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Using Article Marketing to Imrpove Website Traffic

with... Advanced Article Marketing Web 2.0 Updated Secrets

With these new skills and resources now you can improve website traffic with incoming links to your site, expand client base, and produce bigger book and product sales at no or low cost with "Advanced Article Marketing Web 2.0 Updated Secrets," the natural way to market, teleseminar for coaches, speakers, and other small businesses.

"Article marketing has changed. Be sure to update your production to easier, faster submisssions with far less writing and reap the benefits listed above."
Judy Cullins

In this Mp3 Teleseminar Judy will Answer These Questions...

  • What kind of article gets the best results?
  • How can I be more successful with Article Marketing--get higher visibility, build your database for your other ongoing opt-in email marketing, get bver 150 unique visitors a day,and a sales conversion of 1 per 4 visitors?
  • What are long tailed key words and why are they so important for my articles?
  • What is the web 2.0 article marketing approach? Why is this new way to use articles to market my business easier and takes less time?
  • Why does a article get rejected? What is the rule of duplicate content? How can I do implement this?
  • What is the process of this new advanced article web 2.0 marketing? What to do first, second, third?
  • How can I streamline my article marketing project for a small investment?
  • "Judy gave me a marketing class which was supposed to give me s specific increase - $7500 - in monthly income. To my amazement, it did! She's a useful combination - smart and truthful! Her top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value"
    Craig Jennings
    "Judy Cullins is my #1 choice for learning about Article Marketing. I refer new authors to her frequently and have been fortunate enough to have her speak at a live event. Judy is full of information, extremely helpful, and has a real heart for helping authors. Plus, she is professional and a delightful person. I highly recommend Judy's work for anyone who wants to increase their web traffic or market their book."
    Lynne Klippel

    For 9 years, bookcoach and non-techie web marketing mentor Judy Cullins has beeing using article marketing to raise her Google and Alexa ratings way above the norm, keep her #1 status with Google, to bring only targeted free traffic to her newly optimized site to raise her conversion rates 1 sale for 4 visitors. She wants to share these new article marketing skills with you so you can create all the wealth you want.

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