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20 Reasons to Choose a Book Coach Over a Self Publishing Company

20 Reasons to Choose a Book Coach Over a Self Publishing CompanyYou may be stuck on your book project now. Maybe you aren’t so happy with your book title. Your chapters seem a bit stinted and flat. You aren’t confident that you can do this rather daunting task.

You aren’t sure who will buy your book or want your service. You don’t know much about marketing. You want to self-publish and when you start shopping, you learn that self-publishing companies cost more and can’t do what a devoted book coach can do for you.

An Excellent Book Coach Who Makes Your Book a Financial Success Can and Will Do These Things for You.

She can and will…

1. Help you find your right audience before you waste time on general information that no one wants.

2. Save you $1000’s on what many self-publishing sites charge and get published with a PDF, Kindle, or print version of your book.

3. Make sure your chapters engage your readers enough that they become your 24/7 sales team recommending you and your book to their friends and associates.

4. Brand you as the savvy expert in your field, so your book brings you many clients.

5. Attract your primary audience who already loves your topics, your information, and your personality.

6. Prepare you to make money, get visibility and credibility by showing you specific marketing strategies such as blogging, social media, and what sales pieces your web pages need.

7. Help you brand yourself inside the book to sell you more - your introduction, your chapter headings and titles, even your searchable book title that you hadn’t thought of.

8. Show you how to do an author’s page and resource page to make your book more valuable.

9. Act as your sounding board who can quickly see what’s good and not so good in your copy.

10. Show you how to get to crisp, engaging, active sentences that your audience loves.

11. Apply her chapter blueprint so you only have to do one or two edits instead of over editing that many other experts say is normal. Think of the time this saves.

12. Show you what pre-marketing strategies to apply before you publish. (do you know your book’s benefits)?

13. Save you time and money because she knows what kind of writing and marketing works or doesn’t work.

14. Care about your success and is devoted to it.

15. Keep you on track so you finish, publish, and profit from your efforts.

16. Believe in your project and help you let go of negative beliefs that stop you from succeeding.

17. Challenge you in small steps to learn the book writing, publishing and marketing strategies.

18. Appreciate where you are now (we’ve all been there) and use the strategies that fit your current stage of growth.

19. Show up ready to move forward each week or two weeks so you can finish any writing or promotional project fast.

20. Demonstrate her expertise of 25 years in book and business coaching by her 14 books, 50 seminars, 700 articles, her LI group of 5000, her FB group of 2000, Twitter at 2900 and her blog of 5900 subscribers.

As you shop for self-publishing services, bring your quotes to a book coach who can make sure you offer the best quality ebooks that will not only make a difference in your audience’s lives, but make you stand out as an authority in your niche and sell many more books. All at a price you’ll love.

Sharing is Caring!

What do you see in this list that appeals to you? What is your experience with self-publishing? Or coaching? What is your opinion on getting help from someone who has gone before you successfully? We would love to interact with you here, so leave a comment!

Bonus Benefit

A good coach will give you a chance to try her out in half hour strategy session before you commit to ongoing coaching.

See if any of these intro sessions work for you!

Judy Cullins

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Judy Cullins, MA, is a book coach extraordinaire with 30 years of expertise.In her VIP packages, she offers entrepreneurs, leaders, and upper management shortcuts to complete their ebook and print book fast. She teaches the essential skills to self-publish and market your book and services online with powerful results.
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