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Increase Website Traffic by Avoiding the Top 10 Mistakes

Are you a coach, a speaker, an author, or other small business specialist?

Then you probably either want a website or already have on not making you sales you deserve. Be careful of your reputation as a professional business person. To increase website traffic, you do not drive your valued unique visitor away with these mistakes:

1. Hiring a webmaster without knowing your site's purpose...

(to sell?- to sell what?) and not writing sales copy for each thing you sell before you hire a web designer. So many of my clients didn't follow this advice and misspent $1000's and hours of frustration. Wait a bit. Get educated on what's the right way to engage your visitors, keep them on your site a while, and eventually sell to them a service, a product, or package of several products.

2. Thinking "Build it; they will come."

Maybe in your field of dreams, but in real life, you need to first, build your website by purpose, then market it almost daily and do that consistently. Without marketing your site such as article marketing, no one will come. And without updating your site with key word phrases and PHP coding, you won't get sales.

3. Putting a visitor counter up.

Another sign of an amateur. Take it off now. Instead, check Google Analytics and website statistics for a tally on "unique visitors," which are much smaller than hits and give a true picture.

4. Lack of copyright statements.

Make sure you include copyright statements on every page, and update the year in the copyright statement each year. When you miss this, it screams you are not up to date-the kiss of death.

5. Using spinning graphics to dazzle.

In reality these distract; our eyes don't appreciate that. We want to get to the point, and will skim your site's headlines and testimonials. Make it easy for us "to buy." These dazzlers slow the page loading down; Remember your targeted visitors will spend only 10-30 seconds and leave if navigation isn't simple and easy.

6. Sales letters that are 10 pages long.

The new Web 2.0 application is shorter copy with only necessary info to give your visitor enough information to make a buying decision. That means a headline with long tailed key words, short copy, 5-7 benefits, and testimonials. Leave a link for them to ask a question. Then collect these emails to stay in touch with potential clients and customers.

7. Long and unwieldy web copy.

Your visitors will turn away to someone else if your sentences are long and slow, or you use passives like "is," "was," or "begins." Keep paragraphs a few short sentences for easy reading. Need help for Writing Like a Pro?

8. Not identifying the benefits of your products or services.

People make purchases to make their lives better. Even for personal growth books, they want specific answers to their specific problems or challenge.

Benefits include:

  • creating wealth so they can take that island vacation
  • buying that car
  • sending their child to college
  • creating loving relationships
  • creating products or services to make a difference in people's lives
  • creating leap out of bed health to enjoy each moment of their lives
  • So, list your benefits in each sales letter-one for a teleseminar, a book or products, a group coaching event, or a service. Many coaches forget to make a soft sales letter for what they offer. Know the difference between benefits and features-know that it's benefits that sell; features explain.

    9. Forgetting to ask for the order.

    One great phrase that gets a lot of clicks is "add to shopping cart." Your Call To Action may be "subscribe to monthly free ezine, The Book Coach Says..."

    10. Leaving a static web page up that acts as a virtual brochure.

    Another kiss of death. Today's audiences want interaction, (Web 2.0) and communication with you.

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