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10 Facebook Marketing Tips to Sell Your Book

Are you stuck on where to share the good news about your book? Maybe you think Social Media is a waste of time? And, you may be kicking and screaming about the social media learning curve. I did that too, when social media was in its youth. From the time I joined Twitter over years ago, then moved to Facebook with book coaching tips on my FB page, then to LinkedIn with my book group, I’ve learned the ways to bigger book sales. I’d say all three work for book marketing, but you may need to change your approach with Facebook.

While you may be more comfortable with traditional marketing, it yields far fewer results for time invested. You just need to get a social media plan going that limits your time on the ones that pay off. For me, FB is my second highest audience that visits my book coaching site, so I pay attention to my activities there.

You may ask, “But can Facebook be used to promote my new book or ebook?”

Word of mouth still sells books. And your Facebook platform allows you to facilitate and encourage discussions around your book’s topic. You gather credibility and you get a lot of visibility when your fans share your information with their contacts. Of course, you give a lot of value through tips and samples from your work to your fans.

Here Are 10 Facebook Marketing Tips to Sell Your Book…

1. Share a post a day you.

Feel free to use these same posts for Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other platforms too. Make these posts informational, graphical, or fun! Every-so-often, throw in a promotion update to a blog post or program you offer that relates to your book.

2. Give valuable tips freely that come from your non-fiction or how-to book.

Here’s one from my LinkedIn Marketing for Authors book:

Keep your LI profile fresh and searchable with keywords after your name. For Judy Cullins:
Brand Your Business with a Book | eBook Writing | Self Publishing | Book Marketing | 25 Year Coach

These put my page above many other experts! More people will find you on LI doing this.

3. Fiction? Share some scenes and your main character’s conflicts.

In a short blurb with a link to your fiction book.

4. Engage your FB fans.

Ask them questions, like and share their updates, comment on their concerns. When appropriate, share the top benefits of your book they will relate to - give them reasons to buy it.

5. Market your book directly on your FB page.

Share a short description and link to buy your book in your About box. Or even create a new tab that just features your book.

6. Create an active Email, Twitter, or LinkedIn campaign to get more of your audience to “like” your FB page.

For instance, in one book group I belong to in LinkedIn, someone started a discussion on “Help Each Other - Let’s Exchange our FB page links.” This can be good if you target who you want to interact with and develop relationships with. And on Facebook, you can also ask the same - invite them to join you on your other networks and lists. Give people the chance to connect with you on their favorite platforms so you can engage with them in a manner they enjoy best.

7. Offer a free ebook, report, or video when anyone likes your FB page.

The freebie is the ethical bribe you give.

8. Find and join interest FB groups and like expert FB pages that relate to your writing project.

The more targeted people you attract, the more they may buy your book.

9. Remember, book sales come after the relationships are established.

It takes many steps to sell books, so put your patient hat on for this adventure. Be in it for the long term.

10. Ask for feedback.

Post short copy excerpts from your book to get feedback and eventually offer a sample chapter, even your short table of contents. Nothing motivates people to interact more than asking for their advice and expertise.

Learning to communicate, share, participate and work through an online marketing tool like Facebook is here to stay. You may as well dive in and be counted. If you don’t dive, invest in a short social media session with a book coaching expert who has traveled this path before you.

Judy Cullins

Book Coach at
Judy Cullins, MA, is a book coach extraordinaire with 30 years of expertise.In her VIP packages, she offers entrepreneurs, leaders, and upper management shortcuts to complete their ebook and print book fast. She teaches the essential skills to self-publish and market your book and services online with powerful results.
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  • DorisMae Honer

    Your information has been like water in the oasis of a dry hot desert. Thank you. I am the author of "A Tale of Spirit: Yours, Mine and lessons from the Universe." My publisher was Outskirts press. I have paid out a considerable amount of money in marketing with them, but have sold very few books. A Tale of Spirit has received some wonderful reviews from readers across the USA New Zealand and Canada. The genre is spiritual as well as health. I am about to market my book here in British Columbia on foot to Vancouver island, and then try places in Ontario when I visit there. It will be a long uphill battle i guess. I'm an advanced senior, and am slow to pick up technology. I would appreciate anyone's help.

  • Judy Cullins

    Doris, Thank you for the kind words. It's a long haul to book sales, and you sound like you're not up to internet skills. I bit the bullet 12 years ago and learned and acted. Where do you sell your book?
    Do you have a website?

  • Deborah H. Bateman

    Judy, thanks for sharing these tips. I am in the process of epublishing my first book. I am already active on facebook, linkedin and twitter, but you gave me some more ideas as to how to share about my book.

  • Judy Cullins

    Deborah, Glad you find value in this blog article. and if you want more help with your ebook, contact me at

  • gene venson

    I’m also an author and I’m in the marketing stage and finding it scary at best. My book is a political fact check book exposing political lies with nonpartisan facts. So the book tends to support Democrats against republicans I hope this does not offend you. I have had my book published during pre election season but can’t seem to generate sales, I’m on facebook twitter livecitizen and linkedln but nothing seems to work to generate sales. Do you have any suggestions?

  • Dr. Carolyn Edwards

    Helpful information. I am listed on all the sites but it helps to know how to get your posts seen by the masses.

  • Judy Cullins

    Carolyn, Glad your found value here. Wonder what your title is and your business is? You may want to try me out in a half hour fully packed phone session to get a simple path to really getting your word out. Just click

  • Book Trailer Sync

    Judy, your tips are the essential guide for authors. I’d like to add that book trailers help too. They can be posted on many social media and of course on your website and FB.


    Thanks Judy


    I have just published my first book on ans I am springing into to action this moment with social media marketing

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