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55 Strategy Session – Update Your Website to Bring in More Sales

Are you not getting enough clients or product sales? Maybe your Website is a first timer. Most newbies put up a site and forget it – a big mistake. Maybe you haven’t updated your site lately with a WordPress blog or optimized it. You may resist because of the cost. Twelve years ago, web strategies were minimal. Make sure your site is updated so you don’t leave potential income on the table.

This strategy session is only 30 minutes, but fully packed!

Choose Specific Outcomes from this Session:

➣ Complete a sales letter for each product or service to insure your visitor’s attention and sales.

➣ Remove the boring, bad, and ugly from your homepage to reap more sales.

➣ Know what builds traffic and raises sales and opt-in conversions exponentially depending on the changes you make.

➣ Discover the importance of and how to write your branding story.

➣ Learn why you should and how to build your opt-in database (emails collected from visitors) that will help you communicate with your audience and make automatic sales.

➣ See the advantages of a low-cost shopping cart and which one is best for you.

➣ Discover what “ethical bribes” will capture emails for your future promotion.

➣ Discover how to write a short sales letter for each product including programs, so your visitors have enough reasons to make a qualified decision.

➣ Know what headlines hook your readers and make Google happy, using long tail keywords.

➣ Learn how to measure your Website results and change what isn’t working to create more profits.

➣ Discuss other outcomes you want not listed here.

Why Work With Judy Cullins?

“Creating an updated Web site seemed like an overwhelming task until I hired Judy Cullins. She made sure my sales copy was strong and full of benefits that would educate my web visitors to make a best decision. She helped me cut to the ‘gold” of my message and not be wordy. The sales letter alone was worth every penny. It quickly generated a large number of book orders for me which put money $$$ in my pocket!”Judy’s coaching went beyond my expectations. She gave me accountability to help me achieve my Web site goals faster than I would have on my own.”
Jeanne Sharbuno
Business Coach & Performance Specialist
52 Ways to Live Success…From the Inside Out!
“WOW! MY SALES LETTER WORKED!!!! THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for coaching me on knowing whom my target market really is–a major accomplishment. Knowing the difference between benefits and features helped me produce a sales letter that got me a sale the next day I put it up on my site.”
Harriet Meyerson
Fire Up Your Staff On A Shoestring Budget
“Thanks Judy Cullins for the model teleclass sales letter. A great exercise in clarity. It helped me not only know that each program, service and product needs a sales letter, but to understand how to communicate in business language and think about the client’s needs.

You helped me to envision a new way to help writers by creating web-based coaching. I discovered that a sales letter not only needs headings to entice the reader to keep reading, but copy below that gives them enough information to make a decision to buy. Your blueprint for writing a sales letter made the whole process easy!”

Linda Joy Myers
Writing Coach
Don’t Call Me Mother

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Post Strategy Sessions Available When You are Committed

After the strategy session you can also benefit from ongoing feedback if you decide to move forward to the 1-4 interactive sessions that require written homework. Then, you get one or two of these “sales” pieces complete, ready to email or post online. These can include:

  • writing a laser-focused blog article that educates about your book or service.
  • one or more sales letters for any book, product or service.
  • brainstorming your headlines, benefits and more.
  • getting testimonials for your web sales letters.

All Prepaid Ongoing Coaching Sessions Fees are…

One for $150
Two for $275
Three for $385
Four for $450

With Enthusiastic Coaching,

Judy Cullins

P.S. All the little steps lead to your book and business financial success. I’m here for you!

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