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Write, Publish, Promote, And Make Money From Your Books–Faster, Easier, and Cheaper Teleclasses

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http://bookcoaching.com/coachingpackages.shtml for info on the Small Group Book Coaching teleclass starting in March listed in other Teleclasses below.

Note: If you miss a teleclass you can order the cassette by calling Judy to order a cassette of the class which will meet again in about a year.

Teleclass #1: How to Write your eBook and Print Book at the Same Time

February 16, 2006
4-5PM Pac time. 7-8PM Eastern.

Please resister by Feb 11, 2006

$39.95 (If you already bought the book, only $25.00) Includes $24.95 eBook plus bonus report that sells for $5.95–How to Get Testimonials from the Rich and Famous.

Value: $25 teleclass, $24.95 book, $5.95 report= $60.90 value. A savings of $30.75.

For more information or to register: Call toll-free or use the options below, which include PayPal and ClickBank.

As your savvy coach I will help you get the answers to these:

  • What’s the best way to publish?
  • How can I make my book more marketable?
  • How can I use the “Hot-Selling Points” to pre-market?
  • What is my book’s 30-second “Tell and Sell”?
  • How to I know who my target audience is?
  • What are my eBook opportunities?
  • What format can I use to write each chapter fast?


  • Market within your book to hit the promotion ground running the day your book is finished.
  • Manifest your book dream now.
  • Become known as the expert in your field.
  • Share your unique, useful message with thousands, even hundreds of thousands.
  • Self-publish (Print-on-Demand) for under $2,000, even with coaching costs.
  • ePublish for no cost and big profits.
  • Promote your book Online without your own Web site.
  • Make 1/3 or more of your monthly income.

Here’s a few who recommend Judy’s 23 years of expertise:

“Save yourself from headaches, disappointments, and money down the drain. Learn from “Write Your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast!” before you write another word. Judy puts you on the fastest track to publishing success.”

Marcia Reynolds, M.A., M.Ed.
Past president of the International Coach Federation
Author of How to Outsmart Your Brain

“Thanks Judy — our first session was SO helpful! As a book coach myself, I needed to hire someone who would really light a fire under me and make me walk my talk. More than that, you gave me TONS of information I can really use”

Jill Nagle
Founder and Principal, GetPublished
[email protected]

“Judy Cullins’ “Write Your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast” is the one teleclass or group coaching experience you can’t be without! Her shortcuts helped me complete my book in just a few short weeks (as opposed to a year for my first one). How much easier it is with Judy’s encouragement and guidance moving you through the journey! Best of all, her eye-opening techniques are absolutely do-able for busy persons ready to finish their gem of a book!”

Darlene Arechederra

Note: you will get the conference phone # 3-4 days before the first teleclass of 55-minutes. The cost? Under $5. The eBook will be sent as soon as you register.

Design Every Part of your Book to Sell More Copies!

Attend if you are an author who wants to hit the big time and sell a lot of books, an emerging speaker who wants to add product, or a professional coach who wants to gain credibility and trust. You may be a professional or entrepreneur who wants their book to brand their business, or a trainer who wants to transform one of your workshops into a special report or eBook. Remember this teleclass is for any small business person who wants to make consistent high book income as well as increase clients to the maximum.


  1. ClickBank secure server for credit card or online check orders, just click the order via secure server link below for each product.
    Alternate Choice: PayPal
  2. Pay Pal. Just click the paypal button.
  3. 3. Call Judy’s toll-free number or the local telephone number at . Please note it’s for 9-6PM, pacific time. Have your credit card ready with the title “Write Book Teleclass for Jan. 19, 2006) and prices.

Questions? Email [email protected] or call her

If you Don’t Use a Bookcoach:

Your book won’t get published. Your unique, important information will not help thousands of people. You won’t be known as the expert in your field. You won’t be making high residual income for life. You won’t have the time to take that needed vacation, or have the extra money to buy that car or household item.

In short, not much will happen.

Measure the payoffs with your investment. Judy’s clients always say they got much more than the cost of the teleclass, small group coaching or one-on-one coaching because Judy saved them from wasting time and making big money mistakes Those of you ready will do what’s best for you and your book. This teleclass will be a great kick off for you!

” Incredible!. I’ve never learned so much in just 40 minutes. Not just editing, but how to design the chapter, so each paragraph will hook my reader. And I learned focus, how to organize this huge project, and to remember benefits my reader gets to make chapters more powerful, to focus on audience’s needs, not just lecture. You helped me make my writing more action oriented, to get rid of fluff and blah. Your “Secret Sins” tip that professionals need writing help for passives, and other slowing the reader down. And, I got a laugh or two with your humor, Judy. I love the fieldwork you gave me for direction and focus. You give practical how to’s. I’m thrilled.and I know I’m getting my money’s worth.”

– Consuelo Meux, e and print: Disaster Home Preparedness

Other Teleclasses by
Book and Web Coach Judy Cullins

I present these teleclass 2 times a year, usually
in the Sept-Oct-Nov and Feb, March and April months.

1. Five Non-techie Ways to Market your Book
Online and How to Drastically Increase your
Web Traffic and Sales

one meeting each ($59.95 includes $34.95 book)

2. Create your Web Site with Marketing Pizzazz
Write your Sales Letter for Each Product or Service

3 meetings ( $150 includes $29.95 eBook plus
4 Free reports worth $15)

3. Small Group "Book Achievers" Coaching

4. Promote Your Books and Business
with Free Articles

TeleClass Leader of the Week
– Oct 21, 2001 on www.Teleclass.com:

“We’re all undiscovered experts,
and TeleClasses pull that out of you.”
… Judy Cullins

Judy Cullins, M.A., is a Publisher, Author, and Book Coach. Some of her titles include, Write Your Ebook or Other Short Book – Fast! and Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Your Book Online. She has authored 40 self-help books, writing books, eBooks, and special reports, totaling over 100,00 copies.

Judy coaches aspiring and experienced authors in the techniques of writing, publishing and marketing their books. She leads a series of TeleClasses as well as over 80 in-person seminars a year on these topics. You can learn more about JC Bookcoaching at her website, http://www.bookcoaching.com/

One of Judy’s favorite TeleClasses is her “Q & A Marathon”, a full hour of questions from participants. “They all come with doubts, it’s a big project for them”, Judy says, “I help them focus their ideas and to put the information into chunks. I also coach them in note-taking during the class, using the principles of the Mind Map. There’s a sample Mind Map on my website. This addresses the students’ need to learn in all modalities and gives them a visual model of their idea and the process needed to bring it to publication.”

Because Judy’s teaching style relies on questions and answers, she sends a pre-class note to students asking them to come prepared with a query or two. “Even then, I have had dead silence at question time and I’ve learned to have a few sample answers of my own to “prime the pump”, she says, “After that, the session begins to flow much easier. I’m always learning, we’re all undiscovered experts and TeleClasses pull that out of you. You get in sync with your class and the discoveries happen. I love it!”

On Judy Cullins’ book coaching conference call today, my first ever, I found the title for my book (AND my speech). I threw three ideas out: “You Wanna Be Self-Confident? Act Self-Confident!” OR “From Supernerd To Superbird!”. As you pointed out, that allowed me to do a Free audience market survey with your other coaching clients, when I got a huge chuckle out of them (and the crowd went WILD!!), obviously with the latter title. I thank you for that!! The call was way worth it. Thanks again!

Ted Jacobsen

Note: To order any teleclass cassette, just email [email protected] with the title and cost and your address and she’ll make arrangements to get it to you fast.

You can always order anything on Judy’s

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