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Finish Your Book Project with Help from Mentors

Small Group Book Achievers #11

Meets from 10:00-11:30AM PST / 1PM EST on 3 Saturdays

Feb. 3, Feb. 24, and March 10, 2007

Tell your writing friends that this Saturday program can fit their busy schedule.

In this interactive program, you get coached on the spot and by email by Judy and your email partners. Great to multiply ideas and get professional editing to make your book more saleable.

Value: $234.90 - Only $189.95 for three 85-minute sessions that includes the $24.95 Write your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast! Plus 5 bonus reports valued at $20-includes "Get Testimonials From the Rich and Famous."

Note: Judy will send you the conference line and your partner's emails a few days before we meet on Feb 3. at 10AM pac time.

Questions? Email Judy Cullins.

Dear Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, and Business Professionals:

Maybe you are ready to take step to get your book finished. You have a great messages to share to make your audience’s lives better. You’d love to increase your clients. A book can do that and show as the savvy expert. You know you’ll expand your income too with a book that is well received by your audience. As your best business card, your book brands you as the best one in your particular area of expertise.

The challenge? You need a little guidance to get you going, to help you write an unforgettable chapter that engages your audience from the beginning to end. When your audience reads it all because you write it for them, they will finish it, and recommend it to others. This is your perfect 24/7 sales team. Word of mouth plus the internet will make your book a top seller in your field.

When you know the 9 hot-selling points before you write your book, you create many more ways to writing a focused, well-organized, and compelling book. When you know and write such hot-selling points as your book’s benefits and features, its preferred audience, and its thesis ahead, you are guided to write a book with a slant that will sell much better.

With a book coach who knows the game for 23 years and has writing 15 personal growth and health as well as 13 business books, you’ll be in expert hands to save yourself from making big mistakes that waste your time and money.

Judy Cullins is an author’s advocate and wants to save you wasting big money on low-payoff results. These savings are much more than the cost of her coaching.

And, now you have a change to participate in a small group who gets Judy’s one-on-one coaching by email with each file you submit. You also get the brains of your other partners on the 85 minute coaching calls.

These Sessions are about ½ Price of Regular Sessions.

Mark your calendar

This once a year program will meet on these 3 Saturdars - February 2, February 24, and March 10, 2007.

Each Session is 85 minutes

Pre-Session Field Work

1. Read Ch. 2 and 3 from Write your Book Fast.
2. Read and write before Session 2 your hot-selling points-Dear Audience Letter and Your Book's Sparkling Introduction ( like a mini sales letter)
3. Set apart 10-15 hours each week to write and get your project near ready.

Session 1
Saturday February 3, 2007 from 10:00-11:20 PM PST (85 mins)

Each person introduces themselves, their business name, and book working title. Get a chapter going and finished with ch. format how tos that engage your reader to finish the chapter and book. Then they become your 24/7 sales team and recommend your easy to read book. Know hot selling points so you can write compelling ideas to keep your reader hooked in every chapter and make your book easy to read. Use High Level Activities to move your project forward to the finish line.

Format for 85 Minutes. Introductions, Judy presents skills from chapter 2 and 3 and you write one chapter's introduction with Judy's help. Questions and answers follow.


1.Submit your partially done chapter to the group and Judy.
2. Write your Dear Audience Letter and Book's Introduction. (Judy will comment on the call on early submissions-for group learning.) Some will finish these; some won't. You can send for comments up to a week before our finish date of March 10, 07.

Note: Judy will give you written comments on your final edition of your chapter. This service is exactly the same as if you were a one-on-one client.

Session 2
Saturday February 24, 2007 from 10:00-11:20 PM PST (85 mins)

Each person introduces self and book. You share your High Level Activities and coaching needs with the group. Judy presents and sends reports on: titles sell books, write like a pro, and benefits and features. Open Coaching and Sharing of High Level Activities.You bring your specific questions you need help on.


1. Refine your chapter intro, middle and end from group comments by email.
2. Submit your Book's Introduction by email to group
3. Submit your Dear Audience Letter to group.
4. Start a list of 10-20 benefits and 10-20 features for your book.

Session 3
Saturday March 10, 2007 from 10:00-11:20 PM PST (85 mins)

Each person introduces self and asks for help on one challenge. Judy presents on benefits and features giving examples for body-mind-spirit and other audiences. Judy presents how to get testimonials, table of contents, and back cover how tos. Participants share HLA's and their feelings of confidence after getting near to their chapters perfect format for them and their audience. By now all have submitted one draft of a chapter. Judy comments on several participants' chapter formats. Aha's shared and what is the next step?


Session 3 is our last formal session. If you want to go on with Judy and the group, ask Judy for directions on how to do that. We can keep meeting each two weeks. Or, some of you may want to commit to one-on-one coaching.

I encourage you to take this next step-it will inspire, encourage and get you into action for your unique book.

Three meetings for $189.95. Included--the $24.95 eBook Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast! Never before at this low price. This is the boost you need to move ahead on your book project. With all the extras this package usually goes for $400.

It's too hard to do this job alone.

Get your chapters finished and know that your book will sell well.

Getting feedback from relatives and friends may either give you no help or their disparaging remarks may discourage you.

I know that I couldn't have written 12 books on book writing and business marketing without the help from fellow professional writers. You need ongoing help, feedback and support to motivate and keep you going to finish your project and take it to the money zone-where the rewards of sales make you know you did a good thing.

Note: Judy will email you special reports in between sessions to help you let go of old your writing sins that make your writing a yawn or unclear. She gives you the how to's first. Then you write a draft of the assignment. You email to the team. All of us on the call give your valuable feedback to speed your chapter writing with less than three edits. Who said you need many edits?

You don't if you have a plan and feedback.

Benefits of Ongoing Coaching

  • Get your project written faster

  • Write more focused compelling copy

  • Write a book that will sell well

  • Finish and publish your book

  • Promote your book and web site through FREE ePromotion campaigns.
  • Who Should Come?

    Small businesses such as coaching, consulting, speaking should come to get their book out to brand their business. Authors who plan to treat their book as a business should come. Solo professionals and executives who are ready to catapult their business beyond their present success.

    What Value will you Receive from These Small Group Sessions?

    1. Much more income from your saleable book. Because you write it for your audience instead of lecturing and telling what you know that may bore them.

    2. More business branding leverage from this great expanded "business card." This can translate into more speaking bookings, more coaching clients, more consulting work, and more business contacts in any field.

    3. More positioning to be known as the expert in your field which in turns brings more trusting prospects to you.

    4. Allows you to share how you make a difference to others' lives so your mission is complete.

    What Outcomes to Expect in Three Sessions?

    1. You will get more clarity on what your message is and its value.

    2. You will learn a process to help you focus on what information goes where, so each chapter is not only clear and organized, but fulfills your book's intention.

    3. You will learn some easy marketing tools before you finish your book, so you will be ready to launch a powerful campaign the day you finish writing.

    4. You will cut your learning curve by half, and make your book project doable.

    5. You will finish at least one professional chapter.

    "Judy Cullins helped me dig deep and uncover the benefits of my books. It's great to write a book, but if you're like me, you need to discover how to sell your books. Most authors know their subject well, but how many understand the complex realities of marketing? With Judy's book and advice, I set up a marketing plan that really works."

    -Jeanette Fisher
    Joy to the Home, Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars

    Why Would You Want to Work with Me?

    1. Because you will learn what you need to know first, so each chapter in your book will be focused and compelling, and will market as you write. This saves so many costly mistakes.

    2. Because you will learn a Selling Outline before you finish your book. To sell all the books you want to, you need to incorporate the "Essential 9 Hot-Selling Points."

    3. Because your book journey is always easier and faster with a partner. You don't have to do it alone. You will benefit from ongoing feedback for each 3-4 pages of your book, so you complete one model chapter. You submit these by email to the other participants each two weeks. While voluntary, this experience helps you grow and finish faster.

    Added value and extras!

    The 20-year bookcoach will give her feedback over the calls along the way. You get feedback on your title, your audience, way to publish, chapter writing. Judy offers one final edit so you can leave with your writing ready to go.

    Added Value! You get Judy's critique as well as your team's feedback-this alone is worth $100 each for sessions two and three. Once you apply helpful suggestions, you'll know your book will be saleable.

    No Lectures, but loaded with valuable how to's to save you time and money on your book journey. ( I mean $thousands)

    All Coaching Sessions are Interactive. You receive peer editing as well as my own.

    Here's Five Bonuses You Get on the Three Calls

    1. Skills Lessons from the bookcoach on each call. For example, how to write a sizzling title, how to format each chapter, how to know your right audience to save time and money.

    2. Feedback on your work sent via email from the rest of the participants.

    3. Feedback from the coach after peer editing is complete. In writing, and on the calls.

    4. Open Coaching. Bring any question about publishing or promotion for Judy to answer. Her 22 years as a book coach bring more experience and know how than most coaches out there.

    5. Accountability. Judy asks each of you to do one High Level Activity each day to finish your book. For one day, you may write "read chapters 2 and 3 from the book." Another day you may write "Write my chapter 2 opening with a hook, and the chapter conclusion," For another day, "Write middle part of and email to team for feedback." When you take action each day, you will see the chapters unfold fast. You will know the whole picture of what it takes to get a saleable book out as well as specific steps you need to take along the way.

    "Judy is patient, creative, knowledgeable and above all, amazing in everything she does. There is no way I could have completed my book, Vision with a Capital V-Create the Business of Your Dreams, without Judy Cullins. I would never write another book without Judy - never."

    - Joanne Victoria
    Vision Coach
    Vision With a Capital V and Lighting Your Path

    "Everyone who dreams of writing a book should join Judy Cullins' Small Group Book Coaching! She reveals secrets for writing copy that sings, covers that sell, and marketing techniques that explode your business! I now know what to do to complete my book and sell it with success on my Web site. Thank you, Judy, for helping me make this dream come true!"

    -Char Jones
    Life and Relationship Coach
    NetMating: Your Guide to True Love Online

    "Thanks for keeping me posted, Judy. The only reason you got 7 new clients is that you're the best."

    -Dan Poynter

    "Thanks for the first coaching session, fully packed with solid advice on my eBook and how I can use my articles for my chapters. Already, I'm seeing that I may have more than 1 book, thanks to YOU!! I read your 2 chapters last night (2 and 3) in Write your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast! and could not put it down! What amazingly valuable stuff. Wondering why I forked over thousands to an author last year for my other book (and still don't have it done!!). Well, live and learn. And, find the RIGHT consultant/coach. What a great/valuable resource. You know your stuff!"

    -Sue Leijten

    Are you Committed Enough to Give 5-10 Hours a Week to Finish your Book Project?

    Each of you will give each other feedback via email a week ahead of the next teleclass. We'll use a conference telephone number known as a bridge line you'll dial up with a cost under $5.

    Note: Some clients do miss a session. If you do, mp3s are available, and you can still respond to fieldwork assignments and get valuable feedback from the group and myself.


    The three sessions are about half the price of one-on-one coaching. Your investment is $189.95.That includes Judy's 79+ page, $24.95 eBook (with additional 5 bonus reports)Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast is a requirement for the course. Plus many free reports and hand-holding by Judy.

    Ways to order (All 3 Sessions)

    Buy Small Group Coaching Package Now!
    Order online securely with your major credit card or Paypal by clicking the tab above.

    2. Call Judy at her toll-free 866-200-9743 or her 619/466-0622 (9-6 PST)

    3. Send check or money order to:

    Judy Cullins
    7000 Melody Lane,
    La Mesa, CA 91942

    You and your book are worth a little time and money. Take action today and get this great small group coaching!

    Judy Cullins

    In service,
    Judy Cullins

    P. S. If you are not quite ready for coaching, please check out my two monthly free ezines -
    "The Bookcoach Says" and "Business Tip of the Month."

    Speak and Print to Get All the Clients you Want

    Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2006

    Time: 5PM- Pac Time. 8pm Eastern Adjust for your time zone.

    Fee: No charge for this teleseminar & includes 2 Free Reports.

    Can't Come? See offer below for MP3 copy of teleseminar.

    In this 85-Minute Teleseminar Format you Will...

  • Discover the two fastest way to attract clients and keep them.

  • Not let your marketing to dos stop you from moving ahead. Know that even reluctant marketer can do this.

  • Create double, even triple your present clients.

  • Brand your business with a short print or eBook.

  • Generate more targeted web traffic, new clients and book sales in one month than you did in the last twelve with organic online marketing.

  • Apply advanced article marketing-the # way way to attract clients.

  • Attract and book new clients with your defining statement.

  • Use email promotion consistently to follow-up warm leads.

  • Learn how to create a short talk to market your book or business.

  • Discover how to enroll clients from the platform.

  • Who Should Come

  • Business owners
  • Solo professionals
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Authors with a book as their business
  • Corporate managers and leaders
  • Emerging Speakers
  • Presenters

    Judy Cullins, Book and Internet Marketing Coach
    Judy will help you get high targeted traffic to your site with advanced article marketing She's the six year expert who most all of her book sales and clients this way.. Judy was my book coach as she encouraged and guided me to write my best-selling e-book, “Speak Like a Pro for Profit.” She knows the book and internet marketing business!

    Sandra Schrift, The Speaker and Business Coach
    Sandra assisted me to break into the coaching business with teleclasses with her "Speaker's University." She knows the business of speaking and how to craft a speech to reach your market so clients flow to you easily. In the oral tradition, Saandra is am extraordinary networker, and can show you how to get top results.

    In this Power-Packed 85 Minutes - Even More Gems.

  • Clarity on your best book title or subject.

  • Why knowing your audience is the #1 hot selling point for your book and talk.

  • Why you shouldn’t start a speech with a joke.

  • Why traditional publishing is not the best.

  • Why personal stories help you connect with your audience.

  • What is the biggest mistake that speakers make at the end of their talk.

    And, during the last 25 Minutes, you can ask Judy or Sandra any question you want to help you with your project.
  • What Others Say...

    "Save yourself from headaches, disappointments, and money down the drain. Read "Write Your eBook or Other Short Book--Fast!" before you write another word. Judy puts you on the fastest track to publishing success."

    -Marcia Reynolds

    "Book Coach Judy Cullins gave me just what I was looking for: structure, organization, and form that allowed me to get my ideas into an acceptable package. I couldn't be happier with the finished product! Call Judy for the personal touch -- it's gold."

    -Kathryn Lord
    Your Love Trip Planner for Women

    Why Sandra Schrift

    "In the six months since I began working with her I have gone from an individual who wanted to be a public speaker to someone with a clear message and great content for my audiences, a track record of nearly 20 presentations, strong testimonials, and with requests to make paid speeches. Sandra's coaching comes from many years of real-life experience in the field. I could not have done it without her."

    -Jack Gilbert
    Consultant, Author, & Professional Speaker

    "Being coached on the speaking profession by Sandra is like being coached on the movies by Steven Spielberg: she knows it all and invented some of it."

    -Darrell Berger
    Consultant, Author, & Professional Speaker

    Ready to order this Teleseminar on Mp3 and get the download within minutes?

    Buy Speak and Print Teleseminar on Mp3 Now!
    Order online securely with your major credit card or Paypal by clicking the tab above.

    2. Call Judy at 619/466-0622 (9-6 PST)

    3. Send check or money order to:

    Judy Cullins
    7000 Melody Lane,
    La Mesa, CA 91942

    Teleclass Leader of the Week

    - Oct 21, 2001 on

    "We're all undiscovered experts, and TeleClasses pull that out of you."
    ... Judy Cullins

    Judy Cullins, M.A., is a Publisher, Author, and Book Coach. Some of her titles include, Write Your Ebook or Other Short Book - Fast! and Ten Non-techie Ways to Market Your Book Online. She has authored 40 self-help books, writing books, eBooks, and special reports, totaling over 100,00 copies.

    Judy coaches aspiring and experienced authors in the techniques of writing, publishing and marketing their books. She leads a series of TeleClasses as well as over 80 in-person seminars a year on these topics. You can learn more about JC Bookcoaching at her website,

    One of Judy's favorite TeleClasses is her "Q & A Marathon", a full hour of questions from participants. "They all come with doubts, it's a big project for them", Judy says, "I help them focus their ideas and to put the information into chunks. I also coach them in note-taking during the class, using the principles of the Mind Map. There's a sample Mind Map on my website. This addresses the students' need to learn in all modalities and gives them a visual model of their idea and the process needed to bring it to publication."

    Because Judy's teaching style relies on questions and answers, she sends a pre-class note to students asking them to come prepared with a query or two. "Even then, I have had dead silence at question time and I've learned to have a few sample answers of my own to "prime the pump", she says, "After that, the session begins to flow much easier. I'm always learning, we're all undiscovered experts and TeleClasses pull that out of you. You get in sync with your class and the discoveries happen. I love it!"

    "On Judy Cullins' book coaching conference call today, my first ever, I found the title for my book (AND my speech). I threw three ideas out: "You Wanna Be Self-Confident? Act Self-Confident!" OR "From Supernerd To Superbird!". As you pointed out, that allowed me to do a Free audience market survey with your other coaching clients, when I got a huge chuckle out of them (and the crowd went WILD!!), obviously with the latter title. I thank you for that!! The call was way worth it. Thanks again!"

    -Ted Jacobsen