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55 Social Media Strategy Session – 30 Minutes to Top Visibility and Credibility

Do you want to get much more visibility and credibility for you and your book? Maybe you are just now tippy-toeing into social media marketing. If you are feeling confused and overwhelmed about how you’ll use social media to move your book or business forward, and get a good Return on Investment (ROI) from it, I’m here to help you.

In This “Walk About” 30-Minute Social Media Session with Judy Cullins…

You and Judy will visit your LI profile, FB welcome or fan page, Twitter page, blog, or what you need to attention on. Together we will complete tasks that will make you stand out from the noisy crowd.

Choose Any of These Outcomes from this Social Media Skills and Strategy Session

➣Update your LinkedIn Profile to get more traffic.
➣Increase targeted traffic with blog writing and marketing.
➣Get more blog comments and subscriptions.
➣Write more how to and tip blog articles.
➣Get targeted followers on Twitter to reach your target audience.
➣Build relationships with contacts and friends who can become your customers, joint venture partners, and valuable contacts.
➣Know much more about your target audience and why important.
➣Know how to strategize a campaign to save time and reach the right people.
➣Know how to join groups at LI that make you more visible and credible.
➣Put up a welcome page and fan page at Facebook.
➣Get much more visibility and credibility on LinkedIn
➣Coordinate FB, LI and Twitter for best results
➣Emerge with some powerful plans to take action on.
➣Post your specific questions in an email to Judy before we meet.

Why Choose Judy Cullins?

➣Because I’ve done all of this successfully for 3 years.

➣Because I’ve published reports on Twitter, FB and a new book: LinkedIn Marketing: 8 Best Tactics to Build your Book and Business Sales.

➣Because I am your best resource because of my own results that include more targeted website traffic, more lucrative joint ventures, more quality coaching clients and many more book sales.

➣Because I know how to coordinate your social media marketing with your updated website to reap the rewards you deserve.


➣See my business platform, my business success with LinkedIn, and my blog success!

In this short session, from your input on where you are now with social media, I will show you where to go first, second and third, then where and how to expand yourself with some easy how to’s that will show you how to proceed.

Note: You will call my coaching number at 619-466-0622 for this half hour session.

Here’s Testimonials with Results from Past Social Media Clients

“My book marketing was stuck on the ground, until expert Judy Cullins became my co-pilot. Patient, spunky, and no-nonsense, her reassuring style helped me chart an easily doable flight plan. She helped me take off, remove my seat belt, and strap on a marketing mindset. Best, I enjoyed my book marketing ride. Before Judy, I had turbulence and fog. Her navigation steadied my fears, got me back on course, and our relationship continues with clear skies ahead. Do yourself a favor, don’t fly alone. Optimize your outcome. Feel jubilant when your book makes a smooth landing at book selling terminals all over the world.”
Judy Krings Positivity Coach and Author
Photo Adventures in Cuba – Unlock Your Power of Positivity!
“Judy Cullins is not only very knowledgeable about book marketing, but incredibly well-organized. Doing our 2011 “Social Media for Terrified Authors” event together, I had total confidence that everything would go off flawlessly, because no detail escapes her attention. Although I’ve been doing social media marketing for over 15 years and have been a LinkedIn member since 2004, I learned quite a few tips from Judy to help me strengthen my LI profile, including using powerful key words to help my audience find me easier.”
Shel Horowitz
Marketing/Publishing Coach and Author
Grassroots Marketing for Authors and Publishers
Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green
“My half-hour coaching session with Judy on social media – what to do and why, and how to optimize it all including my website – was just what I needed to bring my target audience to my new site. Judy walked me through Linkedin: told me to update my profile, join 5-10 groups of my audience, and read and comment in discussions when possible. Her expertise is invaluable. I’m so excited to get Judy’s wisdom once again!”
Jeanne Sharbuno
Results Coach & Peak Performance Specialist
52 Ways to Live Success…From the Inside Out!
“Find out everything you need to know about building your book’s visibility and sales with this easy-to-use guide. When you follow Judy’s 8 best tactics, you’ll get great results in much less time. She shows you the short cuts and gives you links to where you want to go in LInkedin, but didn’t know how.”
Marcia Reynolds
Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction
“Judy Cullins, you are like a breath of fresh air–definitely laser–You really helped me gain clarity and understanding in that 30 minutes re target audience than I have ever done… I have spent the last few months wondering who my target audience is for my book and my business, and wham bam… in 30 minutes you nailed it… so much easier now for me to proceed and know how to write my book on yoga for stressed out working mothers, market it, and write a sales letter for my site. Thanks so much. I know you have loads more tips up your sleeve. I’ll be back!”
Ntathu Allen
“Judy: You are one of my greatest finds since I began the marketing process. Your words of wisdom make such a difference. Thank you for reaching out and helping those not as savy in this new world of marketing.”
Penelope Van Buskirk

Sign Up and Schedule Your Strategy Coaching Only $55 ($110 value)

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After you sign-up, copy and paste this agenda into an email with your answers beside the points to judycullins[at]

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your website URL.
  3. Your phone number.
  4. Your email.
  5. Your goals -what do you want to market? Your book, business, opt in sign ups, website?
  6. Focus of one social media (i.e. Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook) to get plan going for call (can add others if time).
  7. Include date and time (your time and Pacific Time) of your session in the email.
  8. 3-5 Questions you have right now.

You will call my coaching line at 619-466-0622.

This coaching is a beginning. If you want to do more specific work on social networking, we can discuss it.

For more benefits you may want ongoing sessions with feedback, brainstorming, and file reading for 20 minutes before the session and coaching for 40 minutes on the phone sessions.

Follow up One-Hour Session Choices

One for $150
Two for $275
Three for $385
Four for $450

Any journey is easier with a partner,

-Judy Cullins

P.S. You’ll get web copywriting coaching and strategies, book coaching on writing, publishing, and marketing and business coaching and marketing. All with take home final results!

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