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Do You Really Want to Write A Book?

Do You Really Want to Write A Book?
What Makes a Book Profitable? Do you think you have something significant to share with your audience? Is what you have to say something new? Or something that will really make a difference in the world, that your audience is ready for? If you said yes to any of these questions, you have a reason to write a book. And that is the first step [...]

Will the Luck Leprechaun Bring You Bo...

Will the Luck Leprechaun Bring You Book Sales?
You notice the big names making a huge financial success from their books. You may say, “How Lucky. I’m not, I need to catch a “lucky” break to earn more.” I see this as the Luck Leprechaun Myth. It looks like magic, doesn’t it? And you still feel you should be there too. Take a Reality Check to Get the  [...]

Are your eBook Sales Low - 11 W...

Are your eBook Sales Low – 11 Writing & Marketing Mistakes
As an author, you want to put out the best product you can. Often, writing and pre-marketing mistakes cost you sales. Writing Mistakes to Avoid (know that all writing should market you) 1. You do NOT provide enough consistent structure in each chapter. Your audience wants an easy read, so your formatting and organization must guide your reade [...]

7 Tips for Book and Business Marketin...

7 Tips for Book and Business Marketing with a Blog
Want a lot more book sales? Want your business to stand out from the crowd? A blog, one of the best content marketing techniques, can give you much higher results than you ever imagined. It helps you build a following, build a reputation as the go to person in your field, and make increased book sales! The most important thing to remember is [...]

Write a Profitable eBook by Knowing Y...

Write a Profitable eBook by Knowing Your Best Audience
Do you know the best audience for your book? This is an important skills set to learn to make your book a financial success. If you want happy readers of your book, you need to focus on their needs and desires. Know your best audience BEFORE you write or publish your book. Here’s 5 audiences you may know already. This check list will wo [...]

eBook Sales - 10 Ways Your Blog...

eBook Sales – 10 Ways Your Blog Increases Your Book Profits
If you want more eBook sales, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t put up a business blog such as WordPress. Now, we self-published authors can share our opinions and our unique information with even wider audiences to attract our readers and ebook sales. You can put up a WordPress blog at your site where you sell your books [...]

3 Tips to Solve Obstacles that Hold B...

3 Tips to Solve Obstacles that Hold Back Your eBook Profits
What! Spend just as much time on marketing as writing? This can’t be, you say. Yes, it’s true. So if you’re writing a book, finish the one book before you move on to book #2. If you don’t, it’s really a form of procrastination. So if it’s time to market your book (and it is time half way through your boo [...]

Writing an eBook for Your Target Audi...

Writing an eBook for Your Target Audience to Make More Sales
You may have only written print books. You may already have written an eBook or two. And you may not have known these hot-selling tips and therefore, made your book less successful. Book Tip 1. Write a short ebook first. Your online audience on blogs, Linkedin, Twitter and other social media wants concise information to solve their problems. [...]

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