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Three Big Profitable Book Marketing Steps You Can’t Sell Without

You may have concerns like my recent client, Bob. He wants to market all of his books on one site; his website is almost virgin - unfinished, without ways to get his audience of women whose husbands are cheating, to interact and respect him as a trusted authority on infidelity in marriage.

In this 30-minute strategy phone session, he got these answers from me to help shorten his book marketing learning curve in half!

How to Take Action on the Three Big Steps to Book Marketing Success

Step One. Create a written book marketing plan.

Include 4 Actions…

1) Your $ goals for each book & website.

2) The best online marketing strategies for you.

I advised Bob to create a special LinkedIn group for his target audience – women in troubled relationships - and to also join 5-10 groups focused around the same women and make comments, tips, and ask questions.

3) Your Promotion actions.

Write these promotions for your author’s platform and profile and Post them on your “About Me” website page and LinkedIn profile page.

4) Schedule these actions in your book marketing organizer.

Write and finish action on what I call 3 High Level Activities (HLAs) each day or every other day. Make it fit your needs and schedule. Remember the book marketing is the most important strategy you can do for big book sales and getting known as the trusted authority.

Step Two. Update your website for sales to happen.

Since you have a new site, you need to do these updates…

1) Build a large database (opt-in subscribers to your site).

Aim for 1200-2400 in a year (no newsletter necessary). You won’t sell many books or grow your Social Media following if you don’t get your audience to clamor for your astute know how on your topic, and that means they will opt-in for your free ebook or other astounding information. You don’t sell on LinkedIn, you engage your target audience to come to your site for more free help.

When you don’t market to “all” audiences, you save so much time and money on Social Media. This helps you give them answers to their questions in your blog articles and can eventually lead them to sales, but it may take a year or more. Be patient with the process. This particular client didn’t use me for several years.

2) Write a book sales letter for each book.

Make it engaging by asking questions to hook your readers (the hook). Make a list of 10 or so benefits and get them checked by a coach like me to see if they will sell. You need to bullet these to help your potential buyers make an educated decision to buy your book. Use my “Web Sales Letter Blueprint” report to get you started. Feedback comes with the follow up sessions to brainstorm the final sales piece model between us.

Without writing this piece of the marketing pie, your book sales will be peeked. I don’t want to see you as one of those authors who sell less than 150 books they worked so hard on.

3) Build a low and high competition keyword list.

For Bob, they were the ones that women Googled to get information on “marriage infidelity” or “cheating spouse or man.” Get feedback from someone like me who knows how to optimize your site, your blog titles and your LinkedIn profile.

4) Write a short free eBook of 10 pages to get women to subscribe to (opt-in) to your site.

Make the title sizzle. For instance. “10 Signs your Man is Cheating on You,” or “7 Ways to Stop your Husband’s Infidelity.” Make your free book’s inside so engaging that book sales will follow. If you are serious, get more coaching on how to make this book really sell you, your service, and your books.

Step Three. Do the Right Online Book Marketing First, Second and Third.

1) Write and rewrite 10 specific blogs for the book on infidelity.

Make sure their titles contain key words. Get professional feedback on them.

2) Keep your lists of low and high competition keywords near you.

Keep them at your writing station so you can optimize your article to be on page one of Google.

3) Hook your readers at the blog’s beginning with questions on her concerns.

Lay the middle part out with numbered tips. Maybe use Q and A articles, interviews, tips, how to’s, myths, True or False Test, and more types. EG: As a married woman, do you…Feel trapped in your marriage? Suspect your husband is cheating? Worry that it’s your fault he’s straying.

4) Post one or more blogs a week on LinkedIn groups that have your audience in them and in your group too.

Learn how to get more comments and what to offer at the end of the blog. While each one is different, use a blueprint for this skill too. This is all important as this combination is what does the job. Maybe tweet a blurb and URL to attract your followers to your site and post similar messages in your FB fan page. If you need help, bring your questions to a session.

Remember that you don’t want to have wasted your time on writing a book that doesn’t reach your audience. So, incorporate these three big steps to really profit from your book. If you don’t invest real time and money in this part, it says you think your book is not worth it. You don’t believe that, do you?

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