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55 Strategy Session - Engage Your Potential Clients to Hire You

Are you are afraid of sales? Maybe you are an introvert or a reluctant marketer. Or, you just don't like the pushy part of sales.

This strategy session is only 30 minutes, but fully packed.

Your Specific Outcomes from this Session

  1. Discover your best client and focus on them only to save marketing time and get better results.

  2. Decide on your next steps - the best ways to interact with and engage your potential clients and which promotion platform suits your personality.

  3. Decide on what promotional print to put on your website or use in emails that shows your value as a coach or consultant.

  4. Discuss the outcomes you want that aren't listed.

What Value will you Receive from this?

  1. Several engaging strategies to move forward on to almost guarantee more suitable clients.

  2. Solid income from offering your different sales funnels that include free and fee information and coaching services.

  3. Increased Web visitors in your target market, who will eventually buy from you when trust is established.
  4. Better positioning to be known as the expert in your field which in turns brings more trusting prospects to you.
  5. Allows you to share how you can make a difference in others' lives so your mission is complete as well.

Kind Words from Coaching Clients...

"Judy Cullins, you are like a breath of fresh air--definitely laser--You really helped me gain clarity and understanding in that 30 minutes re target audience than I have ever done... I have spent the last few months wondering who my target audience is and wham bam... in 30 minutes you nailed it... so much easier now for me to proceed and know how to write my book on yoga for stressed out business women over 50, market it, and write sales letter for my site. Thanks so much. I know you have loads more tips up your sleeve. I'll be back!"
Ntathu Allen

Why should you work with me?

  • Because you will learn what you need to know and do first, second and third to complete your web, online marketing and useful content that shows you as the expert in your field. Often called, the "Big Three Promotion Machine."

  • Because you will learn the skills sets necessary to write engaging content for your prospective clients so that you PULL them to you rather than PUSH them away.

  • Because your business journey is always easier and faster with a partner. You don't have to do it alone.

  • Because I walk the talk. Click here to read my promotion platform.

To register for this session, you need to pre-pay $55 (was $110) and email Judy Cullins (judycullins[at] your agenda before you meet with her.

In Your eMail, Please Include:

  1. Your full name.
  2. Your website url.
  3. Your phone number.
  4. Your email.
  5. Your goals - your target audince, your current marketing strategies, what outcomes you want to achieve with your business.
  6. Include date and time (your time and pacific time) of your session in the email
  7. 3-5 Questions you have right now.

You will call my coaching line at 619-466-0622.

Register now for $110 $55

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Post Strategy Sessions Available

After the strategy session you can also benefit from ongoing feedback if you decide to move forward to the 2-4 interactive sessions that require written homework. Then, you get one or two of these "sales" pieces complete, ready to email or post online.

These include:

  • A blog article that shows your service.
  • A soft sales letter that you post on your main website page to hook, then show why you are the coach for your particular audience with a particular challenge or concern.
  • Integrated social media strategies that boost your website visitors by 50% when you are consistent.

All Prepaid Ongoing Coaching Session Fees are...

One for $150
Two for $275
Three for $385
Four for $450
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