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10 Ways to Build an Audience for Your Books Online

by Stephanie Chandler

I’m a big fan of Stephanie who contributed this useful post on what my mantra is — “you must really know your audience to reach them effectively to sell your books.”


No matter where you are in the process, a website essential to build an audience, share samples of your work, showcase your accomplishments, attract media and impress publishing professionals.


A blog can be a creative outlet for a writer, not to mention a powerful promotion tool. Update it frequently (three times per week) and over time, your traffic is bound to increase. To start yours, check out or


Many sites allow you to post a bio with your public profile. Make sure you have several versions of your bio readily available in short, medium and long formats. Showcase your expertise in your subject matter, mention your book(s) and always include a link to your site and/or blog.


Build loyal fans for life by publishing an interesting electronic newsletter with content related to your book(s) or by sharing periodic announcements. Include a sign-up box on every page of your site. Get started with or


Find people who reach a similar target audience and look for ways to team up and promote each other. You can publish articles on each other’s websites or newsletters, host an event or contest together or cross promote with social media.


Write for industry publications and related websites to build your credibility. You can also make your articles available for reprint through sites like,, and


Search blog directories such as to locate blogs that cover subjects related to yours. Contact bloggers to inquire about book reviews, guest posts, interviews and other ways you can work together.


Unlike traditional radio where you might be interviewed for 10 minutes, online radio shows, podcasts and teleseminars typically have guests on for up to an hour. An added bonus: listeners are often at their computers ready to buy! To find relevant shows, search Google for keywords and investigate shows archived on iTunes. Also check out sites like,,, and


Sites like, and are ripe for finding and building an audience. Create an interesting profile and get active in social networking communities. Invest a little time each day, be engaging, share great content and watch your fan base grow!


Marketing is all about repeat exposure. Build your brand by getting known for your expertise. Participate in all of the above suggestions and more. Contact the media, go out and speak, write articles for trade publications and find new ways to reach your target audience.

Sharing is Caring!

What strategies do you use to promote your books? What did you gain from the ones listed above? What further insight would help you? Please let us know :)
Stephanie Chandler is an author of several business and marketing books including “The Author’s Guide to Building an Online Platform: Leverage the Internet to Sell More Books” and “From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products.” She is also CEO of, a custom publisher specializing in nonfiction books.

Published by Judy Cullins

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  • Marie Pinschmidt

    Excellent informative article. Thank you for your input. # 6 and #8 are helpful. Speaking to women's groups have been helpful to me.

  • Judy Cullins

    Hi Marie, I build my bookcoaching business from 2000-2007 with article marketing. It's kept me in the light so others can find me and my valuable tips. Stephanie is one I admire a lot.

  • Marie Pinschmidt

    Oops! Speaking to women's groups HAS been helpful to me. First, you make no mistakes in grammer. LOL.

  • Marie Pinschmidt

    What is your best promotion tip for writers who are unable to travel extensively? (I have a website, am on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.)

  • Penelope Mont

    Thank you, Judy. I needed all those suggestions and will try to set my goals in those area.
    I see so much information and have taken so many webinars and courses that I am feeling very overwhelmed !! I only want to continue to write and have several unfinished books and 4 finished.
    I wish I could afford to hire a marketing team but I am in my 70's and on a fixed budget.
    But I have never been happier since I stopped working and started my writing again.
    Penelope Mont

  • Stephanie Chandler

    Hi Judy, Thank you for your kind words and for sharing my post! It's nice to know that your readers found it helpful too!

  • Stephanie Chandler

    Hi Marie,
    My best tip for every author is to start a blog and update it often-ideally three or more times per week. Then, share each new post with your social networks. Over time you should see your traffic increase along with your audience and book sales. Best of luck!

  • Edward Smith

    Thanks, good tips, Edward Smith

  • Raphyel Jordan

    These are only ten tips, but very insightful ones to keep in mind. Thank you! I've already been trying to follow such rules recently, and I'm feeling a lot more confident about my book's success because of it. ^_^

  • gene venson

    I have contacted you from visiting judy cullins site and I would appreciate any insites you might want to share with me I a new author this is my first book, and I’m starting with very little funds trying to market my political book which is a liberal leaning fact check book I hope this does not offend you. I have found that press releases from my publishing company 4 of them one per week have reached out with little or no interest in my book I received several standby request for radio talk show interviews. What am i doing wrong? I also know that conservative books sell many more books than liberal leaning books

  • cheryl

    If I post excerpts, is my copyright protected?

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