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Need a Speaker on Book Writing,
Publishing and Selling?

For your next event show participants how they can take their
million dollar idea and turn it into a short print or eBook in less than 30 days. Your book can help people have a better life, make you the recognized expert in your field, and at the same time create a viable, ongoing, lifelong income. (Your book coach's sales spiraled from $75 to $3000 a month in just 8 months time).

Judy Cullins, 20-year book coach and author of "How to Write your Print or eBook over 30 self-help books can make your book dream a reality!

If your group needs a speaker for your group,,,

In a one-three hour format, Judy Cullins, 20-year book and marketing coach who works with business people who want to write and publish a book that will make a difference in people's life and sell well, offers these topics in person or by teleclass format.

  1. "How to Write your Print Book and eBook at the Same Time"
  2. "How to Promote your Business and Books Online with Free Articles"
  3. "How to Write and Format your Perfect Chapter" using "The Fast-Forward Writing Technique"
  4. "How to Market your Book Before you Write It" - know the essential 7 "Hot-Selling Points."
  5. "Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Publicize your Book and Business."
  6. "How to Drastically Increase your Web Traffic and Sales"
  7. "How to Market your Book Offline and Online
  8. "How to Pitch your Book to Agents or Publishers in Just Two Pages"
  9. "How to Create your Web Pages with Marketing Pizzazz"
  10. "How to Write Irresistible Headlines that Catapult Sales"
  11. "How to Write a Sales Letter for Every Product or Service"
  12. "How to Increase Ezines Subscribers 10-25 a Day"
  13. "How to Get to # 1 -10 in Google.com and 25 Other Search Engines"
  14. "How to Build your Online Monthly Sales to 1/3 to 1/2 Your Income"
  15. "How to Market your Business on the Internet"

Contact 20-year Coach at 619/466-0622 or 1/866-200-9743 Or just forward this information to your associates and friends.
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