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Why Write a Blog and How to Get it Noticed on LinkedIn

Just to let you know, I didn’t always have a successful blog. I started one 6 years ago, and when no magic happened in a few months, I quit. What a mistake!

I quit too soon because I didn’t realize that the blog, just like the website, would take time to catch on, and would require a lot of marketing. I got some coaching and installed WordPress to my business site at This one has worked well. I like WordPress because for each blog page, Google notices it and ranks your site higher in the search engines - I found this out with my Google Analytics program.

Writing your blog is also so important to get it noticed on LinkedIn. Your blog titles and content need to hook your primary audience to read them. Be sure to give value in each blog and not sell. Many steps of giving free content lead to the sale and if you are patient, you will get them as I do.

“This is a very informed post based on real experience. I know since I am discovering each of your truths as I proceed with my second blog about syndicated articles publicity. I too have found that Linkedin groups and a steady stream of blog posts are two of the most effective means to grow your brand.

Thanks for sharing.”
Myrna Greenhut

One big reason to write a blog is that you already have done some savvy content marketing by writing a book. You can save time by using chapter content in a new blog post with a new angle. Now, you can double your ROI (Return on Investment) when you add a blog to your business website. The blog is the main reason your book’s audience will come your site to eventually buy YOU, your book and your business. And the best place to share your blog is on LinkedIn groups in the “Discussion” place. This is legal if it helps that group, but be sure not to spam other unrelated groups that don’t want your information.

My book sales and coaching clients results come mainly from my blogs posted at LI groups and from my helpful tips in the groups. Members appreciate the help and then visit my site to join in and get their weekly how to’s and see how else I can help them.

Want More Blog Readers?

It’s one thing to have a blog, it’s quite another to get new and continuing readers. If you have a blog and have been blogging for a while you know what I mean. I was thrilled the first time several of my biggest competitors gave me positive feedback on several of my blog entries. They probably know a lot more than I do about some of my topics, but complimented me as though I was the top resource. They even offered to feature one of my posts at their blogs. (If you visit my blog, you will meet them, smile).

Here are 8 Tips to Get More Blog Readers from LinkedIn and Elsewhere

1. Write useful content to each of your audiences.

Most books have more than one audience, so tailor a post for each topic and audience each time. Post twice a week at your site or blog site. My blog is on my site- (2X a week is best for all that traffic you want)

2. Write great blog titles that will hook your reader.

Stay away from general or mysterious blog titles. No one will read them and search engines can’t spider them effectively. Be specific in your title - even to the point of naming your audience in it. Specifics sell; generalities don’t.

3. Keep blogging, even if you don’t think people are reading.

A friend just told me he visits a lot of economics blogs, and just observes, never making a comment. I just checked my Google Analytics to see how long my LI visitors were hanging around on my site. Thirty per cent stay 2 minutes to just read the blog, and the rest stay up to a half hour. Eventually, if you keep alerting your internet audience of your blog titles, they will beat a path to your website door.

4. Give away stuff.

You don’t have to give something every post, but people love freebies and it’s another way to give and show off your expertise. I always include a link to my free eBook on Book Tips along with my free newsletter, now evolved into what I call “subscribing to my site.” People who sign up get about 4 fresh how to’s on book writing and marketing.

5. Share other blog titles and a link to other useful things at the bottom of your blog entry.

You can even share a link to your coaching or teleseminar. It’s OK to promote a bit. If you don’t ask for the order, you won’t get one. And these links make it easy to “buy.”

6. Ask your visitors to comment or ask questions to get a lively discussion going.

If you don’t ask, they will just read. You want a community here, so make this request each time. One recent update is that I added to most of my blogs –“Put a smile on my face and leave a comment or question!”

Now I ask you, will you make me smile now too? I welcome your 2 cents.

7. Promote your blog heavily on your other related groups at LinkedIn by adding useful tips to the discussions.

I am active on over 10 groups in my target audience. This goes for Twitter and Facebook too.

8. Comment on other high-traffic blogs that relate to yours.

This is a great way to network with other bloggers, maybe to even do joint ventures with them. Comment on what they are doing by joining their RSS feed or filling out the subscription box that will send you emails when a new blog or comment comes up. This is a great way to make cyber-friends, some of which will pass your name on to their groups.

9. Invite people to guest blog or interview them.

They’ll promote the interview on their blog and this will help you get readers and expand your network. These interviews also make great content - soon to be new blog posts!

10. Don’t be afraid-state your opinion in your blog.

You are a go-to person with valuable opinions. It’s a good way to stimulate others to chime in, even if they don’t agree with you.

Keep your momentum going with these and all the rest of my LinkedIn tips that help with your blog. Any time you slack off or think it’s not worth it, remember the benefits to this friendly kind of marketing - to get known, get liked, and get trusted.

My life’s mission and passion is to help unknown authors create the income they deserve, build their confidence, writing skills, and marketing tactics to get their unique, useful story out to their audience who wants an outstanding life and work.

For more ways to optimize your LinkedIn presence, check out my LinkedIn Marketing ebook

  • niamhclune

    I do like your style…and your presence is gentle and friendly…

  • Elizabeth Geitz

    Very helpful, Judy. Thank you! I've been blogging for almost 2 months now with great results! My books are about feminine spirituality with a decidedly left leaning and the blog continues in that vein. Thanks for the tips!

  • Carole Bennett

    What a terrific list of tips - these are applicable to any business-related blog, not just writing; thank you for sharing!

  • Pauline DThrasher

    So many practical, wise tips that I personally need to grow my business. I agree that your presence is friendly and reassuring- not at all tough sell . I like your style and loved the page about metaphors and similes- had lots of fun creating- like a mental break for me from the trudgy other businessy type of work. Thanks so much. Positively, Pauline

  • Judy Cullins

    Niamchclune, Now that's a name to remember if I could pron ounce it! Thanks for the kind comments. I'm smiling now!

  • Tammy L. Hensel

    Great advice and great blog! I'm following no. 8 right now. :)

  • Kent

    Hi Judy, you are right, blog needs time to catch up. And after Google rolled out Panda algorithm, quality content is a must now for blog to generate traffic.

  • Julie

    Thanks for the tips! I have not really promoted my blogs on LI! Enjoy your site!

  • Judy Krings

    Thanks for reminding me to go to the meat of my new book "Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock your Power of Positivity". I already have 24 short stories there and I can do a blog of each one of those! Thanks for being my sweet, neat bookcoach, too! I couldn't have done the marketing without you! Especially the sales letters! Big hugs, Judy Krings at

  • Judy Cullins

    Elizabeth. It just gets better the longer you blog! I didn't get great respose ( ie sales) until 6 months of continuous blogging and getting known in Linkedin. Be sure to leave yoru URL so I can check out your books! I think I fit your audience.

  • Judy Cullins

    Sorry to be tardy getting back. All of my book marketing tips apply to business. Thanks for what you said.

  • Judy Cullins

    Wow, thanks Pauline. I'm so tardy I apologize. This WP blog tricks me sometimes!
    Glad you having fun with metaphos. My style is pretty straight up and how to focused, but I love reading fiction. Wonder what your Biz is?

  • Judy Cullins

    Thank you Kent for chiming in on this one. I aim for quality content always. Google seems to like it. My traffic has more than doubled in the last months. Thanks to Linkedin!

  • Judy Cullins

    Thanks Julie for the good words. Glad you enjoy my site. Did you know I do a "Linkedin Walkabout Strategy and Action" in a 30 minute session? More info when you click the coaching button at the top of my page!

  • Judy Cullins

    Good to hear from you Judy! We busy souls must take time out for fun as well as the Good Works we do, huh?

  • Mutiat Adebowale

    Thanks for the tips.Good for people like me.

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Mutiat, I wonder what you market on LInkedin? If you need specific help, I'm here for you. __Did you know I do a "Linkedin Walkabout Strategy and Action" in a 30 minute session? More info when you click the coaching button at the top of my web page at….

  • The Real Supermum

    I have to say I have a "not too bad" traffic sources the blog averages 874 visits each day but I joined LinkedIn a few weeks ago and yet to have any traffic at all from this source :(

  • Lynn Brown

    All very good points here Judy. I consider a blog to be the hub of your business. It is the heart beat and if you keep feeding it through your blog posts and sending it out though social media, it will bring awareness, traffic and people wanting to know more. This builds your community and which builds the trust for your visitors to want to buy from you.

    It is a process but a very rewarding one. Get a social media marketing plan and stick to it. It is about being consistent and putting yourself out there. Thanks again Judy for sharing your insight, tips and advice.

  • Daca

    I am quite new with LinkedIn so I am still very bad with it. But, I am learning. :) I like this tips.Thanks

  • RobertaBudvietas

    I think that what you have said is important. It is also a case of making it easy for people to share your blog. I see so many great blogs that are IMPOSSIBLE to share with others.
    I have a concern though as there is a purist group on LinkedIn that is trying to ban people from sending members to external blogs. They claim that this does not support the purpose of LinkedIn.
    Personally, I think there is a need for balance and some groups are all about promoting each other and recognizing the quality of the blog

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Supermum, Sorry to be tardy to you, 874 is a good number IF they are your target market. You probably have a hole somewhere. I advise you beef up
    1. youir sites sales pages
    2. your posting in many LI groups who are your target market.
    3. You can get all the good how to's from my LInkedin book for $12.95 at

    Let em know if these tips help!

  • Judy Cullins

    Lynn, You said it well! If we want to sell, we need to build community first! When my subscribers read my tips over time, they trust me, like me and eventually buy from me. I've been book coaching for 12 years online and many more offline.

  • Judy Cullins

    Robert, I'm with you on links to blogs being OK because they educate in more detail what others want. I have a group at LI too.

  • Judy Cullins

    Daca, sorry for tardy. I was new too a few years ago. Maybe you'd be smart to invest in a Linkedin Book-8 Best Tactics to Build Book and Business Sales at….

  • eosgrafx

    Great tips, Judy, thanks! On your #8 Comment on other high-traffic blogs that relate to yours, do you have a recommended list of blogs that are cosidered high-traffic?

  • kdavisconsulting10

    Hi Judy, Thanks for your tips and strategies. I have been blogging for severl months and many times I've wanted to give up especially because of the time it takes and also, I am running out of topics.

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi, Can't respond to your request, but you can! First, make a short list ( 5-10) inyour field. Get them by Googlling your specific topic="e book writing blogss." Then, enter each url into and see where their traffic is! If they are under 500,000, then they have a big audience to show you off and with better odds. Offer 1 blog a month at least and see where this takes you!

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi KD, YOu didn't say your blog topic, but I'm on my 180th blog article and will never run out. If you need some more ideas, read more of my different kinds of blogs. The how to is the most popular, then the tip, then Q an d A, then interview (Q an A), then myths, and on and on…

  • jfay1995

    Thanks for a really good read. You do have a very nice style.

  • r.c. beckom

    Judy you are one big help, can't stop reading your tips,kove them all I now have other ideas to follow up on because of you, thanks alot, you are one big help in this field, it just makes me love you

  • Caroline Heffernan

    Judy thanks for the tips. I’m about to go and update my LinkedIn page right now!

  • Judy Cullins

    Caroline, You are smart to update your LI profile. Be sure to use the YOU voice and not the I. You audience wants to know you care, not so much your qualifications.

    Wonder what your LI profile focus is?-Judy

  • Pat

    Thank you Judy for the good information. I will take your advice and keep blogging. I’ve been discouraged at time but realize it takes time to get out there. I don’t want to just write anything to just get something out there. I want it to have purpose and meaning for someone. Maybe it will give them a lift or a smile or they can relate to a similar circumstance and feel connected somehow.

    I don’t have a lot of traffic yet. I started my site on Blogger in 2007 and recently converted it to a new WordPress site this year to improve the look and functionality. For a couple of years in between I didn’t post anything as my life energy was in a different place.

    But now I’m rewriting again with this new site this year and working on building readers and followers. I’m putting together a free eBook that I will offer sharing more stories for people to enjoy.

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Pat,

    So glad you are continuing your blog adventure. Be sure to hang out on my blog page and just put in he search window a topic you are interested in for enw blog information. or ebook information. It’s what this site is built for.

    What’s your eBook’s topic or title?

  • Pat

    Thank you Judy. I appreciate your feedback and will use your resources.

    The title of my eBook is “Plain Talk and Ordinary Wisdom - Sharing Personal Stories and Life Lessons”.

    I have a cover page, introduction page and so far 5 stories with the following titles:

    “Family and Going Home” (from site)
    “Entertaining Angels Unaware” (from site)
    “Sweet Days of Summer - All is Okay” (new)
    “What is Wrong With This Picture” (new)
    “Sleepless in Bailey” (new)

    For this free introductory eBook I only plan to have 10 stories. I want to try my hand at this new (to me) media genre - eBooks - with the idea of giving something to my family, friends, visitors to my site and connections on social media and hopefully attracting more traffic.

    If this has success, I can look to creating another eBook with more stories. But one step at a time. For now feeling my way through and continuing to write like you suggest in your post.

  • Judy Cullins

    Pat, I love your title. Another title idea is to use one of yoru stories title as the book title
    “What’s Wrong with This Picture and Other Stories of Wisdom.”

    Did you read my best titles report in blog?You may want to think about key words in title so people can find you!!

  • Pat

    Thank you Judy for the advice on the title. I haven’t read your best titles report yet but will. I’m beginning to think that 5 stories may be enough for now as a free introductory e-book. So I may be closer than I think in moving forward with an e-book.

    BTW I’ve been using your suggestion as a closing statement to the stories on my site - “Put a smile on my face and leave a comment or question”.

    Thank you

  • Judy Cullins

    Pat, You are on the right path to your successful eBook. Glad you like my ending with a smile!

    I’m smiling now!

  • Pat

    Glad to make you smile Judy.

    Had another question. I just about have my eBook ready to publish and I was given the recommendation to use the eBook style guide on Do you know anything about them?

    Thank you.

  • Judy Cullins

    Pat, I think smashwords is good for fiction. I don’t use it-because Kindle offers so much in terms of commissions and ease of marketing.

  • Pat

    Thank you Judy. Also saw on one of LinkedIn writer discussions where someone mentioned they use Tattered Plaid for their eBooks. It appears to eliminate most of the HTML and editing errors that occur in the conversion.

    There’s a charge, of course, and probably doesn’t make sense to use when publishing an eBook for free.

    Just curious if you had heard anything about them either.

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