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The Missing Link to Online Book Marketing and Business Success

So many steps. So many new learning curves. We dash from Twitter to Facebook to LinkedIn without purpose.

Your book is ready for its audience. You’ve joined Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and are commenting away. These actions seem useful, but maybe not. Without a purposeful plan, such as setting goals, you may be wasting time on low priority tactics that don’t bring book sales.

Successful authors and business people all have a marketing plan for a launch and for lifetime residual income. This should be followed by a set of tactics called promotion actions. And included should be a timetable of what do when, and how often.

When I coach business people, my first question is, “What are the goals for your book? Your business? They often hadn’t thought of this business approach. No wonder they lack motivation!

Not knowing what to do first, second and next, and the many options we have that overwhelm us, we take the easier path, and do little or nothing.

What Does Goal Setting do for your Book and You?

Without a boss to set our goals, we entrepreneurs and authors are responsible for our own success. Goal setting shifts your attitude. You develop a marketing mindset that follows the written plan. You treat your book as a business. Now, we are getting somewhere!

Treating our Books as a Business

Twenty years ago, I read Dan Poynter, my guide among many other non-fiction writers’ guide, to take our books seriously and treat them like a business. He’s still my hero.

That’s why I wrote the sequel to his self-publishing manual, called “Write your eBook or Other Short Book—Fast!” I saw a trend coming of informational books and eBooks that would brand the author and his business. I built a book coaching business around that signature book. Now, that writing coaching has expanded into book and business marketing with social media coaching.

How Did My Books and Business Thrive?

1. Twelve years ago, I planned and wrote my first website that would sell my books, teleseminars, MP3′s and my 4 coaching packages before I chose a webmaster.

I wrote sales letters for each product and service. My purpose? To educate and then, eventually sell my now 13 marketing books and my coaching services. The books bring me one/third of my web income and the coaching brings the rest. I automated the sales process and now use eJunkie as my shopping cart because it’s good, but much less money than

“Marketing Mindset” means you need to keep making changes that move you and your book forward. You can’t stand still and be successful.

2. I stepped out of my comfort zone and learned social media marketing from several great teachers.

Then, set my written plan into action. I knew in my gut that this online marketing would bring my targeted audiences to my site, and would be so much easier and less time consuming than my former traditional marketing.

I don’t sell on social media. I use it as a springboard to connect and interact with and then attract my audience to my site to subscribe and opt-in to my mailing list - called permission marketing. Visitors come to my blog and business site to get free information. Then, those who want to be in the 5% club will get hands on help with me in my strategy coaching sessions I call “walk abouts.”

3. I keep putting my content out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn every few days.

I joined LinkedIn groups and formed my own group there, now with 1000+ active members. My Facebook fan pages have about the same number of participants. Even though my blog took 8 months to really kick in with sales results, I did consistent blog writing 2 times a week for book marketing. What else would a business-minded author do?

We would do what it takes to attract the success we want.

4. I expanded my reach by teaming up with other online professionals in joint ventures.

Talk about new audiences and a whole new adventure!

Behind my success is my goal setting written plan for 5 years, 1 year, monthly and even daily. This is followed by written promotion actions to take, followed a schedule of sorts that shows increments of success in small steps. It also helps that I love this game and enjoy incorporating it all into my wonderful life.

What are your book or business goals for 2011? For the 2012? What is your opinion on these ideas? I welcome contrary ones!

Are you willing to do what it takes and make changes that will move your book into the 5% Club?

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  • karen k lowry

    i will definitely try some new things…i have had interviews, posted on sites including my website..and marketing is not easy!

  • Kathleen Buerer

    It sure helps to have a plan. Thanks for posting this helpful info.

  • Judy Cullins

    Karen, Perhaps you need a definite plan with defineite actions in definite time periods. If this interests you, just email me at [email protected] and give me your book's details.

  • Judy Cullins

    Kathleen, I wonder what is your book title and who is your best audience? Are you taking definite actions each week with marketing? You may be ready for specifc strategies I can help with. Just email me at [email protected] and give me the title and audience.

    Cheers, Judy

  • Laura Watts

    This is definitely good advice for people who want to learn how to market effectively. I shall be looking into this in more detail. Thanks very much!

  • Judy Cullins

    Laura, Why don't you email me at and ask me a question or two about one of your challenges?

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