to live a better life, or just make ongoing money for life without much work, your book will bring you these successes and more.

Think about sharing your passion. Yes, it takes a little time, but far less than if you did it alone. Yes, it takes a little money, but far less than the mistakes you'd make without a savvy pro's guidance who has already written and published over 30 books herself. She knows which path will be your best one.

Remember the payoffs of finishing!

This is a great opportunity for group support, your coach's expertise and lots of email encouragement and resources to make your book dream a reality.

This is Small Group Book Achievers VIII group and many graduates can help you decide if it's for you. Here's what they say:

"Everyone who dreams of writing a book should join Judy Cullins' Small Group Book Coaching! She reveals secrets for writing copy that sings, covers that sell, and marketing techniques that explode your business! I now know what to do to complete my book and sell it with success on my website. Thank you, Judy, for helping me make this dream come true! "
- Char Jones, Life and Relationship Coach
Author of NetMating: Your Guide to True Love Online
[email protected]

"Thanks Judy. I'm so grateful I followed through and joined these sessions. I've fine tuned my book applying your chapter format blueprint. You helped me focus to deliver a much more saleable book."
[email protected]

"Thanks for the professional writing style you taught. More punchy words and sentences, shorter sentences, stop redundancies and passive verbs so we can guide our readers to get the benefits they came for--an easy-to-read, well organized, and compelling book."
-Helen Blein
[email protected]

"A real growth experience. I see a book needs more than just the story--it must engage the readers in each chapter."
-Chuck Shock
[email protected]

What Value will you Receive from This?

  1. More income from your saleable book.
  2. More business branding leverage from this great expanded "business card." This can translate into more speaking bookings, more coaching clients, more consulting work, and more business contacts in any field.
  3. More positioning to be known as the expert in your field, which in turns brings more trusting prospects to you.
  4. Allows you to share how you make a difference to others' lives so your mission is complete.

What to Expect from the Small Group Book Coaching Sessions?

  1. You will get more clarity on what your message is and its value.
  2. You will learn a process to help you focus on what information goes where, so each chapter is not only clear and organized, but fulfills your book's intention.
  3. You will learn some easy marketing tools before you finish your book, so you will be ready to launch a powerful campaign the day you finish writing.
  4. You will cut your learning curve by half, and make your book project doable.

Specific Outcomes from the Small Group Sessions

  1. You will have a complete model chapter finished or more with the right format for you to follow for the rest of the book.
  2. You will have a pre-marketing plan called "The Essential Nine Hot Selling Points." to guide your writing so you can start selling the minute you are finished.
  3. If you already have some of your book written, you will see how to change it to fit the chapter format process and the marketing while you write with the "hot-selling points.

Why Would You Want to Work with Me?

  1. Because you will learn what you need to know first, so each chapter in your book will be focused and compelling, and will market as you write. This saves so many costly mistakes.
  2. Because you will learn a Selling Outline before you finish your book. To sell all the books you want to, you need to incorporate the "Essential 7 Hot-Selling Points."
  3. Because your book journey is always easier and faster with a partner. You don't have to do it alone. You will benefit from ongoing feedback for each 3-4 pages of your book, so you complete one model chapter. You submit these by email to the other participants each two weeks. While voluntary, this experience helps you grow and finish faster.

ADDED VALUE: The coach will give her feedback over the calls along the way. You get feedback on your title, your audience, way to publish, great writing, or not so great writing. Judy offers one final edit so you can leave with your writing ready to go.

Here’s What Past Book Achievers Say About This Experience

  • Got 2 chapters finished with great format--easy-to-read.
  • Learned the difference between benefits and format--Now I can sell books!
  • Got focus. Didn't use former notes, but based the chapter information on the important questions my audience needs answered. Once answered, my chapter flowed with ease and will be easy to read.
  • Appreciate the feedback from the group each two weeks. Know what's good and what's not.
  • Got over fear of showing my work. This group is so supportive.
  • Learned how to organize my chapters and other parts of my book such as promotion, marketing and Q and A's for each chapter.
  • Realize it takes some quiet writing time--at least 5-10 hours each week.
  • Like the guidance of what High Level Activities we need to take between sessions.

Format for Each Session --Five in All
Meeting Each Two Weeks

Session One. Thurs. Jan. 26, 2006

Each person introduces themselves, their business name, and book working title. They share what the #1 thing they want help on. Judy coaches each person’s chapter with beginning, middle, and end. She sends reports on: fast-writing chapter format, write like a pro. Open coaching and sharing High Level Activities, their importance and what ones to do before next session. On High Level Activities--each person writes in their organizer 1-3 a day to move their project to completion. On this call Judy will use one participant’s chapter as a model and explain how to write compelling copy from the introduction to the finish.

Fieldwork: submit the intro, part of the middle, and the end of a chapter to the rest of group. Your final goal? To submit a finished, whole chapter to the group and have enough feedback to call it complete.

Session Two. Thurs. Feb. 9, 2006

Each person introduces self and book. They share their HLA's and benefits. Judy presents and sends reports on: titles sell books, and hot-selling point, which is your best audience? Open Coaching and Sharing of High Level Activities.

Fieldwork: write a letter to your audience and submit to team.

Session Three. Thurs. Feb. 23, 2005

Each person introduces self and asks for help on one challenge. Judy presents and sends reports on benefits and features and tell-and-sell. Participants share HLA's and Judy comments on several participants' chapter formats. Open Coaching and Sharing of High Level Activities.

Fieldwork: submit your top ten-fifteen benefits and top features to the team.

Session Four. Thurs. March 9, 2006

Each person shares where they are with one project, and what they want more help on. Judy presents how to get testimonials and table of contents. Open Coaching and Sharing of High Level Activities.

Fieldwork: write a note and ask for a testimonial using your list of benefits.

Session Five. Thurs. March 23, 2006

Each person shares what's working and what's not. Judy discusses the book's back cover and reviews benefits and tell-and-sell. Bring publishing questions to the call. By now you all know each other pretty well and have already submitted one chapter format that works for you. Open Coaching and Sharing of High Level Activities. Aha's shared and what is the next step?

Cost Choices

Cost with Free Book Bonus: $350 if paid by January 10, 2006.Early birds receive free eBook--$24.95 eBook “How to Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast” (79+ pages) for 5 meetings.

After January 10, 2006: $350 + $24.95.


Call the toll-free 866-200-9743 or 619-466-622 (9-6 Pac times please). You cannot register on my site for this one.

Worries and Concerns

-You have to miss a meeting. We send audio and lessons and you can still participate with the others by sending your fieldwork to them on another day. Judy only gives these sessions every 6 months, so don't let one missed date stop you.

Want more than 5 meetings? We can keep meeting every 2 weeks after the 5 weeks if you like, so long as 8 people attend.

Note: You will be sent teleclass bridge number 3 days before we meet. Long distance fees to a San Francisco, CA number are less than $5 per hour and each session is 55 minutes via phone conference line.

Payment Concerns? Just email Judy with the details and possibly, we can work something out.

Will it be interactive? I use email as an ongoing tool for group communication. I send reminders, materials, new information, and responses to members' questions. On the call, we have open coaching where all get a chance to ask for what they want.

Questions? Just email [email protected] or call toll-free 866/200-9743 or 619/466-0622.

If you Don't Use a Bookcoach:

Your book won't get published. Your unique, important information will not help thousands of people. You won't be known as the expert in your field. You won't be making high residual income for life. You won't have the time to take that needed vacation, or have the extra money to buy that car or household item.

In short, not much will happen.

Measure the payoffs with the investment. Judy’s clients always say they got much more in avoiding time and money mistakes than the cost of the coaching. Those of you ready will do what's best for you and your book.

“Judy’s expertise has been invaluable. She drilled down to the hidden gems in my e-book and converted them into excellent marketing “hooks.” She was able to see the forest, while as an author, I was only able to see the trees. Her input immediately added value to my document. After learning how to write a sales letter from Judy, I sold 68 books the first time I emailed the letter to 1400 prospects. ”

-Ari Galper, President and Founder

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