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Update Your Articles or Die

Do you want a big piece of the profit pie or, will you settle for just a few crumbs?

This phrase inspired me to tip you off on new article marketing changes you must make to get more targeted, not just any old traffic, to your site.

1. Know that the duplicate content rule effects your Google ranking. For each site you submit to, you must change your article 50% or more. Go to and check this out.

2. Submit your article to or rather to low traffic directories. Just ask, “Who gets zillions more traffic?” EA does. Over 15,000 people click on to an article every hour. That’s terrific! Why diminish yourself and get crumbs?

Send only 1 or 2 articles a week that are updated to a high traffic site like EA with long tailed, low competition key words in the title and first sentences. (If you don’t know this, see my help)

Yes, it takes some research and editing, but think about each article you do this for will get a page rank of 1 or 2. That’s success!  You will beat out millions of your competition. And get far more clients or book sales.

Please leave me a comment or give your opinion on what’s working or not with your promotions.

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