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Why Write a Sales Letter for Each Product?

Now that your book is finished you may experience sales slowing down after the initial one-year honeymoon. To counter this make sure your book or any product or service you offer will keep on selling from the first day, the first year, even for life.

Whether you have a Web site or not, you can write a first class, must-buy-now sales letter for each product.

Give your Potential Buyers a Reason to Buy

If you are like me and have a Web site, it is content driven.
Why? Because that's why people come to any site--to get Free information. Most home pages say too much about the author
or the book instead of intriguing their potential buyers with a
benefit-driven headline that leads them to the sales letter.

What Every Sales Letter Needs to Pull Orders and Profits

1. Start the Letter with a Benefit-Driven Headline.

"Want a quick and easy way to quadruple your
Online income in Four Months?"

If you answered, "yes" to yourself, the headline succeeds,
because you will keep reading. If you said "No, I don't believe
this, " but I'm curious where this is going," the headline still
succeeds. You win when your headline seduces your potential
customer to read on in your sales letter to discover your
product's benefits and features.

2. List the Top Five Benefits of your Product or Service in bullet form.

To define your top benefits list the problem your buyer wants
solutions for. Your solutions are the benefits. How will your
book make someone's life easier, richer in time or money, help
their personal growth, provide additional income, entertain them?
How will your product or service make them a better business
person, more attractive, feel better, avoid catastrophe, sickness,
or surgery?

3. Address your Potential Buyer's Resistances.

Include where they are now so they will emotionally connect with
your solutions (the product or service). Let's say they want to
write an eBook or print book to make themselves the "expert,"
make life-long passive income, or share their unique message.

Many people don't write a book because they doubt it will sell
well enough for all the effort, it may not be significant enough, it
will take too long, cost too much money, and they really aren't
writers. One, by one, your sales letter addresses their concerns
and shows these potential buyers how they can become an
excellent author and make their books more salable, while
building their profits.

4. Sprinkle Testimonials Throughout your Sales Letter.

Potential buyers who visit your site or another one that sells your
products are more pulled to buy when others recommend your

Include testimonials from experts in your field, celebrities,
man/woman on the street, and other people who have
profited from your advice.

Make it easy to buy. In your request, add a few sample phrases
and benefits to save these busy people time.

5. End your Sales Letter with your 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

When you offer an iron-clad guarantee, people see your
book as so valuable that you put yourself on the line for it.
They will be more likely to buy and be satisfied with their

6. Make your Sales Letter Credible.

To boost sales, authors need to add Free bonus reports related
to their book. Make sure your Free bonus reports do not cost
more than the price of your product. Would you believe this
offer "order this for $49 now and receive 4 special bonus reports
worth $395?"

7. Share the downside of your book to create empathy.

For example, "this ebook won't write the book for you, or even
get it published, but it will show you the steps and resources to
write compelling copy, finish fully and sell well."

8. Include your expert credentials

"I spent 6 months researching this book and 3 months writing it.
My background includes 20 years coaching, presenting 70
writing seminars a year, and 27 published clients since 1999."

Without a sales letter to guide your potential buyers on your
Web site, you leave them bored, uninspired, without enough
information to make that decision to buy.

For email promotion, without a short or long sales letter for each
book, your unique, useful and inspiring words will not get read,
your books will not sell.


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