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LinkedIn Marketing

eBook & Audio Package by Judy Cullins

8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales

LinkedIn Marketing eBook & Audio Package
You want to sell more books. You want your book to bring you clients. And up until now, you may be frustrated that your present social media promotions aren’t working well enough to support your efforts.

I can relate. Before I really used social media, especially LinkedIn, my website traffic was just OK. Now it’s traffic growth increases 35% each month - just from LinkedIn and my blog. They really work together well for building book and business sales.

Many of you will want the LinkedIn secrets I’ve discovered and practiced for the last 2 years. They’re proven to work. I’ve checked and corrected it - all in my newest book and audio program.

With a sea of information to wade through on social networking and social media marketing, Judy Cullin’s ebook, LinkedIn Marketing - 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales, is a refreshing choice. If you’re an author looking for a great platform to gain visibility for you and your book. She outlines excellent steps and shows you how to begin and what to keep doing to gain the most out of your involvement.

Discover from Judy’s firsthand experience how to avoid mistakes and set yourself up for success with LinkedIn. You learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. This section alone is well worth the investment. I highly recommend this book for any author who is serious about marketing their book.
Kathleen Gage
The Street Smarts Marketer

You will learn these skills and more about LinkedIn:

  1. Why choose LinkedIn?
  2. How can I monetize my LinkedIn Profile?
  3. How can I market my book and business to my right audience on social media marketing?
  4. What is my purpose for being on LinkedIn?
  5. How can I get started on LI today?
  6. What are the 5 best tactics to reach my targeted audience on LI that take the least time to get results I want?
  7. What are the least important tactics that can waste my time on LinkedIn
  8. How much time does it take to optimize my LI presence?
  9. How can I get my blog noticed on LinkedIn?
  10. How can I test what’s working for me and what’s not to see the the value of LI for getting more targeted traffic to my blog or website?

What I particularly appreciated in Judy Cullins’ “LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build your Book and Business Sales” is the specific advice that is easy to follow rather than the generalized advice that many authors provide (the kind of vague advice that leaves a reader thinking “But how do I do this?”). I followed her advice and updated my LinkedIn profile right away.
Phyllis Zimbler Miller
Social Media Strategist

Like it or not, social media marketing is here to stay.

Now, you can grow your book or product sales as well as grow your clients using LinkedIn correctly.

Why LinkedIn? If you are a small business, a coach, consultant, marketing or author who has a book as your business, this kind of networking-marketing is a must.

Maybe you’ve joined and even put up a profile. There is more to know to get your specific audiences to your selling website.

After updating my site and my LI groups, business has really picked up for me. I want to share with you how I’ve done it.

And, you can too!

Judy Cullins’ teleseminar and ebook, LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales, is chock-full of real world, practical, immediately useful tips that bring you results. Learn from Judy’s real life experience, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Save yourself time and learn from the best. Judy always delivers above and beyond my expectations!
Jeanne Sharbuno
Results Coach & Peak Performance Specialist
52 Ways to Live Success…From the Inside Out!

What’s Inside This Important eBook & Audio Package?

1. LinkedIn Marketing - 8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales

eBook - $19.95 value (39 pages)

2. Optimizing Your Results with LinkedIn

Audio Recording - $99.95 Value

3. Promoting Your Book on LinkedIn

Audio Recording - $19.95 Value

4. 2 Special Reports

“4 Preparations You Must Make to Monetize
Your LinkedIn Profile”

“LinkedIn Profile Makeover - 10 Ways to Optimize
Your Content Order”

That’s 40+ pages and over 2 hours of audio instruction valued at over $139.85!

Your Investment Today?

You Get ALL 4 Valuable Downloads for…

Only $29.95!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

After you’ve read and implemented the strategies in this ebook and audio package, if you are not happy with the skills and tools given to you, you can return it within 90 days directly to me - no questions asked.

More Praise from Happy Readers

LinkedIn Marketing is the best guide I’ve seen to help authors market their books and services through LinkedIn. Avoiding sensationalist hype and obnoxious self-promotion, Judy lays out the strategy that allowed her to serve her way to success. By targeting and interacting with people who want and need her services, she helps people through valuable information and transforms them into grateful customers. Indispensable to anyone wanting to use social networking to promote a service or product.
J. Steve Miller
Sell More Books! Book Marketing and Publishing for Low-Profile and Debut Authors

Judy Cullins coached me on LinkedIn marketing, how to update my LinkedIn profile, and how to focus on my Unique Selling Proposition to make my LinkedIn marketing focused. That alone saves me wasted time and effort on social media networking. As a webmaster, I appreciate that Judy is up to date on social media and this book and package is so reasonable just like her 1/2 hour phone social media sessions—where you go on a hands on ‘walk-about’ with her. Highly recommended!
Leva Duell

Find out everything you need to know about building your book’s visibility and sales with this easy-to-use guide. When you follow Judy’s 8 best tactics, you’ll get great results in much less time. She shows you the short cuts and gives you links to where you want to go in LinkedIn, but didn’t know how.
Marcia Reynolds
Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction

Thank you for your generosity, insight, information and expertise during your teleseminar and through your book, “LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Book and Business Sales.” Action I’m taking - to edit my LinkedIn profile after listening to your advice. I also joined your book group on LinkedIn. I look forward to staying connected with you.
Sheila Glazov

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