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What Specific Marketing Actions are You Taking This Week?

For each book or joint business venture project, each month and each week I write goals, strategies, and promotion actions in my “Book and Business Marketing Plan.”

This week, I’ve written specific 3 High Level Activities (HLAs) each day in my organizer. I write them the day before so my subconscious works on them all night. I face my HLAs with high energy and an attitude of having fun, usually in the morning.

Here’s My 5 Day HLA Examples…

Mon July 11

HLA 1-Finish my 8 interview questions for my upcoming free book marketing program.
HLA 2-Create a new blog article on the power of blogs.
HLA 3- Finish my updated branding story for my “About Judy” website page.

Tues July 12

HLA 1-Meet with my webmaster to update my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.
HLA 2-Visit and interact with my fans at FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn groups and my blog.
HLA 3-Send 2 bonus reports to one joint venture interview host.

Wed July 13

HLA 1-Create a new blog on how to write a non boring “About You” webpage.
HLA 2-Send list of my books & coaching session to one interview host for our LinkedIn Marketing interview to offer at a great special price.
HLA 3-Create a new blog on Making Money with Your Message.

Th July 14

HLA 1-Visit and interact with my fans at FB, Twitter, and my 25 LinkedIn groups and my blog.
HLA 2-Meet with possible joint venture business who wants my book coaching services for their clients.
HLA 3-Write up and post 60 new Tweets full of tips and useful links for for Twitter, FB, and LinkedIn.

Fri July 15

HLA 1- Answer questions from people who contact me at my website/blog.
HLA 2-Answer blog comments and ask more questions to get interactions.
HLA 3—Write a new blog that will be a part of my new book on Monetizing your LinkedIn Profile.

Truthfully, I do more than what I list here, but for sure, I get these 3 HLAs done each day. When time, I do other fun things like answer email and interact on LinkedIn.

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  • ntathu

    Judy, its great to see a breakdown of how you structure your HLAs. I like your idea of having regular structured days of visiting and updating social media and posting blogs..looks like a doable timetable. I am going to take a leaf out of your book and write up my own HLA core timetable. Thx

  • Deborah H. Bateman

    Judy, thanks for sharing this post. It helps to see how you prioritize your time. I know sometimes if you are not careful you can get caught up doing the fun stuff and not get what really needs to be done accomplished. At least that happens to me sometimes. I do find it helps if I do a to do list and try to accomplish them before getting carried away with the fun things.

  • Ron Katz

    Judy, we all try to eat the entire elephant everyday and get overwhelmed by our To-Do lists. I love your idea of targeting 3 HLA's a day! Great way to focus on what's really important. Thanks!

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Deborah, I applaud you. Never let work interfere with your fun stuff. For me, my work is also my fun stuff.

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Ntahu, So much to do, and how not to get overwhelmed. Some people, when they see my examples, they feel overwhelmed! I should have said-that for each day, these 3-4 high level activities take only 3 hours or less. That's only 15 hours a week! Seems good to me!

  • Judy Cullins

    Ron, thanks for this analogy. These 3 HLA's take 3 hours a day or less! I thought that was reasonable, do you?

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