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I’m not sure if you know about joint ventures that bring in a lot of extra income. One way is through affiliate partners. And this one is so easy to do.

What is an affiliate program?

Simple, it’s an arrangement where you are paid a commission for finding customers for someone who has a product – say, an expert on book writing, self-publishing and online marketing with content. I offer my affiliates 50%! These are all digital books (eBooks) and audios (mp3s) that are downloadable and printable instantly, so sales can go on all around the clock automatically.

Who Benefits? The owner or publisher benefits, because we know we can’t reach all the nooks and crannies around on the net, and 50% is better than 0.

You, the commissioned seller, benefit because you don’t have to create a product which can be time consuming; you don’t have to setup credit card processing or even bill to a website, as far as that’s concerned. All you do is spread the word about a product that you like, and you get paid for it. And you make some serious income, too!

As a true believer in online promotion, I also include ways to Promote. Ways as simple as adding the product link to a tweet or LI update!

I offer 3 easy ways to become an affiliate with me.

You can choose the best route for you or take advantage of all 3 services.

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