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Why Write an eBook Now and How to Get Started

Audio Recording

By now, you may have a print book published. Or you just want to write an ebook to brand you and your business - to get bigger visibility that brings you more opportunities and to get well known as the savvy expert or “go to “person for your book’s niche - your particular kind of valuable information that answers your readers concerns, problems or challenges. You may just want your ebook to make you some good money.

What Other Benefits will you Get from Writing an Ebook?

  • Set yourself apart from others and gain respect and popularity.
  • Create multiple streams of income such as an ecourse, a service you offer, MP3 audios, webinars, and more.
  • Monetize your blog and social media that work together so well.
  • Repurpose your blog into a book with proper hooks and segways that engage your audience from page 1 to the end.
  • Offer your books and packages in your affiliate program and get 50% from others’ sales.
  • *Spread the word on getting your message out to make the world a better place.

Inside this audio, Judy will share her fast-chapter-writing chapter blueprint that engages your readers and doesn’t bore them with too much telling.

And, Judy also discusses the importance of pre-marketing strategies to put inside the book and know ahead of time, so you write an easy to read book your readers will rave about and become your 24/7 sales team. Remember, it takes a village to get to financial success.

Special Bonus - 2 for the Price of One!

This audio alone sells for $19.95, but I’m feeling generous and will include the highly regarded 90 minute audio “5 Strategies to Write your eBook That Practically Writes Itself!” (valued at 19.95 also). That’s half price for 2 audios that give you all the answers to your questions and how to tips about writing a saleable book!

Your Book Coach,


Value $19.95!

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