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What’s the Missing Link in your Social Media?

The one missing link I had in my social networking was a blog at my website.

The business blog works well with your Linkedin groups too.

I submit news articles to the 30 plus groups at Linkedin I belong to (all in my target audience) with a link to my blog to help businesses with their book or business marketing.

RESULTS WERE AMAZING! In one month, my targeted website audience increased 25% and is growing! That’s because they specifically wanted my information. My client numbers have doubled too, especially those needing to optimize their social media. They also need to make sure their Web site works together with social media (This may mean a Website update).

I revised my Web site this year for the 5th time, and now, it’s really working well. That’s why it’s not always good to go with your first sites if they are not attracting your audience to you.

With the raise in traffic for free opt-in reports and the blog, my data base has grown immensely. You all heard that the Gold is in the list. From the data base, we email them bi-weekly with new useful information, new resources, and every so often an irresistible offer.

To test to see where your web traffic comes from, use Google Analytics each month. Then, check and correct your activity at your social networks. It’s like anything else here at LI. You need to participate and offer your wisdom in the groups you belong to.
While article marketing is also great, I love what my blog has done for my business.

I just want to encourage you all to check the news part of this and any other group you belong to, so you post fresh posts to benefit your audience straight from your blog. You will want to post on your blog about 2 times a week. Most people complain about the time it all takes. No so much-considering the results!

It takes about 2 hours a week to create the new content, then just an hour or less once a week to post on Linkedin group news.

In a Nutshell-Benefits of a Book/Business Blog

You will get found and known. You will create an online brand.  You will remove more obstacles to people doing business with you. Last, but not least, you will gain more clients and be more profitable.

What’s your opinion on blogs? Do you want one? Please leave a comment-we appreciate it!

To get hands on help in a half hour session with me, go to my social media coaching page.

  • Loren Fogelman

    Glad to hear about your success with blogging. The hardest part about blogging is taking that first step. First you have to make the decision to blog. Create a system to post on a regular basis as part of your entire marketing pie. The results are well worth it.

  • judy cullins

    Loren, thanks for the comment. Guess you too have a system? This month my LI visitors went up 35%. I decided to do a low-cost teleseminar on monetizing LI. Please take a look at

  • Patty Mooney

    I have been using that cool trick of writing or compiling all pieces to be published on one or two days, and then they publish automatically for the next two or three weeks. It's marvelous!

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Loren, I though I'd answered you, maybe I didn't. First, thanks for commenting. Taking the first step. Iwonder what your first step was? My decision to do (agin) came when I knew if I did the right kind of LI participation, it would do the big job of bring 35% more targeted visitors to my site. It happened this month!! HOORAY!

  • Amanda Griffith

    Does all this work for novelists and memoirists?

    I have two blogs, twitter, facebook, post once per week, share with twitter, facebook and google reader. We're not getting any traffic. I don't know how to get this working more successfully.

  • Judy Cullins

    Patty, thanks so much for the tip.

    RE:of writing or compiling all pieces to be published on one or two days, and then they publish automatically for the next two or three weeks. It’s marvelous!

    Can you tell us what program or can you leave a link to the service? Let's make blogging easier!

  • Judy Cullins


    RE: Does all this work for novelists and memoirists?

    First, you have to establish your specific audience-for the book, the blog, FB and twitter. And I can tell you 1X a week is not enough. But don't give up, get a little help to get over your hump!

  • judy cullins

    For all of you. It takes a village and alot of free content to give away to our audience-even a memoir audience-on your site and promote with twitter, FB and Linkedin to get them to your site.

    If you want to discuss a particular challenge, email me at

    and send me a note!

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