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Who is Judy Cullins & Why Does She Write?

Judy Cullins

This interview, with a great business and personal coach, Joanne Victoria, made me think my web visitors may also want to check me out personally as well as with business.

Because, we all have many sides to us that make us tick.

What do you agree with or disagree with below? Please comment at the end.

1. Where and how do you put yourself first?

I’m always first, or how could I create success for my business of full-service book coaching, if I didn’t take very good care of me! I also put my clients first, because I can’t do it any other way.

2. When was your last vacation?

Each year I take about 4 mini vacations to different hot springs in California, go camping with friends to swim, play bridge, and car tips to interesting local wineries or other beautiful nature spots, and one big one to a Caribbean Island for 2-4 weeks, depending. I don’t take a laptop; I delegate all the work to my VA and webmaster when I’m gone, so I can really relax; I snorkel and read good books and play with my long-time partner, Bill, on the beach.

3. What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of learning to do what it takes to make me successful and healthy, and spiritually motivated, and doing it every day. Learn from mentors. Pay for it. Put it into action, or nothing comes of it.

4. What sacrifices have you made to be a successful businesswoman?

I don’t feel I’ve sacrificed a thing, although I hear that is popular.

5. Do you feel guilty when you put yourself first?


6. Where do you (or others) think you are too much?

Well, I am a whirling dervish with a mission. Smile. So I don’t really care what others say. No people pleasing because it doesn’t work.

7. Where do you (or others) think you are not enough?

I’m sure others may not think I’m the cat’s meow, but I’m OK with that. I think I’m just enough.

8. What do you think is the difference between men and women starting and starting/owning/being successful in their own business?

Well, men come from their left brain and count bottom line. Women come from their hearts and head, and love to share with their friends, online audience, and others as a natural state. It’s organic!

10. What would you change in your pursuit of a successful business?

I’m changing every day and week. I’ve learned how to make LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter plus blogging work for me, and am now coaching others on it! I learn from other blogs, my webmaster, and all the LI group discussions I chime in on. I even created my own book writing, self-publishing and marketing group at LI, which is kickin up a storm.

Why I Write

I write this blog because I can - from being a full-service book coach for 25+ years, and because I want to encourage you to stay with your book or marketing project to make the most of your time here on earth and on the internet. It’s a great journey with many steps, so I hope you’ll stay with me and reap the benefits of my journey and what I can offer you.

As a writer by trade, you would think I would know many of the points you bring up…. This article has great value! Thanks so much for reminding me of those things I tend to forget!
Susan Kaplan Williams

Judy Cullins’ Early On Story that Can Be Yours

In the early ’90’s, I dreamed about writing a book. For 10 years I taught an ongoing seminar on “How to Write a Book” at an adult school in La Mesa, California, plus many other venues such as the Learning Annex.

I struggled with one early book called “Passion at Any Age” and thought it “should” be like Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way.” I edited it so much, taking almost 10 years, that I left this book.

The Birth of My Book that Built my Brand “Book Coaching”

Instead, I turned to one I knew would be a success because of those 10 years of teaching book writing and marketing. My handouts plus learning from mentors like Dan Poynter, Bob Holt, John Kremer, and others helped me create my popular signature book out of over 13 I’ve published, entitled “Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!,” a book that I was more passionate about at the time and still am. This 99 page book in print or eBook format helps non-fiction writers with two important skills sets to hook their readers and make their books a financial success:

Skill Set #1

Know the 9 Essential Hot Selling Points BEFORE they write their book to develop pre-marketing and a business strategy.

Skill Set #2

Write each chapter to hook, then engage their readers, so they will finish and become a 24/7 sales team and recommend their book. If readers get bored or don’t like the lecture, they will leave your book, never to return.

Once Online, my Business Took Off!

From my book, my seminars, and my research before I got online in 2000, and my article writing for 11 years online, I built my full-service book coaching business around this book’s information.

Getting the Word Out

My Promotion Platform for Book Selling and Book Coaching

1. I wrote and submitted over 300 how to articles on writing, publishing and marketing to top article directories.

2. I designed my website, and developed it as a business and total resource site for authors to be. I revised it 5+ times and now, it’s really a profitable venture. Through giving a lot of free content to my unique, targeted visitors, it continues to bring me clients who I want to work with - who are ready to brand themselves and make great book sales and are willing to learn pre-marketing how-to’s and create a promotional platform usually BEFORE they publish.

3. I joined Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. After some success with Twitter and Facebook, I concentrated on building my brand at LinkedIn. This last action brings much more traffic to my site, and in turn, new clients and ongoing book sales.

4. I wrote a second blog after I gave up too early on my first effort. This blog gives how to tips, resources and answers questions you might have to help you with your challenges.

The biggest results? I check monthly Analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.

Why read my blog?

Thanks Judy, I have been following you for quite a while and consider your input to be very valuable. So practical and relevant.
The Writer’s Place

I update it weekly, so you keep getting fresh new articles and discussions on a topic you need help on. And, it’s all free.

Over the Years One Must Keep Growing and Giving

When I first discovered social media, I went crazy and got 2700 Twitter followers - anyone who wanted me. As time went on, I let go of so much tweeting if it didn’t pay off. I turned to LinkedIn and my new blog to offer fresh information - just to my target audiences-business people, book people.

Developing your Sales Funnel for your Primary Audience

Maybe you will follow me. I freely give information to illustrate my expertise and my ability to save you time with your writing projects. Some of you will sign up for my free audios. Others will subscribe to my site’s weekly emails with new, useful information. Others will take my low-cost group coaching teleseminars and some of you will be ready to commit to some hands on coaching. In all that I offer, I show you how to do something, not just tell.

My Motto

Write a short book first before the end all-be all novel or other long book that traditional publishing touts. Today, most audiences want to read for information. They don’t have much time to read and want their questions answered with short and easy copy, without all the long lectures.

Now It’s Your Turn

Knowing that I help other writers write and promote themselves and their books, how about you? Are you ready to jump-start your branding yourself and your business, make more money and enjoy all the success that comes with being a recognized expert? Are you ready to implement some of your promotion platform and need some help?

My hope is that with this blog you’ll see that if I can do it, so can you!

To your writing success,

Judy Cullins

PS: Remember, it only takes a few good how to tips to start your life-long wealth flow.

Hi Judy, you write the most inspiring and helpful articles, thank you!
Dvorah Lansky
LinkedIn Participant

  • glenys

    Hi Judy A great interview - sounds just like you with straight great and useful talk. I learn from you all the time. Thank you and keep it coming. Glenys

  • ntathu allen

    Definitely agree re putting self first and caring for yourself. As a working women with three teenage daughters and growing my yoga business, time is short and it is easy for me to put my children first, but i am realising by concentration on my health (inner and outer), eating well and getting enough sleep, I have more energy and time to spend with my girls and business development. And I feel great!! Win Win situation….. love your idea of having a VA to delegate tasks…..

  • Judy Cullins

    Ntathu, Thanks so much for your comment. While it seems selfish, I call it self care and without that none of us will thrive! And after you finish your new eBook on how Yoga can help working women-that's US! you can eventually delegate some of the marketing work. Create a top eBook as a great way to attract your audience to you.


  • Judy Cullins

    Glenys, Straight talk is so useful. Too bad many are afraid of it.
    Wonder what project are you working on now? Keep me posted if I can help.

  • Kathleen Gage

    Fabulous interview Judy. I love the question and your answer on vacations. Yes, the mini - outdoor vacations are amazing.

    And you too are amazing! Rock on!

  • Judy Cullins

    Kathleen, Being myself and Ok with that has been my lifelong path-I'd like book writers to be OK with their talents too, and not fear online marketing so much.

    I'm so excited for you and your new project. You are the powerhouse in room.

  • Judy Burgess Krings

    What a great post, Judy Cullins. Super to read about you journey. Your fantastic assistance helped my book become an Amazon bestseller for 22 months under travel memoir, “Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity” I am forever grateful for your sage advice and talents. You made it all FUN!

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